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What is another word for hold?

Below is the list of synonyms for hold. Here you can see the other names for hold.



donjons ARR silence antechambers fin handclasps prowess discipline underpropping pull schlep stiffener grapnels amidships expediency appreciation spellbind rein throw hoard FibulAe self-government clenched fist balance pre-eminence phalange proprietary rights keep bowsprit think back answer kiss support Embracement storm cell hilt hafts time wasted dominance be burdened with something incline anchor sweep to/from power palms phalanx sway bridle Entrail MITTS have got estate house oblige immobilize hug carry possessorship shoulder sustentation INS vitals press feel rule ascend proprietary arraign stability possession suspect fascinate reign survival tingle serenade authority be stamped on your memory/mind haul invade will stabilize eternity haft greatness intern intercept monopoly might get in allege cite afloat remain loosen up bus direction consistency be a great/firm believer in something obtain store up flotations confine busy call-in adhere to avow Kedge domination harbor detention blade bubble cuddle choreograph reckon bestride mastery tend castle sovereignty halter tap boast bookable go for organize curb immobilization reserve clamp aboard opinion oligopoly alcazar handshake Embosom contain boom keep back preservation know best stiffeners agree power constancy disturb take hold bind surrender call importance defend book arouse think acropolises entertain guard climbing wall berth donjon command climb kedges transfix orchestrate withholdings enthrall collect pin down penetralia sustain canvass handling obstruct hold someone for ransom occupation on hold belong to prevail retain brush including fingers duke stilt beam self-discipline invoke jog declare stronghold restraint relive touch stick in your mind/memory clip cargo hold express yourself concur enjoy dominion wealth grapnel lockup contact postponement institutionalize plan advantage stave time lag retention check handholds provoke display halters Fulcra base camp stay seem climber sculpt government arrange overflow double over squeeze canyoneering vantage standardize flotation pat ascent protection remember leg-up tiller crane board bow burn bosom warm up level planned carry a tune recognize bar hump handgrips hold-down outlive appeal control clout awaken mitt clench leg up foothold incarcerate croon let yourself go custody mandate manifest metacarpus jail Got charge sorted Fulcrums helve ownership state fulcrum fist force cargo area make owned set up walk away with abseil law metacarpi convene nuzzle grip work out chant paws jog along excite crouch annex opine bend clasp hold-up stage vocalize mud hook burrow sing house apply hilts hold up imagine Detainment inspire hold in hold ante chamber substructures aisle seat pin cower Booking office stand for give up to climbing occupancy true burst/break into song burn off helves exercise clutches bastille shaker coordination catch up continuation appear influences bit Halteres storage area tenure substructure handhold ace in hole incumbency firm up full tenacity safehold brake put away alcazars campaign fasthold do something from memory bear have in bay clinch aver avouch purchase call back supremacy obligate acropolis ignite handclasp limber up bring before stilts maintain contents defy sense lift cargo deck Caving delay leadership safety pin have argue book on dial in harbour crushings voice rouse Phalanges trump bowels Downs Proprietaries say believe in nurse keep from fibula bring/call someone/something to mind grow in contend continuity handle restrain sing out handgrip bristle with grab busy signal longevity wait moderate regularize toeholds prove out enfold have a mind of your own hold back cut off call up commission figure hand mesmerize lead grappling iron affect sing along toehold recollect caress make no secret of something rivet palm adjudge arrest management caller lock away pen influence thwart tillers shakers subjugate handshakes bilge rate show bastilles ruffle antechamber grasp leash permanence wash concord give away Monopolies aft besiege clutch booking crook

transitive noun

hold back in jump on hutch making purchase Clinging continuation mash Martello Tower Perdure neutralize spawn stunt DO escape hatch earmark immobilize cup get hold of keep up remain valid EXCL supply depot equalizer Cellule tinkle lodge squatting blinder fortress ponce hold fast debilitate edifice nip in the bud sit function jail cool number perch quelch engage the thoughts finger engage the mind stimulant paddle wheel airplane mode navigate expression mark vest stranglehold brace drawer do well enjoy asseverate hold together hobble bar strong point incidental power blaze hold in give up Yourself CLAWS lock dispute exclude incline take hold of note buoy up withstand proprietor obsess install opine relate get on prehension continue to be play dock stack cage storeroom character cargo deck wield keep in view stretch disenable come in oarlock fuel be found upset belay involve jam depository exert buzz keep to somewhere shackle assemble ward off safehold happen to be improve express an opinion cut clutches last out pummel sideline 0898 number pack traction stave protest coop in lick eminence observe agree lap up localize box set down hog dwell cushion mastery stick together restrict pew request nuzzle fortification agglomerate starboard fire detain environ be equal to interlace hulk declare claim cool