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What is another word for inspirit?

Below is the list of synonyms for inspirit. Here you can see the other names for inspirit.


transitive noun

exalt buoy up brace up endow with life give hope give hope to invigorate support galvanize raise hope inject vitalize quicken make fair promise liven up give life to hearten enliven energize steel bring into being encourage Chirk Up conceive fire animate bolster bid fair liven buck up incite bring into existence infuse EMBUE call into existence inspire hope put (new) heart into embolden infect stimulate afford hope rejoice strengthen pick up promise inform rejoice the heart cheer brighten give birth bring to life raise expectations spirit give a lift hold out hope assure gladden hold out promise justify hope rouse boost augur well breathe life into reassure spirit up vivify inoculate inspire move call into being have good prospects exhilarate imbue nerve


More Inspirit Synonyms

Below is the list of words similar to inspirit, try: