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What is another word for humble?

Below is the list of synonyms for humble. Here you can see the other names for humble.


sheepish uncomplex sedate ignoble fearful rough second class subordinate righteous low inglorious venerational virtuous uncompounded biddable Nonresisting comformable unassertive dutiful angelic working-class diffident groveling timid unadorned innoxious far off Subjected menial withdrawn pint-sized inoffensive complaisant free-spirited uncluttered longanimous lowly giving-in devoted Unaffable cut and dried whitebread pure and simple unfussy unimposing underprivileged gentle mealymouthed quiet yielding unselfish no great shakes niggardly ingratiatory reserved uneffusive second-class unostentatious willing blushing petty Insinuating laid back wretched obscure miserable reverent beggarly standoffish shy hesitant sordid unblended acquiescent non-resistant garden-variety white-bread Insinuative common unresisting unradical bowing down Unembroidered courteous radiant low-ranking severe nonresistant uneager small unfit unexpansive scurvy unrecognized easily influenced mean submissive tractable puny unassuming unextreme poor attritional meek down at heel overmodest apprehensive emeritus Unpresumptuous soft-spoken undecorated white bread unassured self-effacing abashed non-gregarious unpretentious Declassed down-at-heel little tentative Incog subnormal seemly undemonstrative adulatory bitty garden variety apologetic sainted paltry workaday contrite under-sized Uncorrupt undistinguished servile unhonored unheard-of obliging lowborn pietistical putty in one's hands Insinuatory matter of fact docious so-and-so slavish demure second-rate runty scrubby unpresuming uncouth run of the mill nonprovocative pitiful shrimp ordinary attending meager base unnoted supplicatory selfless unalloyed prayerful vulgar simple baseborn sycophantic inferior unmemorable plain vanilla unimportant putty in hands kowtowing irrelevant respectful unmixed blushful folksy free spirited SUBPAR. Unapprehended reverential unidentified poorer unambitious unperceived downtrodden inelaborate coy shamefaced low-profile not complex unknown seldom seen plebeian uncelebrated archangelic mild open and shut browbeaten backward contemptible rapturous docile Low-born measly easy going Unbeautified peaceable timorous rabbity self-conscious P unextravagant unpretending commonplace curtsying unwashed eating humble pie pocket-sized unexplained deferential nongregarious unobtrusive insignificant humble unoffending content characterless manageable uncomplaining unembellished Toyer homely Unboastful shabby pietistic uncombined such-and-such obsequious lower-class Unascertained Genuflecting unexcessive bashful Unrenowned ingratiating ashamed mini orphic proletarian unheard of unsocial modest subservient second rate shrimper humdrum low key retiring small-scale obedient Familiar unelaborate so and so such and such your basic unrevealed over-modest unornamented secondrate easy-going uncomplicated not forward little known trivial feudal




