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What is another word for injure?

Below is the list of synonyms for injure. Here you can see the other names for injure.



transitive noun

lower anesthetize hash up upset ride roughshod over flog nuke grill beset trouble overwhelm quiet irritate offending agonize Misshape wrecker mishandle attend to louse up humble fine dishonour debase peeve irk brutalize damage sprain hurt unlock uncover traduce grate deform annul befoul fix puncture give a going over fail veto buffet narcotize ravish indoctrinate victimize HIT invalidate yank ill-use sap jigsawed demolish overwork undermine scathe bother black mangle doom raze override join castigate wipe out corrupt mock ravage bug lapse scotch upbraid abate crush lose luster hunt lay out martyr fatigue villainize wrick diminish scandalize knock about ail vituperate wallop abase knocking calk elicit nip in the bud exasperate eviscerate wither defile traumatize knife blast distress raise warp trample attack overtax mark make useless fade lean on jaundice push rankle fray wax make worse chip run aground aggrieve injury get into trouble infringe vandalize harry whack ridicule ebb embitter assault mutilate underestimate do an injustice to smash rend blight worsen smart hospitalize retard hex devastate evoke bewitch thwart extenuate outfox burn get even skin maltreat claw ruin hinder handle roughly abrade etherize humiliate nix pull down mute need stick disadvantage dilapidate gird open up mess up lay low deface envenom lure gash persecute impoverish pique lose it do wrong incense total ache savage keep cheapen zap wrong gun down hash frazzle wounding tearing condemn afflict provoke furrow handicap infuriate quieten profane spoil gripe cuts stab level opprobriate shock boo-boo vaporize misuse jar vandalise immure extract split offend against bring down undercut shoot annoy impede kindle adulterate scorch exhaust founder electrify punish worry mortify accost infect fell reduce bully lose strength wound encroach mangled kick around overexert embarrass Vitiating mistreated molest rupture knock out pollute jerk arouse twist flag plague reprove vitiated lessen hit the skids lambaste upset apple cart rub lesion batter oppose rule out gouge cut down bruised knacker destroy try soil upset the apple cart rip paralyze make it tough for assail deteriorate unstrengthen outraged inspire offend lame rough nit-picking martyrize revile mudsling wrack up interfere with make a mess of zing aggravate unbraced scratch debilitate hack up opening up disfigure execute penetrate wring vomit poison knock down jag gashed subvert go for jugular gore enervate eighty six tears imperil force Hacked offset narrow explode kill tear apart constrain go to pot unsettle wing lash mow down obliterate fire up contaminate botch cut beat up hog-tie victimise abolish menace deprave threaten jeer overthrow knock around jeopardize not support wreck slight accuse pillage smear overturn needle contuse bring to ruin alleviate sting run overlook slit rape whiplash offended rasp overtaxing do wrong by harm break cripple weaken wear fleece flay tore turn grind bash shatter neutralize slander exert lose shine use up go to pieces put back impale Disserve flail using up have invalid manhandle stain bruise play hob with intrude gnaw craze sully fracture thrust impair tire waste overreach desolate get lay a bad trip on asperse do a mischief fire pauperize hush eighty-six wrack cause offense scald not get use miff unnerve validate tear excruciate torture smirch give offense expurgate quit thrash foul up to damage unbrace malign scuff to bruise rap knuckles jab foul kos pester blur chagrin blacken hurting outsmart prostrate Illtreat crack lost it used-up flatten concuss graze punch not finish dishonor jumble bloody neglect undermined notch rile Unfix unfit curse pull tarnish freeze wronged Unbuild wreak havoc on prick lacerated play havoc with overstretch anguish angle cleave ill-treat Empoison annihilate question calumniate hogtie check eat despoil treat badly kick put down canker go downhill queer Knocked besmirch chafe lose quality not care exile spite spot attenuate lay up fret fall apart wound 1 do wrong to disable beat clobber hang up enkindle hector wear out vitiate harass go to the dogs interfere get to compromise give no quarter languish rough up frustrate torment kick someone around vex grudge incapacitate vilify blemish hound sadden butcher grease palm defame ruination incarcerate knocking down desecrate Undid bespatter distort blot do violence to give the works bump take down maim lacerate run down nettle run over gall pain hack overtaxed nit-pick subluxate nip knock off murder transfix evulse prejudice cut up slash do ill over-exert unfitted crab numb contort pierce grieve lance water down trash pick on harrow kick up a row laid low work over Ouch muscle clean out neutralise pervert make mincemeat of lecture run through cut to pieces unfitting hospitalized inflame nick Endamage file at-risk enfeeble fondle expel tear down endanger outrages insult rick tamper with outrage perplex undermining knock hamstring do evil quash wear away zigzag undo uglify jigsaw not have degrade crucify throw out violate jinx mar abuse kicking around strain bark weigh muck up faze affront incise lay waste alloy give a hard time oppress impose upon bite libel negate efface hurt oneself incline rack disturb taint flaw nag marred scar ill- treat knot disagree pip wounded wrench laying waste whip scrape repress nauseate floor put out bruising traumatise victim used up exacerbate nullify animalize extend gas do in roast flout lay a finger on maul yield mistreat outmaneuver begrime pulverize undoing diss immobilize


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