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What is another word for gold?

Below is the list of synonyms for gold. Here you can see the other names for gold.



leaded zirconium leather-colored principal fortune prize barium olive brown nickel spending money polonium curium wherewithal substantialities kudos conferment pay neodymium win TINS Carrots cup creamer germanium alabaster cadmium proceeds money donation brownish suntans order yellow wreath neptunium argon drabs blue-ribbon blackness gold star bank note clover luxuriance cobalt apricot glory antimony azure cesium bluish legal tender aqua rhenium bauble biscuit carbon thallium CLOVERS krypton stickpins blonds funds zincs property pride and joy interests actinium fluorine lavaliere iridium stocks and bonds chain moolah baby blue scholarship mineral grubstake holmium financing chromium silver gallium copper tungsten praseodymium brooch potassium bestowal erbium adjudication leaden scratch* assets change brass subsidization ira americium marvel CDS sand amber cash pin frippery scratch tawnies Khakis wallet bread meeds bismuth payment miracle GOLDS trophy lap of luxury lucre Bays junk* mendelevium wad ore kitty thorium francium ribbon Cameos prestige gift hafnium chrome ytterbium anklet check chunk gross palladium olives sodium sparklers jewel promethium medium of exchange costume samarium lanthanum sands bronzes almighty dollar bisque earring blende greenback PESOS knickknack adornment the sublime Cornucopias wealth renowns minerals gem yttrium pendants platinum substantiality brownishes laurel californium decoration profit reward osmium receipts draft doubloon treasure trove niobium stock meter money bankroll model titanium phenomenon money order mintage aquamarine bromine coupon distinction crown einsteinium avocado boron lutetium pickings nobelium molybdenum amethyst decree choker thulium medal pounds iron estate citation ice* brown riches balance sheet lead chromatic dysprosium piece doubloons terbium ore asset classic dough tiara element palm naturals gong bond issue biscuits currency renown gravy brazen bangle medallion beryllium investment chlorine first place specie diamonds meed dream gilded ferrous capital manganese europium uranium silvers ornament saffron plum clod locket aluminum CHROMES sparkler necklace stone acclaim golden award xenon rock band chokers cross mercury olive-brown savings neon ring finery glass* glass tantalum Resources bronze medal nugget recognition indium saddler commemoration plutonium rubidium swag technetium loot bronze arsenic cd jack umber grant pocket money protactinium strontium cornucopia allotment Ivories coinage carrot tellurium banknote coppers black berkelium income silicon thoroughbred calcium palms zinc lockets lithium long green bill small change treasure regalia gold medal Cast iron pendant radium vanadium business blue ribbon feather in cap gilt chicken feed olive wampum earrings bracelet platinums PEARLS commendation au charm ways and means cerium fund aluminium metallic oxygen phosphorus tie pin bullion petty cash radon Bijoux dollar laurels khaki promissory note solitaire means rhodium bauxite nitrogen hard cash suntan wage coin trinket stake bisques badge magnesium honor gold accolade presentation sander helium finances beige yellowishes masterpiece hunk blue inspiration Fame decision browns tin bijou gadolinium ruthenium umbers mass metal cameo astatine worth rosary tan iodine nest egg scandium salary Chips roll ingot bucks sulfur conferral endowment clump purse substance hydrogen jewelry fermium verdict stickpin sterling net worth selenium atomic number 79 beads iou hardware note aureate

