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What is another word for knock?

Below is the list of synonyms for knock. Here you can see the other names for knock.


boom uppercuts upbraidment conk motivation cross lay out hooha backfire sling flood cheap shot belt criticism catch protest bore slam pejoratives roast knock-down strike quagmire cut-up crunch wallop drone crackling pan attack brickbats riddle Bronx Cheer reprimand bellow make an impression turn over Demolishment put down jolt pass putdown background noise head on deride setback Dinting take your breath away run over whomp crisis nit-picking fisticuffs scorchers shot lollop bruise breakage bell ringer detraction denunciation sentences sideswipes critical remarks roundhouses sentence punch someone's lights out boo play rap nudge Fisticuff formal complaint make a favorable impression (on someone) flap box floor capsize swipe smite aspersion snap impact slap impulse thud backhanded compliment crepitation puncture find fault with burble sending up the river punch blindside swat be an inspiration to someone dirty laundry hum zapper sock kos flatten tragedy bang hook fender bender click bash push grievance brickbat smack pitch knock contusion blame rebuke censure zap one-two jerk cough take down injury catcall cluck itemized account shove denigrate dribble overturn whack whopped Tunk considered opinion smash whops flacks strike hard lollops reproach cuff slur thump biff beat prod defamation bad press bump cursings wham exceed (someone's) expectations knuckle sandwich idle battle Jagging bop fell be really/quite something batter tap uppercut statement of indebtedness low-down dirty change rejection engagement ding stand out hammering blight animadversion gouge momentum topple grunt burn stress statics roundhouse slap on wrist overthrow blemish clip flak commend itself (to someone) burnout slug whop pink bonks grumble knocking BRRR smash into stigmatization lick demurral stricture paste applause bill chidings bonk slap in face sideswipe dirty dig collide request for payment ordeal slap wrist upset scorcher go collision poke burn up reversal pop deck penalty ping rap on knuckles scandalmongering blow jog thwack beating whammy trouble strike at clout rap knuckles blister pierce rip chip flack bellringer Appulse critical remark clap worst-case scenario bat dent whang failure thrust clack big stink upper-cut head-on nightmare fault horizontal condemnation slog din zinger put someone/something in the shade tear bell-ringer babble remonstrate cut out zingers defeat burst Dinted HIT strike down cycle clangor grind muckraking crash report buzz rebuff whomps grate

