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What is another word for keen?

Below is the list of synonyms for keen. Here you can see the other names for keen.


poignant zero cool zingy on top of enamored calling a spade a spade sedulous intelligent eager sagittal Piked messianic there sagacious Stentorious relentless rimy penetrating wild for impassioned piercing campy youthful eat sleep and breathe frore on watch briery impatient admirable discriminating razor-sharp gaga ironic heartiest the lead out thirsty canny cat's pajamas horned sour appetent sought-after spiny pottiest rousing with weather eye open gotta have heartily grooving Witted full-blooded gnarly supraliminal on pins and needles opinionated dying to gelid acerbic cunning fancy footwork Thankworthy Mucronate hairline brisk clearsighted sprightly not missing a trick hungry raver impressed precise epigrammatic ardent out-standing fun-loving double-edged draconian wise undimmed calling spade a spade smart as a tack perceptive chirpier easily affected eggheaded strong imperial enterprising acuate cold extreme flipper fine glowing alert aromal racy all-consuming short-and-sweet hooked quick on the trigger on empty stomach bleak authoritarian tuned in advertent in brown study needle-point shark motivated icebox on the button lost in thought clear-sighted crazy like fox copacetic spiky paradoxical vehement active Keen-witted warm wholehearted longful coming on strong sensitive to quick-thinking stringent lively philosophic topnotch in a nutshell sardonic on lookout praiseworthy tricky in good spirits bedlamite pungent see to openeyed Astucious prehensile astute earnest hoggish spirited looking to nimble-witted deeply felt on the watch more intelligent intent on the inside smart as a whip Hungered sharp sapient unforbearing campiest athirst rabid up to it unfilled hottempered hot sleety fireball just out up to the minute fervent ascetic raw acid bushy-tailed sensitive flying light could eat a horse caustic steamed up spear-like witting sharp-tempered on the case hep to up-beat like new juiceless two-dog night overboard superduper agog super bright animate Intentive crafty on toes Corybantic einstein laid on the line curdled peppy in a brown study sapless on alert bright-eyed all ears able strait-laced hot to trot Perseverant crazy for Thistly severe adulatory out of mind thorny terrific austere wideawake potty recent covetous piquant lovey-dovey sensatory razor-edged five-star nobody's fool raring apical observant ratiocinative enthusiastic knife-edged clear cut up to speed icy devout keen arrowlike evangelical low key knows what's what rarin' to go brilliant fanatic hunky dory wannabe intolerant pronged ensurient Sophic profound reactive on the qui vive long-haired Fine-spun perfervid equal to uncompromising chirpy chipper exacting Clear-headed up to snuff star-struck satirical esurient meticulous addicted well advised numbing probing spiked psyched up take charge gumptious co-operative obdurate have goose bumps willing prudish solicitous interested hiemal iron-willed fond of needle-like algid Into Flipped demanding jagged spicy take over lovey dovey rigid poin right-on wild-eyed sagittate firstclass ebullient big peppery tined anxious quick on the uptake sharp-eyed touchy feely sourish awestruck campier unpolluted Ultraist dour vinegary crisp dashing would-be forcible best ever stabbing brusque dewy odoriferous exquisite warmblooded Unfaded insatiate barbed extra ordinary fond avid quick-witted sup rior pert critical in on having smarts devoted puritanical abrupt fresh thoughtful sharp-cornered in the know quick acrimonious desirous spinous tart full of pep frosty insightful sly boots up on animated well-informed bristly red hot move it supersensitive unsatisfied aware cottonmouthed spartan actively know one's onions quick on trigger oppressive below zero unbending basic Droughty alive to first class spikiest gingery needlelike right to it sharp as a tack worldly wise short hardnosed sharp-sighted vigilant pointed shrewd itching for glued splintery conscious censorious in right mind with a kick eulogistic deep fundamental fab brumal Acuminous streetwise swashbuckling all there shivery Observative got the munchies penetrative Poisoned solid gold Unwithered lancinating appreciative go-go astringent strict to the point witty peaches-and-cream REDHOT neater looking for discerning having short fuse keyed up sensory smoking a move on able to recognize observing edacious salter spare erosive disciplined one-dog night ground fine sensile born-again whiz iced cockamamie fervid zappy ready turned on to finical choicy perky open-eyed hotblooded ear to the ground on the job knifelike smart alecky dry as dust inflexible sharp-edged savvy bone dry in demand cutting Honed hunky-dory stern on the move Susceptive sought after vivacious dewiest dewier worried stiff waterless zesty clever dandy harsh salt of earth mad about something pleasure-seeking hyperborean Thirsting super-duper Fairylike emotionable hypersensitive panegyrical insighted Unblunted lean ruminative grim salty hard-working zealous wishful Needle-pointed out and out gruff passionate gung ho stark subtle mad-dog hot under collar oversensitive incisive acute correct uncomplimentary hidebound gone on overzealous dry with eyes peeled prickly wise to breathless nifty hyper keen-edged Museful percipient on the lookout judicious hawkish rigorous watchful perspicacious hearty chilly pottier trenchant curt pointy below freezing chirpiest fierce pubescent stiff-necked on one's toes fanatical intense know backwards and forwards obstinate gay marvelous edged quick on the draw the point swinish dying for spikier gung-ho acetose Famishing


