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What is another word for impair?

Below is the list of synonyms for impair. Here you can see the other names for impair.



transitive noun

fix louse evulse trash wipe out axe unfitting scrape ease become worse jade go on a diet excoriate wilt gnaw cost violate appall hobble paralyze persecute undermine scathe vitiated taper remove soften grimace hurt play tamper-evident irritate check obfuscate grab rebate wear down muck lay waste knocked over overpower blight offset pare incommode infringe knock the bottom out of regress exhaust grow less diminish incline encumber visit jaundice disrupt used up vaporize pummel mockers overwork contort quell decrease subtract overcast horrify eat away louse (sth) up undercut mine erode overcome debauch raze prostrate founder unman hollow out flag except despoil toll sprain break down aggrieve tax eighty-six afflict cross foray retard humiliate torment obstruct flame stain take the edge off disadvantage compromise falsify lay out mangle tire upset pile up derogate wrong limp destroy bollix overwhelm pinch overexert nonsense wreck whittle minimize moderate fall off etherize amalgamate cow eradicate shake strike unnerve roll back hack cloud shorten gassing uglify cast down flawed Hacking upset deeply extinguish crush neutralise flail ostentate lose it to damage lose quality molest break bang invalidating tarnish deteriorate punch narcotize foil gash run aground detriment dig inflame bollocks handicap pommel pull down prejudice ravage nixed file away gild rub joint kos bang up tone down thwart stab indoctrinate outrage pot extirpate blotch goof up abrogate pauperize grind gloss give way bastardize acerbate ill-treat wrack up cushion mess up repress hoist pulverize loosen frazzle tell harmed oppress mitigate nick distress misuse go downhill belittle wind down freeze bandh blow foul up dull negate Hacked leach alleviate mutilate savage quieten envenom attack upset apple cart curb fragmentalize unrestricted abate implode worn abase impoverish languish hush incise undone cut down grieve rot harry gut do a mischief overrule grime degrade rain controvert victimise bankrupt wear pervade muzzle do wrong by desecrate humble undermining amputate blot monkey disable truncate trouble spoil at-risk temper unfit refute punishing intimidate depress disqualify cut getting worse unbraced crumble used-up lacerate degradation infest zap excavate damage do 1 infiltrate indispose weed wear away giving way nutshell jeopardize canker blemish subdue enervate bust loot unstrengthen deprave reduce bite suppress warp torpedo overtired rampage vex curse narrow HIT knot purify bewitch defile muck-up cut back unbrace pervert overthrow render incapable deform befoul fragmentize pierce nickel-and-dime laying waste pan refine queer hex fatigue nuke subvert Gassed knock bottom out of depreciate in flames shred embitter weakened blacken fail prejudicious relapse exterminate Subduct flaw twist bleed antagonize get numb oxidise sink shatter rob go to seed sabotage Hashed scuttle rend Illtreat withdraw mark put out of commission recede demoralize take from flog deface wing scourge exclude forage infect mess debilitate mistreat unstring paralyse Endamage wax sour becloud erase rough up expense fragment botch hit the skids bash make impure muddle quash mar tear eat overturn relax flay roughhouse disparage punishment nixing kick load marred waste tweak exacerbate poison debase alloy overtire end veil put out of action overhang detract intermix hose west come hack up maim distort wrench soil injure rub away lose spirit lose fade write-off revoke invade put the kibosh on go to the dogs devastate disarm put down sully unabating Vitiating deduct lose shine eat away at graze zing slow down hamper hog-tie weakening ravages mischief punish maltreat wrack spot shoot smash level hock hollowed out annihilate interfere grate plunder lose strength wear (sth) out use Jeff thin aggravate jar vaporise bugger condemn immobilized drain Kennet pull knocked up abuse gall unsettle corrode kill annul ease up wound cripple gimp hosing neglect honeycomb retrench wane overshadow incapacitate negative vandalize frighten use up do wrong wreak havoc on maraud hogtie lash undoing shave shoot down harass liquidate lighten gas riddle lure go to pot over-exert seismic kibosh grease palm rule out limit traumatize contaminate spoiling tactic put back lame take out threaten Unbuild hash whip harm worsen doom nip in the bud minify deaden Overhung turn down strain abridge jigsawed bar weaken cramp weary enfeeble offend blur knock out impede devaluate invalidate blunt gnarl puncture pollute sap play havoc with bruise prick lose luster worsened Disserve louse up corrupt shrink fall apart lessen whack total unfitted take away impairment weight restrict down taper off Infringed age inconvenience ill abstract bate gilt fracture deflower jigsaw fray muck up devitalize menace cream rebut neutralize dilute consume extract torture immobilize do ill make useless knock over cook make worse drive tamper with faint knock props out wring explode vandalise leave in ruins inhibit damper jinx foul (sth) up maul thin out Negatived oxidize abrade hinder clip tear down mingle have a negative effect on butcher contract nullify efface mark down floor obscure mudsling get worse overrun batter undermined muff hamstring angle lose weight abort affect obliterate foul run down scar x out lapse overuse benumb frustrate ebb not make the cut using up disservice cut down to size ravish nix shook retrograde disfigure slow go to pieces Misshape lower ail irrigate goonda ache nip victimize halt lace dilapidate anesthetize retrogress vitiate get into trouble animalize play hob with chafe undo curtail attenuate touch mute spoiling demolish quiet blast cheapen mishandle taint buckle abolish worsening crucify adulterate do evil x-out impaired cut up ruin


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