transitive noun

glance lay into boot flog mock twit object to criticism bash knock against snap smash up mishap hairsplitting stricture go over damn lift assault grill pat criticize find fault mooch reprobation carom urge crack concuss pump quaver lambast(e) burst steal denunciation pick holes in jump down throat jog hold responsible horn aspersions meeting plunk strike against pink touch jump on edict odium clump impregnate give up jab want run into tick off kapow outrun nix impingement nit dab enjoin rob karate chop find guilty indictment bump peck onus mash zap collide with blast critique kick around collision flak clock out thwack implore questions injury ringer reverse explore knock cold knockout light hustle defame working over reprobate expostulate talk over drive take to task faultfinding quit bust rain blows on niggle eject moratorium foul look askance fall backbite blame one-two punch nick expect note lock up pounding fall foul of abuse underplayed ding cannon Whaling Nicked query arouse understate snipe at hostile criticism vituperate tan traduce manhandle undermine belt lollop rove make little of rebuff whang cudgel disaster encounter jump all over smack impeach smite whomp pull down thresh bonk Trashed whack tapped fetch pull apart ascribe lay a bad trip on lower heat jibe take down put-down Importune mud keel over poke ground bad-mouth hoot flop holler guffawing improvise malign force clunk lam asperse excoriation adjudge flail jostle pommel question keep aft vituperation splat tap mark lambaste accuse forge lay out write off pip impinge disparagement carping polish off give something a battering throw out fire banging throw slate rat-tat-tat undoing grievance slog evaluate make light of vilify failure lace into beat knocking down jollying fuss horsewhip rasp crash into entreat Tunk lay in ruins decry biff bop roam sing diminish travel hide animadvert on uppercut disdain imputation sorrow notice get after complain lick castigate impute explosive noise impugn nickel up expel lay to cut up go home reprimand indignity reprove excel jump over right stroke admonish insist pillory pestering kick push floor jolted nag at lower the boom pick on kick up a fuss elbow bruise pound jag assert mistreat undercut roast knocked off report criticise outclass maul finish lambasting Misprize smear give the third degree give opinion whistle judge come into collision knock up jeremiad humble flap quibbling negate quail attribute quibble roughhouse ramble Vilipend raze revile overwhelm put down whale wham knockoff denigrate Reproachfulness nasty commentary yammer grief carp HIT smash injure fusillade nitpick discuss patter bang derogate unload larrup ask execrate Denunciate drum rubbish trichoschistism Vilifying overcome destroy Knocked awaken nose-dived give a rough time smash into remark justify miniaturize outrage Numbed find fault with animadversion belittle thrash offense numb outcry wrap up villainize knock together alive bewilder name Panning underemphasize slagging (off) slag (off) quake guffaw fluff loosen dash into wrong bad luck censure denounce taking exception ding-a-ling unhappiness chin whacked reproach disapproval berate knocked over stick extrude club comment hang something on knock about hold out for rumbling shove blow strike at flatten trouble adjudicate chug associate with chime impinge on nagging kick in the teeth indict withdraw weigh interview percuss taunt offend hurt cavil fell wake up consort with haymaker animadvert thud sledgehammer lay one on kick out affront ostracize ridicule getup giggle jackhammer hurl brickbat maltreat crackling wear out daze upset insinuation inveigh against rejection strike judgment deal clang flay assail terminate hypercriticalness innuendo Maligning accident crunch verbal disapproval zapper voyage flagellate wreck slam hit up bump into buffet hypercriticize slap jarring dig howl exceed jangle Negatived quiver tattoo exprobate have a go (at) humiliation kid left deprecate whap implicate Hypercriticism reprehend nose-dive imitate arraignment let have it give a black eye chop finger run down caviling need lay claim to Jollies mark wrong lout priggishness catch crash tear into impel astound wander debate whacking tag mark down astonish flout zing clobber shoot down clout incriminate Vilified underrate fizz Queried underestimate wipe arraign welt pelt whine afflict broadside Mendicate one-two undervalue Fault-finding oppose get with child upbraid jolly knap bounce oblige go Faulting trounce Yerk condemn ko reversal invective hoo-ha wale opposition epitomize investigate home thrust exact whammy exception bring down rebuke nose dive reprehension meet bad notices swat stagger knock down underplay slam into kaboom butt drub put together one in the eye mudsling abandon stun demolish kill express disapprobation carom into whump give bad press aspersion total elbowing swing dint complete knock off violence hurtle knock out pan difficulty growl crump drubbing deride quest discredit Lashed close down knock-back work over sock use foul language knock over Captiousness cut down impact throw down amaze wound slight Querying skin evict make verdict clash slur taps knocking enquire knuckle sandwich censoriousness thump rap visit gad about outplay attack condemnation upbraidment nicks undivert fling pull to pieces deal a blow write a critique soak punch whop opprobriate jeer at vacation baste gripe give black eye sideswipe paste rat-tat bat gibe clap rag cut cuff kayo smash-up knock around swap order jinx jar whip objection carp at expose reject have a go at cast aspersions on beat up hit a clip crack up drumming jerk examine fuck vitriol scorn quibble about lash gripe about gainsay bob joggle explosion give a bad press strike hard bang into thunder yell at hook accusation jabbing objurgate ting inquire knock unconscious quarrel with shock deck injustice pettifogging confront each other hit out at dis hold opprobrium conk hammering ping bad press go down tapping nit-pick hurl trash detonation epitomise belabour fetch a blow lace propel kos object zinger whup jolting observation grumble batter sound coldcock minimize clip jounce thrust defeat hitch tear apart oppress vanquish depreciate stack pop nag outdo vibrate libel rattle collide hammer -basher grouse uphold have dibs on something eighty-six disappointment not think of quiz nit-picking point out incrimination pick apart plug nail bowl over make inquiry dash notch numbing box pummel voodooed prostrate pooh-pooh slug lather niggling gore frame rail against let fly ding-dong Impetrate insist on Nicking give a bad press to yell affect jolt setback verify twang voodoo plunge obloquy insult reflection hit against wallop affliction spank pinch damage pilfer adverse criticism thieve lob pulverize slat vindicate level make fun of prod Questioned swipe meet head-on hardship lecture march negative ostracise fault misfortune jeer laugh at beating overcriticalness prang necessitate copy disparage nudge smack into whistle for excoriate vilification heave flutter scoff at ram Assailed interrogate burble

noun, verb



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