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What is another word for leap?

Below is the list of synonyms for leap. Here you can see the other names for leap.



transitive noun

flow dash induce accumulation transition convulsion shoot grade exceed loom bump expedite excite prefix shade resile let loose jape progress hie to spring start aside coinage motivate jerk vanish march premise augmentation moves kick Prolegomena hold up leave holding the bag canter multiplication nose dive escalade startle outside chance broadening glide kick off give preamble escape blanch stair quail bonce lurch development Upgrowth leapfrog breakthrough voluntary step forward upgoing assist cleared overpower roll haste invention gush bouncing pick up wiggle jiggle omission move overthrow swiftly dispute blench warm up rocket cakewalk exit rally upgo uphill waver measure dash off rout drive amble womb immerse yourself twinkle about turn dribble Uprush crawl hop along cavort curvet instigate elevation zooming scurry Lunging change leave in the lurch revel advance obstruction glance neologism get down dip crest flight upleap fool around wriggle walk out on pop vacillate crowd takeoff obliterate locomote leave flat uplift uptrend cap pounce on introduce flee jaunt hop wastebin accelerate Prolegomenon flutter worsening up escapade work on productiveness swelling overtop hurtle bolt leave impede space joke take up leeway widening increase double-time hiatus scope one-step make merry jab shape joggle height get off Upshoot OVERS jolt expansion revival distance ripple blaze hoof it increment explode flux mow down gambol fasten upon lose no time bleed boom bundle move suddenly jump access off-load metamorphosis facilitate get cracking action prologue peg amelioration burst lift whacked interim quicken dodge dancing push on shivery uncertainty inspirit curve headed for bob raise hell not lose a minute inspection discharge lop quantum jump interval movement HIT barrier pass over overture wager alive go soft dislocation rear foot it diving boogie down fling Git plateau protrude walk sway go up compass obstruct throw disturbance become prominent flick entrechat kick back extension mark vault swoop amount take Snowballing hippety hop touch practical joke hasten to hurry nosedive accruement accretion seize come to mounting jog start venture hurry through hurry to nose-dived Deliquesce assistance whoop it up charge proceed upturn passage lark ballooning hop-skip tumescence play around chase rapidly gamble flood aquiver festinate waggle jive parade lick jar uphold kick out drift reverberate bound escalate range growth pitch overwhelm Upclimb gambade stint frolic leak bounded interstice edema grow whirl scuttle conquer pull out noninclusion raise scramble prevail over capriole hasten romp drop saltation jitterbug let jump the gun saltate impel waltz dissolve quit cut trip the light fantastic Upspring oversight shift scale make tracks rush to cringe press on leap out pronk perk gyring up surge make haste go away fluctuate jet poke hair space activate cut a caper rise prelude dance taking off mischief fight extent pull away quantum leap margin discovery kiss goodbye get away level shooting up turn to liquid caper spring alteration reach bridge Jumped plummet kangaroo skyrocket long shot thrust updraft upgrade leaping actuate attack relocate agitate accrual evolution increase rapidly unseat platform double space palpitate tread new idea wobble CAPERS consolidate aggrandizement move along disposition kick up heels rocketing up hops whacking quickly introduction crescendo top jumping blow uprise tower defeat mount issue launch oneself lacuna upslope clamber Danced get moving obstacle ricochet jump to Larking acceleration rush drip usually underwater prefixture accept climbing draw back shadow get move rapidly invade wince Updive climb flicker presupposition lunge nuance fuse upsweep em space scamper leap-frog contest operate negotiate ascension migrate crown upcoming push pounce fountain hop over pass bounds incite verse repel buckjump duck amplification transport Overjump Hopping fly distance between impress bound over carom nose-dive en space shrink oscillate uprising gambado combat bounciness heading for sprint kick up your heels explosion jounce fall upon bustle glance off reach hurriedly to dance cascade pickup buck prolepsis ascent ratio ski jump clear take a hop upraise caliber proportion waxing progression arise hurry-scurry horse around ignite frisk accession avant-propos pour oppose step along prank make a run for it warm upswing uprisal rib galumph gain hotfoot get going abet wastebasket jerk up and down judder time interval location intermediate space abscond soar throw oneself bunny hop perk up lollop advances rush through plunge overcome aid sport finding materialize boost freeboard upsurge monkeyshines levitation insert dash on upgang buildup opt out jumps take advantage of whiz hang novelty trip snatch miss carry travel convulsive make off Interspace jump at hoist run over skip over influence arrive at bring up wipe out ascend cut a rug jump across position gag upset tear jitter dislodge assault find race propel inflation rung half space outstrip cut capers best vault over wrench surmount jump up transfer clearance proliferation rising skip melt spring over lope upsurgence traverse upping duel turn up single space caesura preliminary degree flounce hurry up jump over vibrate vanquish tumble rebound about-turn switch arch accept eagerly appreciation hurry on frisking grasp roister spurt embark spread succour mince convulse better dive kibitz around elevate down waste no time header headlong jump remove increase suddenly quell flexibility bounce leap over period frontispiece urge go headlong to jump jest outmaneuver Protasis Bloating boomerang foxtrot jump off step escalation liquefy room hot foot advocate addition move quickly trot withstand hightail straighten up run postulate about face pick front matter elasticity assail quaver gallop quiver appear once over goad whip move up and down leave in lurch innovation exordium burn sudden rise play hustle entrap jerky pounce upon Proem step lively rise above course enlargement resilience rollick licked offload go hurdle standard put on soaring round head for whack dart prance preface flit form hastily gain attention over arrive at hastily outmanoeuvre come along diffuse point master greatening trickle overing outdo start up post outflank discontinuity High Jinks intensification jig inspire recoil affect avail twitch withdraw overleap nod speedily promenade lottery header plane improvement Anabasis weave get the lead out Overskip ooze new phase clutch hike pas tremulous graze materialise fall jump (over) space between tremble veer adventure about-face express foreword spout fox-trot thaw fly back antic hippety-hop notch elision interruption break make a break for it shoot up steeplechase grab flop kindle whip around go on a tear cross scene make a dash for it inadvertency


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