transitive noun

funny with it receptive longing devoted pointed frosty rapacious noble kick planctus furious energetic freezing terrific fiery joyous discerning driving quibble keen-edged ravenous exhilarating tasteful speed eager astringent let out kindhearted thorough deep-seated appetent take Ululant questioning sibilant lower dashing reasonable humorous full-frontal earnest on the alert young at heart pervading poignant tricky crafty wishing jeremiad very smart twang dreamy enterprising unbending hopeful expectant untiring screak epigrammatic snivel dying rumble probing nippy life-changing gamely prickly scream merry scalding awesome nuts for jagged hearty Marrowy compelling Heightened grievous groan regret dry brainy fastidious Into eulogy requiem diligent ducky blubber up-and-coming splitting panting knell mutter delirious perspicacious algid wholehearted stringent blooming glorious extravagant spiffy bark spiked genial no dumbbell shriek distressing close dirge on the job insightful gripe Keen-witted chant model outcry dexterous quick on the draw prepared pungent threnody visionary discriminative vet deft unconscionable acrid scorching kooky jaggy fabulous devastating Zoned profound famous unconquerable fond chilly marvelous caterwaul fervent fanatical inclined lancinating perfervid neat resourceful on fire biting squeaking desperate luminous piquant solicitous death knell qui vive loyal wide-awake sharply peachy of a mind snort Boohoo Nobby howling on the ball nuts handy shrewd wonderful elegize intensive kind virulent fantastic enthusiastic weep lilt ear-piercing thunder enthused Mewling judicial arctic witty droll blat gung ho luxuriant nervous very good whistling jabbing brumal observant breathe finely honed rapier-like visible bully watchful qualified lament weeping painful quickest stunning aspiring siberian industrious sour roar overwhelming Unblunted scathing lowered ace-high querulous spiffing know the ropes firm razor-sharp elegy quick-witted interested cackle unquenchable rabid verdant spicy thirsty tangy effective object quarrel with hot juvenile fond of desirous vitriolic freezing cold committed great Asperous exorbitant brave vehement known passionate adroit levelheaded knowledgeable fevered learned detailed wintry squeal Humorsome edgy barbed hungry hoot ready crow squeaky discriminating coo turn on waterworks hibernal wrawl bleak very happy afire game changer express feelings forceful apt jocund severe murmur out of sight fast sharpened quest not bad shape unmistaken smacking exuberant winterlike mordacious talented amenable unnodding minute unsleeping sough corrosive go-go stabbing brisk jowl burning jesting rational edged enjoyable deep-felt robust unwavering hype odoriferous bonzer first-rate lancinate jumping wizard positive heavenly stinging warm quick-tempered set unrestrained unsavory inventive needlelike sorrow acid good unpleasant logical grunt matchless Whinge sarcastic rough raring to wail of woe yelp zestful wear black yammer miss pert powerful snap gung-ho penetrating Numbed up for it Jake greatest lusty plaint red-hot conscientious wring hands hardworking bray vibrant overpowering jim-dandy shrieky young ice-encrusted grumble five-star spirited quarrel blub Needle-pointed zero cool ululation lamented joyful intense distinct thoughtful yearn observing keyed up yawp vivacious ice-cold bewail whisper all agog eagle-eyed just out devoted to longing for skirl breathless numero uno Honed insatiable yell opinionated indelible clear enamored of Noticing below zero readily forward fain tremendous absorbing sing the blues drastic acute vivid delicious acerbic sagacious growl unappeasable clear-sighted incisive howl strenuous unmistakable unqualified intent facetious unwinking readiness mad about shrill heated intoxicated Discovering mean warble grand young-looking craving specific knife-edged acrimonious intellectual motivated interested in grouse unsurpassed snappy violent sing vulpine excited exquisite dolorous tirade buggy cutting hard-working impassioned razorlike boreal fret creak venerable on tenterhooks spiky mordant omnivorous Two-edged agog bemoan ardent nervy keen as mustard genius slushy Argute zealous piping on pins and needles nosy radical infatuated with just know stuff delicate sharp-sighted Searing