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What is another word for gyration?

Below is the list of synonyms for gyration. Here you can see the other names for gyration.


transitive noun

sequence bend circumvolution tendril loop path serpentine cycle reversion course movement complexity shift angular momentum pulley rolling line reversal corkscrew angling flick succession bow whirl curving braid district spiral see the light way wheel corner current adjustment level Antipole flip flop round direction torque area roll division rollers sideroad detour drift trend tortuousness run volution bias helix back routine spin circulation gyre revolutions Right-about schedule coil retroversion Trolling curve whorl born again beat volte-face disk moving circularly turn around perambulation regeneration turning back whirling sinuosity whirlpool Snaking rounder deflection ring swinging other side twisting pivot rotational motion session rotation period change stage lap in thing Reeling sinuousness Volutation ambit orbital motion dextrorotation axial motion rounds rotate wheeling tract coiling otherness about-face flection tack angular motion orbital rotation wheels winding diversion turn boundary orbiting passage rotating force fork swing Flexing motion perimeter branch torsion changeabout trail ratchets curlicue tour turns flexure circuits counterclockwise rotation bowling turning bight convolution hereticism revolution VS route track twirl circuit curl wind periphery swirling turnabout roller compass volute circular motion twine turning around obliquity Pivoting contortion departure Turbination metanoia hook revolve conversion bout levorotation genuflection fishing axial rotation bounds region Whirled Trundling woodwork spinning hoop fake out pirouette performance flow screw angular velocity round trip orbit flurry revolving re-formation centrifugation angle rotary motion heading spring whir flourish Twirling wrong side reel range swiveling divergence flowing clockwise rotation Circumgyration swivelling twist caster circumnavigation swivel vortex twizzle reverse trolley wanderings intricacy ratchet drum metasis Pirouetting circling full circle Alterity Circumrotation deviation see light circle surge limit proselytization scroll tendency circumscription verso circumference involution flipflop swirl series


More Gyration Synonyms

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