off defy shut in crib keep down credit standing place adhere chest protracted pressurize pressurise catalyst cramp storage area live on instigator curtail Possessing hand mote take on delimitation reserve perennate render leadership officiate pole scoreless propound frankalmoign oar engross the thoughts lay off fit entrance persevere muzzle force mew up usher in Upbear coagulate manifesto cargo dock testify put it agent esteem toll bilge tie ward joist on send Plimsoll Line abaft remain true Motte ring off fasten prevail With pound up forbear top-up card rob hold on to iron hand gripe swallow use charisma guess thrust out infer foundation engage be of the opinion implement Property Rights pick reel glint cripple reservoir qualify seizing prison cell estimate chamber Assever unobliging retardation dilly-dally Underlease bow 1 gunwale discontinue seize ground imply keep fingers crossed tone do it proffer spill over cosy fortify swell upper hand sure Vinculum orate usher lift assume belong keep in cabin rate maintained crutch nursed footrail potato cellar echo sounder catch up interest crash out tower of strength conserve endow solemnize end scaffold dot impel game-changing custodianship stand on held lay fee unlisted state revert shore up stake magnetism skip bonded warehouse Grabbing safekeeping lag insist go prime mover fractional vex galley visualize stick to one's guns Custos fence in importance echo terminate stand clamp impact intermission progress winner-take-all discernment connection chatline crowd evidently weigh holder put up upkeep employ cupboard take aim freephone just do embrace complete get behind outboard motor STD vamp allege fastness go for check bugger about be met with Dibs yearn gain fee simple defeasible clutch lap engine room pass muster balance phone number title stand for exception equalize lend support immortal arrest bracket snatch paddle closet harness fend off fill out occupation fill vat whip hand disable serve the purpose earn enchain keep hold of cast kid springboard possession grip catching enunciate causative whitewash proprietress bide bin masthead never say die bear on outside rivet stand firm possessive Onto avow pepper crank caller immerse reinforce otherwise close-run foothold mesmerize move prescription overrun limitation key signature bridle occupancy soldier on go away predictive texting stand the test take into account keep off war answer drunk-dial look upon coup CONTD take hold put behind bars bandwidth keep in check dethrone buttress retrench stock up accent veil restrictive prove to be plough on breathe impede telephonist decelerate strike maintain one's position nip treasure room drubbing deem stock draw rich maintain reside catholic booth Proprietorial obstruct swear shore kiss wine cellar firm up nail down tell repertory take up aver be in effect delimit built-in Excepting propeller gauge survive name trance authority mind utility absorb the attention countenance avouch Excluding predicate capstan keep in reserve enchant see exercise judgment interval have a capacity for dedicate glory hole dungeon attach fort kick compel locker -owned positivist touch on knock on wood plough tie down harangue manage shelve affirm mug push ahead store point jurisdiction influentiality footrest lead 1 suspect wreak stow (sth) away open assert rudder engross TELECOMS Freefone the domino effect gather into barns network induce stabilizer find pioneer run ring occupy lay on slow up endure content figurehead bulkhead lie length kill join together hold over appropriate mobile number storehouse drive press jaws sense cling to mass companionway officiate at squirrel away leave conference call bay shoulder nursing join spill second 1 stay exercise crow's nest archives metronomic mark colony prestige leg Instate outlast restrain question accent mark beguile concur get through desist derivative title bookcase build organize manacle fix ascendancy locus standi go along leasehold have done with treasury care owner tender ice handle confine trap further 900 number cliquey provoke hang together allow imagine reign quiet originate author subscribe to notation leash dialling tone telecommuting confinement linger knock hold off benefit vision keep in mind crate not let go clench perpetuate inject 3G husband have an idea villeinhold enter de facto miss wall in own interlock reckon with impound stack room concord alienate pull in Quod celebrate book keep in detention operator helm save up accept scrub tele- drop it measure interrupt government postpone today read segue jellify put over non-proliferation defy time enchantment Gavelkind obtain switchboard operator yoke haft suffice points deduction outrun lay money on weather wear foment put in jail protect come jib mastership legal possession nestle wash Detainment prolong cluster take grand slam bolster up activate warrant causal defend pronounce home (phone) number train running in saver hold with collect snub squat glove lay include 800 number suggestion set down as bear hug ball go out realization make live use up shut up pigeonhole moderate causality cling engender stance fiefdom -induced concern pause stronghold sail back possessed port inbuilt business domination apprehension persuasion cyclone cellar secrete coal bin hold up guide Owning seat fulfil cork up get toehold restraint keep safe watch negotiate Encage barring repress call write-off convincing need prepossession received handgrip pillbox envelop capture tempo mark joint fill in keep from falling Seisin adjudicate fare lead hold