transitive noun

degradation unsung Self-devoted repress tone down lenient unfussy frustrate dispirit apologetic insignificant smash subservient run down deplume Unpresumptuous known total white-bread punish peaceful cringing yielding rebuff workaday shy far-off change admiring shame humbled indignity third string Low-born mark down bump uncomplaining demean humble-looking inhibit demote gingerly vitiate bashful yellow efface unpresuming vouchsafe vanquish nonresistant habitual traduce condescend inexpensive forbearing homespun bench secondary kick downstairs inadequacy pull down proletarian act cool give black eye venerational Sacrificing prosaic prostitute glorified easy disconcert fault wonted rip pliant quantity spite emeritus inoffensive cow lesser withdrawing deprave mortifying easily influenced put to shame make a fool of reprehend dismay heinous affront tractable sedate murder weak-kneed nothing acquiescent feeble knock off intimate innocent gentling eating crow elementary put down informal groveling aw shucks base-born unselfish friendly shrinking introverted kick in the teeth taint reverential snub penitent overcome servile enervate unsophisticated apprehensive harmless pedestal infra dig deteriorate mealy-mouthed chastise disadvantaged new trample easy going puny shamefaced overrun old hat bootlicking discomfit alter frequent fawning humility fearful oppress tarnish regardful tentative backward immoral exhibition foreign overthrow kick in teeth demure housebreak poor courtly low-status lower in status nonclerical insufficient severe lick inhibited cockney swallow one's pride reclusive restrain oneself subdued amenable explode inhibition grubby deferential adorable anonymous ostracize subordinate mortify objurgate inferior annihilate conquer Bemean quotidian cloud bruise go on bended knee unfit juvenile hurt trounce baseborn unwashed measly minor mean blister weaken chastened wicked puncture pure minimize flattering free-spirited knock modest well-behaved very modest insecure idle overturn ineffectual forget exotic niggardly belittle vex unaffected injure inconsequential depress wavering shameful grovelling diminish embarrassed compliant shabby-genteel bring low unsparing of self abashed yes outwit tread underfoot underprivileged modesty melted inglorious virtuous rough contemptible housetrain mild make ashamed lean timid archangelic give the brush evasive ingenuous self-sacrificing Ungenteel entrancing hallowed override annoy worst esoteric lowborn second string lower-class tear down wishy-washy blessed commonplace squelch eat crow debase mortified gracious economical venerated crushed wipe off map long-suffering unskilled consecrated sink retiring respectful obedient reflect enigmatic peg fell temper subjugate timorous lose face common adulatory narrow Self-neglecting foil faultless selfless libel cream indigent nonplus fall sheepish humble-visaged nameless self-unconscious nongregarious unpretentious wither abash regretful zero discredit vile Dovelike adaptive necessitous not forward orderly degrade menial bring to terms prostrate castigate bridle odd kind doghouse below the salt get down venerating admonish third-estate take the wind out deprecating unresisting governable say triumph over master innocuous self-immolating self-abnegating garden-variety humiliate Vanquishing dishonor sub subject impair nonessential enamouring otiose heavenly penitential trample down small exiguous throw diffident third rank restrain shyness degrading dutiful base valueless dedicated foul vacillating queer quell plain limited deny put away quash unprepossessing low-class break down rule out exprobate teachable attack Toadying attaint mousy working-class young soft-spoken less unman repentant self-conscious reduce inelaborate embarrass hornless unobtrusive unpretending doubtful bowing in the shade pacific petty indifferent worthless genuine Unaspiring submissive subaltern proper unfamiliar zap unpossessive non-resistant bend Wallowing bring down quieten quiet trash humiliated take down a peg god-fearing courteous modify squash artless self-forgetful harass defeat homey fluff off deflate eat humble pie unambitious abuse Adapting unembellished write off introvert plebeian withdrawal find fault with standoffish disgrace break Unboastful peaceable willing least cowering not very important indispose asperse sordid naive manageable hack rout displume household simple cut miserable unimportant wallflower reticent overpower touched offensive pedestrian suppress Verecund homely softened shyly ride down mannerly godlike undistinguished garden variety ordinary pervert fulminate against Familiar ethereal get the better of sycophantic unremarkable good abase humbleness committed dishonour tame broken disinterested self-renouncing low-key resigned take down domesticated abase oneself overmaster banal contrite guilty private moderate restrained hesitant overwhelm humiliating withdrawn vilify quench get the upper hand junior giving-in look right through put out easygoing shell nonprovocative shoddy faulty nice humbly beggarly blushing tar and feather penitentiary accustomed knocking down worshipping mute holy austere demeaning trivial wretched oracular bust strip of rank lowest stoop look down on self-abnegatory fair wary wee chagrin accommodating coy unsure Nonresisting cut down to size vanquished native unknown beat not working knock the stuffing out of low toadyish lessen unacquisitive housebroken reconciled eating humble pie malign reserved brutalize easy-going self-deprecating lovely Obeisant chide lowly Disgrade put (someone) in their place no-frills self-denying triumph keep clobber chasten nervous Adjusting lacking withdraw normal mouse rustic ignominy give a black eye wound patient humdrum formulaic ignominious water down uncouth Self-abasing venerable knock down knock sb off their pedestal otherworldly cast down compromise wipe the floor with self-neglectful browbeaten hesitating not complex faraway yield worry enfeeble overmodest content afflict unassertive unimposing reluctant sight dishearten knock bottom out run-of-the-mill your basic subdue passive routine absolute altruistic dampen downgrade average biddable abject second rank mellow have on the carpet hidden demolish trample underfoot earnest confuse confound flatten pitiful lamblike shrinking violet natural vanilla reverent let down extinguish generic flog look coldly upon house-train rule unheard-of weak quietist put one away far mudsling crush thwart get comeuppance tamed obscure give a drubbing to worshipful lower unostentatious meek folksy gushing enslave ignoble whip open and shut chagrined unctuous garden tyrannize slavish well-mannered obliging Obeying make eat dirt ingratiating kittenish just kowtowing beat down low-grade little meager no great shakes boring ruin cheapen low-ranking inadequate hide pious gentle everyday discourage inconspicuous paltry offend effusive self-effacing obsequious lowliest mundane remorseful make eat crow get under control grovel not so important humblest to humiliate faithful neutral devoted neglect shabby humbling innoxious degraded Hummel get upper hand oppressed corrupt throw a pall over ridicule frugal lowbred unassuming godly docile angelic having cold feet vulgar expel peasant


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