on empty stomach whine bitterly cold refined sob buzz acidulent hooked uncompromising satirical knife-like busy juiced low intolerant acerb itching avid boiling over wailing yips pointy groovy intelligent inclement unused monody jazzy vigorous kayo virile peppy corroding sharp magnificent repine bracing cognizant terrible harsh mourn rich fierce lovely steel-trap withering lively impatient gear sardonic rum sleety trumpet ok pant spanking cant funeral song wise unbelievable jocose mourning bay judicious nimble informed zappy ripping extreme Threnode pipe pining determined agile forcible knifelike voluntary bitter tirade ready and willing muffled drums fab unwholesome unblinking irritating intemperate fine and dandy unexpected fired whiz grave quick-thinking bold top-notch animate youthful quizzical jolly topping death song excellent naked aggressive dedicated full top-shelf racking mindful point wicked exceptional graveside oration fresh perceptive open attentive jovial relentless unsatisfied critical nimble-witted covetous top-flight marked moan optimistic jaunty subtle peppery meticulous strident unswerving flaming wakeful whimper drawl deplore acidulous obsessed invigorated take-over bouncing hurt drunk crackerjack beck let go chill something else featheredged heavy high-class bawl keening dying to yearning athirst febrile salt tight bursting smart subzero quick on the uptake wannabe long for jealous sensitive blare piercing nipping hard alacritous scintillating Noting excessive gelid narrow-minded oversensitive not missing a trick dynamic erudite top-of-the-line quick on trigger sprightly valuable ambitious keen on hiemal embedded narrow minded animated vicious Whetted let it out juiceless whimsical thin refreshing vernal resolute passing bell double-edged dandy okay deepgoing low-key Pinching splendid vigilant gone acerbate hunky-dory true glowing first-class cordial icy prompt crisp raw salty venomous quick bang-up fullness rue joking zealously cracking nose-tickling deep winterbound tense corking anxious minded superb prime ebullient vigourous joshing bugs marvy canny quintessential greet wintery clever taken with supercooled original unripe cheer wild coronach glad alive catcall rasp wolf whistle kvetch wail slap-up fervid abrupt consuming jocular whet zippy spiny weep over divine sleepless unwearied tip-top command sigh einstein telling but good ruthless hiss frigid zesty shrieking ablaze squeak understanding bright willing feverish squawk keens screechy ingenious jam-up enthusiastic about percipient yap creaky cold as marble not born yesterday knowing quick on the trigger fine glacial agonizing Jibing alert keyed-up gifted screech outstanding Thirsting high screeching sensational grieve very enthusiastic mewl reedy distressful caustic peachy-keen old boss awake Mucronate languish mettlesome flushed voracious predisposed vinegary Sharp-witted cunning highbrow foxy full of life skreigh cold as charity excruciating express emotion cold as ice dead march imaginative scrumptious hasty cold as death thorny penetrative upbeat steamy give sorrow words budding take-charge screaky wily brilliant stone-cold invigorating cold hyperborean unimaginable longed for chirp precise outrageous bellow sharpen greedy hankering lamenting yowl astute sibilate unshakeable irresistible gasp puissant sparkling boom gone on whistle flute Escharotic steaming cry impetuous sapient wide awake quality squall tough heartfelt nuts about solid quinsy spike emphatic bright-eyed and bushy-tailed rousing cultivated quick off the mark hone exclaim funeral oration out-of-sight urgent agreeable rigorous obsessive open-eyed kindly full of pep quicker bursting to let it all out venturesome bad living icelike gay funeral march nifty immoderate active mumble strong number one Epicedium ululate smashing kinetic raring razor-edged racy versatile joky attic just dandy letting go zingy crazy about swell trenchant disposed gluttonous lamentation intuitive top on the double would-be yip nice moved responsive emotional numbing gangbusters homefelt acidic assiduous resound nag engrossed involved snarl happy whining quietly humorous game hang crepe overboard one-dog night undimmed on the vital uncontrollable tart

noun, verb


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