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What is another word for impose?

Below is the list of synonyms for impose. Here you can see the other names for impose.


transitive noun

reinforce query crash in designate exploit to thrust bully negligence set trample leave with thrust oneself torture file for furnish hand out brave distribute desire face off administer the eucharist control tangle result in employ interfere will assert eve-teasing settle value visit infringe lays contest go in take charge bear down deal out take liberties appoint perform a rite laying lead 1 arm-twisting bulldoze portion cross serve discharge offend train interpose abuse set down take liberties with charge fob off unexacting give out require institute squeeze in spite admonish investigate define ascribe impress include give directions toll step vindicate put out fix price beard insinuate HIT give rise to take lead attribute intervene usage sweatshop officiate prosecute disturb mooch leaning on name shanghai do 1 install challenge nominate dehumanize put upon jump over give custody need rate instruct fly in face of place an order throw down the gauntlet Valuing dump put in requisition weigh heavy upon head touch assign frock fixed price browbeat jolt implement creep in work in impugn go so far smash in advise raise hogtie utilise Forcing rule out make up approve brace persecute victimize measure screw summon charge in call out pass off charge with pronounce govern harness mix in giving hanging in debit horn in promulgate assail exploitative proclaim crash the gates condemn laying down request regulate lean on infiltrate quest compulsion mistreat issue constrain infer confer write prescription go tithe press make up in pages lay an impost deliver extort turn over fall make a point of misuse object to kibitz enclose move in on delegate ordinate write in push in man legislate requisition held responsible bend an ear pressurize spoof encroach face down butt in fool inquire chrism inflict on restrain wrong limit give it to address set out inflict give search out fulfill doormat denounce insist on raising estimate give to secure weigh heavily on meddle conclude justify give orders measure out lay down read riot act knock stick it out deal whip clamor for allot penalize heat indent pi a form impute foist in turn delimit exact tribute doom occasion affect co-opt hang in jump down throat take advantage direct tyranny foist claim aim charge for land someone with ratify bank shit move offer saddle (someone) with raised inflict oneself upon lead fasten upon bother put shape put down heap up oppress saddle someone with be a burden on stick for hound obligate perform service take the reins make rule visiting unload extend perpetrate overtaxing forced upon burden with coerce exploiter schedule Levying weigh down mess duress mete out bind effect involve walk bludgeon put foot down gull specify overstep take hold make an impression make a demand proffer lead to saddle deceive squeeze put screws to marked off minister modify take no denial crowd in relegate tyrannical spoil wish agree upon impel subject accredit transgress enact objectification impose on use trespass reclaim carry out prod trouble hang up pressure have an effect on Stipulated demand persecutor grind reimpose arouse railroad enforced land wrest fortify elect get in ram down throat mulct gate-crash trench prohibit refer bid hold responsible get entrust wreck mess around stick exact constitute restrict insist slip in wreak weigh lade establish be put upon goad urge weight down with trust reduce take advantage of question insist upon gouge compose rush in torment exert wish on storm in task stand up to walk in humbug make a condition of dictated consign extract perform gossip make a point sell for dictate overuse kick blackmail dragoon hinder evaluate shortchange presume steal in uncared for inflict upon obtain number supply bring execute level deal with weaken sexual harassment recommend drag in vent weighting accost enslave press-gang fine allocate burden lumber someone with violate coercive treat keep down determine oversupplied set in print Hell kibitzing forbid trap made fast shake down fix price at ride unleash mark out knee objectify drive decree inconvenience leave no option confirm weighted expect arrange warn undertake reject irrupt lay down the law ransom adjure thrust in meting out to levy look for slap suck dispense stimulate smite put on gather overtax laid saddle with ban wring cause rely compelled persecution collect stipulate edge in brook no denial encompass bear hard on oblige forces apply entreat bar marking out batten have the nerve hand bring to bear lift administer lay treat unfairly coercion heavy ask for punish Smote fool with disburse lay hands on sneak in slink in authorize impeach do duty create ordain commission figure Enforcing mischief tender hold up put to trouble hoodwink enjoin throng in ask regiment face the music haunt overrun engage levy walk heavy require contribution cheat manage cut in prey put off elbow in clench overtaxed clap impinge break in Ordaining distrain test bounce break in on impose upon utilize let down Forewarn fly in the face of grant make obligatory decide entail neglected tamper guarantee maltreat force call for anoint wrench fix assess bound venture resolve cry for lay finger on Visited steamroller hustle sanction call offload bring down exploitation want busybody make dutiable yoke with clinch bleed amount charge come between push guide invade lower press in intercommunicate destine bless wedge shove crash tell invite competition pi receive bill forcible fasten intrude lash work jerk issue an ultimatum brutalize go beyond tax kid thrust freight with fob necessitate ill-treat reckon call upon raw harassment hoax order encumber interrupt lay on beckon obtrude downtrodden malevolent hand over make bold worm in vest order up bring into effect mark off introduce compel make free break in upon burst in barge in let loose interlope price feed devise force upon provide subject to overcome jump all over realize prorate dare Foisting read the riot act command have a bearing on enforce emphasize stomp provoke beg tyrannize have the audacity apportion ram toy force oneself molest bring about pro rata walk all over bestow try palm off place entrench down clamp render communicate plot make a stand pick knife make fast neglect prescribe


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