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What is another word for gradation?

Below is the list of synonyms for gradation. Here you can see the other names for gradation.



transitive noun

ranking drone blip catena turnaround thread twist rangefinder bank spectrum Betacism calipers categorization connection beam balance chain reaction swath ebb movement Indian File continuity regime change flip-flop step sequence graduation triage calculator degree micrometer plumb line nexus level hierarchy departure line succession ruler place probe instrument arrangement divergence plenum run grouping reform measurement evolutionary monotone Catenation concatenation weighbridge rearrangement Rhotacism sorting speciation transition phonetics sound shift taxonomy Orthoepy dipstick sea change rhythm Geiger Counter descent gauge queue shade train adjustment reticulation nuance transformation light meter voltmeter course subordination articulatory phonetics scale transmute Consecution quantification phonology rank notch grade filiation progression shake-up selection round string modulate ordering fluctuate placement sifting spirit level row reversion array drift shift stage serial order endless round tier grading Chaining indicator sorting out series cut periodicity flux metamorphosis difference hydrograph cycle articulation translate distinction detector abacus revolution reversal ablaut vicissitudes diachronic changeover rotation paradigm shift sensor shading blending position evolution perversion measuring jug crossover deviate mutation single file assortment alteration modification continuum Culling variation potometer theodolite balance chain routine tachometer gamut dial rebranding conversion hum manometer classification buzz umlaut tide callipers transfigure turnabout lineage step change mark scope morphophonemics range point acoustic phonetics punctuated equilibrium powder train swing change meter endless belt screening pendulum tape measure file transmogrify switch recurrence Windrow ammeter


More Gradation Synonyms

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