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What is another word for infringe?

Below is the list of synonyms for infringe. Here you can see the other names for infringe.


transitive noun


worm in hold up dare misbehave insinuate defy lay aside lay down presume encroach perpetrate break in on lift break train of thought appoint wrong cut in on revolution disregard lade commit get in the way trespass recalcitrate rise in arms break in horn in meddle oppose differ steal refute demand strike separate intervene contravene stick nose into pay no attention to chime in break rules introduce cut short withstand elbow in evade decline cut off* decree establish shove lay down the law revolt make inroads shirk impede order reject traverse crash flout heckle put put two cents in trench impugn bust in exclude cross charge poach punctuate abjure interrupt renege on discontinue muscle in enforce be remiss require entrench repudiate desert impinge resist constrain go counter to bear upon sever stumble arrest arrogate gainsay force inject neglect overstep edge in fight mutiny break enjoin ordain disturb burden in butt in pirate stop breach appropriate divide interfere take law into own hands offend prescribe spurn set aside halt interpose impose shortstop disjoin wreck combat take advantage break off fly in face of infringe disagree revolutionize affect inflict not heed cut promulgate stay place pry barge in counteract object disunite insurrect suspend exact influence force upon obstruct thwart put in work in intrude conflict with interlope command usurp fix negate Disaffirm wreak lay prevent come between abuse maltreat collide touch obtrude burst in levy invade not listen push wish squeeze in read riot act infract do wrong ignore disconnect check move in on compel put foot down hinder run riot saddle delay riot visit balk not mind borrow transgress disobey violate foist institute crowd in rebel

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