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What is another word for harm?

Below is the list of synonyms for harm. Here you can see the other names for harm.



infamy exploitation vandalism injury Downs waywardness ruin violence ruffled feathers obscenity mischief disaster mischance dirty dig funny business harm muggings detriment prankster sin scandal outrage bad deeds Peccancy badness untowardness Marring inhumanity foul play up set looseness cave-ins sores loose on bad break injustice roughs sinfulness devilment fiasco mutilations disadvantage fell stroke ill luck booboos putdown unluck losings shenanigan muckraking vice demolition infelicity boo-boo Torts malapropism retardation scandalmongering prankishness roguishness cancel out mutilation libel the ravages of something destruction neutralize washout loss ravage rough handling havoc perniciousness bad turn pejoratives trauma zingers detraction disservice slap in face boo-boos zinger sabotage cave-in Misemployment misplacement wickedness Knaveries Infelicities tough luck roguery waggery infliction cost criminalities overshadow ill-treatment abuse wrong impairment iniquity taint noxiousness devastation slap in the face spoil damage visitation decay wound diabolism rascality vileness catachresis casuality hurt mischievousness malapropisms Abusage wear and tear diabolisms offense in justice pollution Waggeries ruination Banefulness tort misfortune ill dudgeon knavery cave in misuse prejudice cruel treatment slap the face deleteriousness criminality dirty trick losing misfortunes booboo the worst rotten luck running down mistreatment scathe ill treatments evil Unluckiness losses hard luck impishness bad deed offset in equity unfortunateness stroke of bad luck immorality

transitive noun

jinx crippling disfigurement infect crushing burden corrupt grievance gloss disablement Incapacitation bother distort bastardize cook weal harass bankruptcy put back interfere louse pest deformation strain disrepair sour infection taint atrocity nickel-and-dime frostbite sicken disadvantage change of integrity penetrating injury visitation incommode invade discommode hex maltreat alloy bleeding get into trouble collapse desecrate touch havoc wound disservice distress degrade ravel health problem overhang adulterate queer gild electric shock cripple despoliation spoil Maiming attack blast trauma do violence to disoblige change foul (sth) up rain condemn immorality tamper-evident disease death liability running sore wreak havoc on cryopathy injury nemesis destroy woe muff whiplash injury Endamage misfortune threaten impose upon ill-use vitiate bang play hob with sting whiplash haemorrhage defloration nonsense down degradation ruin impairment trouble distortion hurting tell muck put to trouble bollocks hemorrhage lesion alteration come gilt ill-treat the worst rum bite impair injure weaken inconvenience spoiling loss befoulment mar detriment intravasation kibosh smash step backward joint ravages do 1 wale mischance crack-up unhealthiness bugbear misuse abuse aggrieve calamity bandh prejudice outrage perniciousness write-off mutilation ill health ruination dig breakdown despoil put to inconvenience dilapidation punishment bad exacerbate doom put out disfiguration sinfulness toxin punishing blemish do ill scourge goonda pinch contusion pull worn modification torture erode irritate breakage trauma Disaccommodate deprave trash encroachment wreck deleteriousness vexation scathe tarnish vice affliction louse (sth) up strike Overhung sickening expense burn shred handicap bugger mistreat corruption mischief ill destruction unrestricted ravage cheapen wear (sth) out twist aggravate hurt rampage menace make worse brain damage persecute mayhem toll dislocation thorn pollute bane upset sabotage at-risk venom Hobbling curse iniquity deform weakening mockers HIT wrongdoing Banefulness do wrong crucify do wrong by do a mischief do evil dilapidate cost deteriorate break seismic west penetrating trauma loss of ground lay a finger on fracture worsen wickedness violate cut birth trauma blunt trauma defilement wrench drive wrong monkey mangle muck-up poison wounding damper damage gnaw open wound flame torment bruise wheal infliction wear defile play havoc with visit debauch mess shatter noxiousness foul drawback inroad befoul deface bump sin spoiling tactic eat infringement crying evil hoist welt shoot insect bite ladder afflict bust pestilence badness rupture burden abomination plague play embitter envenom savage pot blight Disserve evil defacement Ruinousness pollution bewitch flaw molest run


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