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What is another word for Inking?

Below is the list of synonyms for Inking. Here you can see the other names for Inking.


firm a deal COMP address pitch in jot down point work out details offer put one's john hancock on reserve obligate sublet pact set one's hand to place impress splotch ebonize okay contract for author find help indite give a break sublease arrange bring in grow dark scratch fill a position bruise staining score tinting note down buy utilize deepen rubber-stamp give job to settle imprint approve cloud hold with commission cosign chip in blot stroke go along with tell soil compose support put to work engross countenance copy limit drop a note pencil boost owe trace note dying truck with smudge underwrite underline scribble let endorse scriven promise sign for do one's part accede nick become indebted print employ scrawl painting donate letter undertake hammer out deal select enlist procure give work inscribe bargain add to payroll obtain stamp empower bespeak come through hire label accept offer negotiate consent knock out give one's word reproduce swear to witness rewrite take engage agree put up give stamp of approval give the go-ahead bang out draft typewrite favor write handwrite pledge authorize carry streak adjust dent write down blotch dot make dark shading scribe occupy advocate ink set forth register put on contract scar take down initial make terms shade communicate subscribe make use of write up knock off come around transcribe blaze sanction turn out pinpoint signature grow dim shake hands on it assent ghost put john henry on bless create sign up draw up obey coloring correspond take on close push a pencil acknowledge autograph pen befoul charter secure yes prearrange grant check appoint make a deal rent acquiesce commit covenant enroll it's a deal set get behind book clinch begrime put in writing stipulate delegate seal formulate sign papers give sign on set down dash off circumscribe bound retain come on board X ditto undersign confirm dicker pick ante up enter into brand write by hand second lease chalk exploit sign back put john hancock on record drop a line bring on board

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