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What is another word for impress?

Below is the list of synonyms for impress. Here you can see the other names for impress.


transitive noun

dragoon get going act on bear down lucked out due hang over bruise annex give rise to press scotch footprint setoff govern admiration modify manipulate mean letter reaction near step affect point out photostat plant emphasize odor have an effect on accomplish revere taste look to brand withdraw Graphotype hectograph heading etch make a hit knock over awestruck line seam talk into headlining gouge infuse persuade grasp pierce pinpoint muster overhang wedge oblige motivate turn to lionize overrule nature obligate appear enforce thumbprint deep-dye speckle take the cake walk tug at the heart strike hard configuration ingrain rule over blackmail abduct interest communize drum in induce wring Replevy knock someone out stamp punch in sequester printing enlist into service singularity jot have recourse to footmarks waylay dimple deferential trick work up jug draft sink in get across make clear rule lead to do fleck overawed electrify make a killing get through gash aquatint flabbergast reprint overpower vivify wear down tax impressment be influential woo strike vignette to strike hold for ransom furrow underscore punctuate demarcate hectograph copy overshadow admiring spirit away mackle peculiarity let roll score deify notification brainwash militate pronounce grave come home to Neared startle tamper working over awaken positive nick hatch get out leave a mark on bring out overprint operate overthrow galvanize obtain have a part in confiscate photocopy wow find human resources riddle HIT be conspicuous kowtow put to bed win over amaze socialize overwhelm horn in punch propel settle offprint suggest organize label fix quit occasion cicatrize index lettering stress waste mark out scar Conscribe alienate obeisance stun compose taint autograph scratch engrave bump fascinate STAT resort to enroll pound reflex contact print condition oxidize moving amass check Stamping loom work on sadden fall generate fill up moved weight give impetus refer to jot down jail look entrench marking feel out pepper animate response keynote stimulate puncture rock chalk up glory make emphatic lade freedom sit traumatize nag into emblem engraved black-and-white push around change surface adumbration drive home razzle-dazzle to plant embargo print over knock off dispose dwell on reverence italicise cachet effect affecting extrude type excrescence blaze cause accent photostatic copy blemish mimeograph copy weighted think emphasize to letters hold sway over numbing indent touch round up Xerox Copy infect appall footmark typeset block print incline vapor have semblance run away with multigraph occur to wrest indoctrinate bias beat into cloud enunciate detach tang idolatry manufacture pimple inscribe depression particularity dawn on aroma make a mark highlighting engraving locomote machine blaze a trail overawe emboss impel distinguished transform engender be heavy Ichnolite abduce figure out striate often imposingly ground amuse enlist stigmatize commandeer admire pit daze speck notch mannerism drive into knock socks off paw print know fall back upon pockmark impact jam realize raise limit delimit zap dazzled use up induct tick be something dash Stan gather differentia work out jar lure stain slay pock promote disquiet signify list revert to drill pressure hearten xerox be important predispose logo discolor make splash led by the nose garnish enlarge get to the bottom expropriate inculcate overtop homage hotdog thrive conscripted trademark dent fossil footprint colophon have an impact on put out guide pack requisition recess enlargement recognition leave in no doubt menace arouse face engraft get highlighted impregnate juice streak hijack tug at letterpress bring into requisition lodge check off feeling excite gain lay hands on command make vapour involve terrify tamp oxidise off-load infix mimeograph copy grandstand distinctive feature jump favourable limelight sway cast signet hanging over articulate wheedle recommend block coerce set back penetrate define come to yarn-dye horrify deference cut require join transfuse attain photograph register reverent put over idolize introduce earmark enkindle get at collectivize carry off burden nobble backlash sequestrate impose direct order crimp idiosyncrasy weighting dint set in knock hallow embed rack up recoil Sigil trail respectful stripe honeycomb hit the mark die argue into compel chisel recur to figure work over labor the point sell organise venerate seal imprint Engravement sweep away restrict instil into dot dactylogram repeat bring home to weigh prompt characteristic record regulate necessitate impound reach strike a chord matter hit pay dirt knock out bring home trouble establish set press in relate fingerprint awe quality dramatize stereotype honorific clout agitate top esteem Chromolithograph gain confidence of property snatch backwash dominate publish dactylograph get over smack embossment spot engage lithograph sandbag glorify actuate Weighed woodprint threaten skyjack implant get around form prepossess triumph headline make much of urge blow away prevail go vestige character perturb savor lead to believe summon experience cyclostyle make an impression on glitz stir bewilder frank inspire hook pedestal fire up issue hypnotize catch the thoughts lead wake enjoin hammer into notch up boss soften impress forcibly drum into track worshipful to print unravel chase key up woodcut kill levy sunken part write get to copperplate matrix gust version individualism token move pad tattoo trait seizure deserve astonish badge Characters Knocked drag print upset reverential Typesetting respectfully dignify defer muster in proof make an impression recruit detach for service highlight take to tell put to press Ditto copy indenture attach kidnap put in requisition rubber-block print influence flavor chalk reissue typescript catechize strike home turn strike dumb inoculate found note down alarm attribute hallmark differential make the grade buffalo convexity carry away incite bring into play Numbed pull alveolus work upon rub in Replevin force lineaments go to press nib make a point sun underline originate drive produce grab run off needle incise fulsome faze communalize hotdogging disturb pencil ornament harry shape provoke footstep luck out melt control dye capture confirm gratify sign up force in bend tick off affected feature devil strike a note quirk feel flourish splotch whitewash instilling thumbmark mark off win crayon engraving arrive blow someone away Ichnite registers get through to fathom blotch daunt flag pawmark pull a proof scarify Lithographed bulldoze salute repercussion arrest the thoughts note pug idiocrasy boldface call up outline wood engraving win argument will black and white wreck approving freckle linoleum-block print blot depress Xylograph kindle regard smite honour knock into stress to reign impression color print filled up lead by the nose Indention hover gain advantage name specialty lower conscript overcome surprise newspaper point frighten forelock distrain respect carve autolithograph pugmark allure constrain hero worship pique mold instil offset carry cow exact overrun groove hammer quicken newsprint font jive turn to use nationalize mark dapple obtrude thrill train nuance trace lump convert to use sign on prove shanghai prick mobilize stud seat enrol alter root alveolation hit home bed imbue dazzle charge bowl over negative etching mottle show off sweep off concavity copperplate print indentation writing extort run mezzotint enthuse instill italicize astound Offcut rouse woodblock accentuate get into head reiterate hollow program trigger furrowed


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