down engage in enthrall propose harbour refrain from suppress counterbalance alienation equal segno lanyard pip foster stick to speak footplate keep afloat socage stern be in possession of preoccupy game changer stick up toll-free withhold occur pen up Grips the Yellow Pages quench forcible seizure lifebelt underpin wedge excite support Valuing hold good gunnel having title to swan woo hold spellbound have an inkling x out bound moderating monopolize relegation zone think cut it out acquire Ween standby storm cellar present qualification signature uncover maul back up breed outplay exist reckon among utilise vitals renounce undergo doer forgo exhibit block hands tide over record subsume fully resist neck offence hold in custody impend borrow overcome lease Burgage be possessed of hold out keel value wake-up call link armory to tower stand up prefix hole flow Helpline rank scratch scull Maintaining death grip love preponderance wear well delayed tenancy deter jumping-off point form an opinion buy villa justify have in hand swerve cavity remain control dialling code peel Unwrinkle stretch out prohibit crown sink outdistance plant bespeak associate charge superstructure go back continued bring pull direction say suspension taking into custody fist Nabbing intrigue protection perceive accommodate throw feature detention pocket Fermata secure won harbor number among conglomerate stir boom insinuation arrange nurture dawdle protective custody reins of government caller id beset hold forth lumber room induction deep ICE (number) tank fetter nail archive bunker house sustain pound power grab remain in force nurse rest guard Stabilitate be consistent coop recognize vantage slur one-way ado glue clout belief well fee simple My thing fee position fill the bill stimulate feel clannish diving bell underlie catch cargo area notice pursue clasp Embosom hold true slow down berth Including wealth span lay up hold close adjudge verify supply base venerate wile conduce knock it off wring cancel store up the golden boot abduction avail cold-calling abstain tarry FEODUM iron grip arm keep one's head above water ushering in compartment preside over take over proceed quell gavel-to-gavel boast rib constrict porthole drag distance hang on to article of faith keep ownership dominion sway meet requirements declaim regard -ful notoriety bell standing management hinder huggable picking up omission quarterdeck prove out drink serve have place rein in bewitch command string winner give over tenure in chivalry retain occupy the attention en- free socage hem in time lag freeze to seizure of power reach out hamstring run on boiler room undertake think of vise set aside alarm call shelf absorb proprietary rights ring (sb) back dependency trammel vow hold in check aside clinch cradle hook save jug PRESA fee simple conditional reserved table acropolis cohere wrought die nick yield be in existence custody Catalyse treasure up tag temporize rebuff grapple show have the idea reckon wrench buffer give support varsity apart encircle be afraid aim experience take for wait personality be enfeoffed of omit Directory Enquiries protract have and hold take in shut congeal CONT waylay be extant realize goalscorer infatuate fetters unite prove true nipper dead heat cleave to oppose symbol overwhelm dominance dial clot participate in jail cell manger cargo hold go on keep alive diminish hands-free stick keep from keeping brood over take into custody stockpile satisfy break up attic time deny constrain trophyless speak out unnaturalness score suasion top half meet hide keep close prow govern be in force incorporate subbasement tinge influence postponement except treasure nibble mast Overran footing lumberyard issue a manifesto rowlock approve of touch person-to-person delaying tactics conform to fact dompt wake advantage damage limitation spar cover spare suppose ballast prop up make use of keep tabs persist garner firm hold interruption maneuver withholding repel call for live through enclose screen exchequer squirrel rule airlock jailing containment constraint fondle push on video conferencing pile up ISDN win picture messaging -ization lot anchorage veto pin be seized of reactivate intern announce garrison break Deluded come to relinquish voicemail mark muse over guarding profess transfer keep back flight deck basement time signature clip speed dial pen dally 0800 number inhibit last crypt consider confines direct daresay adverse possession cordon sanitaire transfix straddle GSM be truthful pass monopolise view visualise Alodium housekeep enshrine bottle up down urge hack it hold in restraint wrap prosecute display husbandry blockhouse ration cell expect ex-directory bunch dominate library account okay circumscribe Roaming illiberal concerned engross the mind procrastinate periscope put away x-out Undertenancy edge effect fancy admit anchor carry marginalize Underbrace under overtake Unauthorize subtle influence argue peel tower avoid glom put possess mainstay jell Arrestation buttery lengthen forget coop up bear up retard bridgehead post continue outlive submit kidnapping Of firm receive dump castle phone in squeeze hang on annunciate utilize leverage credence immure hollow good feeling bind jailhouse ensure stay put organise grant holding enclosed space grasp pressure curb quarantine reason run over (sth) sublease set back refuse spellbind phone warehouse utter reckon in reverse actuation figure start dilatory package wide-ranging straiten abide view as Excepted moderation vindicate land bridge jump in be the case bank taking in pinion fascinate envisage possessor rein have being nourish enamour feud rick gather stash chain deposit leave off pertain best net fulfill moment square hedge conduct interned underpropping tenantry stay on obligate funnel hold in leash hypnotize dragnet want godown hash retire defeat time incarcerate quit cold guarded hang tenacity aeroplane mode nickname power tiller have refer cloister unwrinkled pin down get by convene becharm deck nab hold tight keep to oneself grow together repository Underpinning hoard Tel abandon Underset stow push (sth) forward undergird combine couchette saving tie up weld donjon telephony wound proclaim bear bilge water bolster jump down throat hammering understanding promedios be true lockup spark remit last long scoreboard cleave duration produce bearer handclasp tame telephone bugger count in push lock up latch on to spin surround condition golden generation occasion patch result concede storage instigate assess box up adhere to Rath handhold convoke reach martello comprise fasthold survey Knight service go around juice wake (sb) up grasping have got put off quarter Hotline usucapion understand incapacitate area code chock suspend juncture fee tail de jure scorecard palm attract validate tenure treasure house keep to grade enjoin infringe mobile INCL jack up backlog range be present walk wheel fee simple determinable arsenal charm ungrasped reduce procrastinator seizure have a hunch self-induced tight grip romp word mew rigging proprietary welcome stand one's ground believe Collaring vellicate speak up comprehend carry on abort extend buoy vantages property tuck spread beget watch over exclusively cause 1 boathook keep pace prompt stabilize delay agree with Villenage count stall take it hold on make the grade stowage ringtone hour necessitate conservatory inclusion apprehend helve subsist gangplank solidify contribute inaugurate original title contain rack fuddle dial tone dead zone refrain conceive hug take into consideration involve the interest beachhead blow supremacy establish be judicious propel set work stem cap knock off look upon as depot master decide fell seal up preserve break off repulse rationing bond determine pillow viscera cellarage hoard up preventive custody nine contributory keep out hashtag conceal surmise hull prop afford support accumulate agree to prison steady Ahold hold at bay waterline look on mandate walkover fold introduce holdover limit enclosure account as predominance exclusion gospel appendage entertain cherish cumulate sudden death other condone hawser fee fief potency level shutout wrap up actuate heap up visualization kerb weight apply garrison house express soldier quest behind usucapt imprison be there never let go lay down villein socage gripped advance Self-delusion stock room prevent have an impression bash bash on fee simple absolute imprisonment bastion connect captivate prorogue hang up settle handheld embody photo finish truss subsidize espouse pine favor -ize contend enfold assimilate bag GPRS exclusive bite appreciation presume golden goal walloping jellied be time-tested garner up Trow truck amass vault hold as sweep voice restriction causation preoccupancy acid-free procrastination mistress prosecution grab treble carry (sth) on magasin encompass plead uphold oblige out bosom ostracize hold the interest keep on taking hold enamor spell be valid sign booze sun deck mothball straitjacket plug hold water keep in custody the Hand of God dandle freehold factor paw o' limiting reclaim clampdown lug room freeze manipulate gag discount trust pick up savvy repute keep under control precipitate magazine engage the attention keep going double guidance invade but subvention jag walkaway judge rain check have tenure of defer obey Snatching phone call cellar squat on retention ligature consequence Visioning talons operate rail in preoccupation keeping back know treat citadel rise crash awaken out of 2 legal claim grim vice flight mode


possess hug end run assent hold good sense seat bear envelop assemble exist handle lock up hold true impound occupy freeze to surround wear fence have persevere believe trammel manage operate preside set store by detain revoke encompass bet bottom dollar embrace recall buttress accommodate suppress stow coordinate secure conclude claim freeze reserve be the case entertain judge enjoy prop confine have bearing buy hang on keep out cage declare throw own accept fondle grapple celebrate recant stay lay money on make remain true carry shoulder take as gospel truth cradle monopolize vise swear up and down officiate solemnize press call take for granted persist uphold trust sustain check cling have hunch profess withhold not let go withdraw stand up grip prevent retract think underlie resist have sneaking suspicion palm remain suppose govern reckon surmise cork up clutch feel restrain grasp bind aver comprise view arrest take adhere terminate put a lock on catch cross one's heart understand seize wield hold stick cleave be in effect conserve gather brace lap up direct be in force corral nourish bottle up affirm cover deem shore up take stock in retain take hold stay staunch receive lock credit convene cherish esteem consider presume acquire put faith in carry on underpin include last stay put be valid squeeze pause wring enclose contain preserve trap keep close apply assume dominate regard give faith hinder bolster swear by okay encircle maintain imprison be equipped for keep clasp master

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