transitive noun

loot ambition holmium estate sepia gem blue-black citron-yellow trinket thulium sure bet coppery or daffodil barium big hit brassy Gems bronze peach accolade fluorine medallion riot iridium championship ferrous VC coin oxygen plenty hard cash hg arsenic deuterium chemical element cash values cache score bismuth riches needful ore silver Bays guerdon ready cash hydrogen Bottle green gold disc price golden ochrous fortune mercurous nitrous oxide exchequer folding money Academy Award valuable neon kitty small change consolation prize cyan sapphire pile inducement Trophies Chips selenium tungsten cadmium value bestowal grand slam presentation blood red niobium currency ginger honourable mention shocking pink mazumah magenta chrome blue ribbon ethane wreath metallic money lanthanum element coin gold revenue cerulean polonium pea green walkover mint luteolous capital cl ochroid lump exorbitance free magnesium canary-yellow chrome yellow turquoise necessity money reserve aurous wealth fund dividend chestnut feat gleaming bar sensation ornament nightlife lead lime green greenback legal tender oscar nonpareil dysprosium green stuff Victories mineral coined liberty mercurial Xanthic ring shoo-in coin silver rosary first prize luxuriousness lilac buff-yellow tan regalia triumphs ethylene belongings fusible primrose-colored osmium coffee-coloured erbium roseate dime memento non-metal homer strontium Nickeline dun N indigo dollar allotment endowment green gold wastefulness richness medal gilded Pewtery awards silicon leftover find caesium argon lucre carbonic sand-colored lavaliere moola yttrium achievement tie pin independence spoils materials dead presidents rosy overload titanium chocolate zirconium sulphur honor mvp knickknack long green Khakis scholarship tour de force scratch ingot cerise indium canary neodymium gong lushness hoard frippery hard aureate haul award halcyon waste sallow almighty dollar gold foil citation pearl yellow metal halogen noble metal brown peacock blue Aurelian desire Overlaid cabbage wolfram mustard steely radon mass change wad effusiveness mammon lithium rosette meretricious king of metals silver medal carbon hazel kelly green jewels dollar bill rich khaki potassium burnt sienna pride and joy kudos refund plutonium upper bracket ingots reminder distinction sweep smash-hit substance olive Triumphed interests livid fuchsia ready assets maroon wins plum success Grammy ash elite cream wealthiness valuation bounty postal currency bill leaden doubloons terbium auric bromine Fulvous metalloid adornment acquisition roll overabundance limit carrot deed white xanthous gold star lozenge sandy emergency money chromium luxury transition metal locket Straw-colored pure gold coppers urea supremacy shillings phosphorus light copper rock auriferous Nobel Prize precious metal saffron-colored pay dirt MANAGED CURRENCY funding money order finances cobalt luxuriance mintage hunk diamond stakes upset gallium salmon pink superconductor burnish privilege bottomless purse moneybags scarlet antimony specie greenbacks federal reserve note extravagance overmuch Extravagancy gold plate helium aluminum dominion stock lutetium nitrogen control stake laying hold of mercury material wealth purchase Obtaining yellowish ready money overthrow recognition affluence mite xenon premium jackpot samarium conquest goods commemoration yellow stuff Opulency grubstake europium pelf acquirement gold-leaf ways and means flower yellowy vanadium bronzy fat aquamarine cerium renown green raw sienna free exercise ruddy darling requital earth colour Treasuring bomb the wooden spoon manganese scrip silver-plated grand slams Feck wherewithal dollars booty ecru valuables invaluableness tawny quid pro quo jack circulating medium remuneration postage currency brownish Surmounting olive green sylvanite tangerine Yellowing windfall plummy taking captive bullseye winning funds Fame capture prosperousness memorial gold nugget plunder means valuableness carbonic acid and pence fiver prosperity blond pillage Yellowishness rubidium olive-brown alkali metal pushover goldish sure thing hard currency brazen subjugation overkill citron junk Cupreous denomination title yellowness lolly violet aureateness accomplishment financial assets rust nugget gaudy cherry yellowed azure gravy laurel royal blue red victory vermilion gold medal primrose terracotta ORY rhenium claret rose overweight Semimetal sell raw materials ivory bronze medal Dibs marijuana mission accomplished landslide cup atomic number 79 financing Nickelic winnings emmy technetium gold leaf nickel attainment soft currency hope coinage silvery krypton gadolinium store earring pickings superiority ore asset tenner hole in one Flaxen copiousness tinsel gold-filled hardware velvet calcium palm easy circumstances boron bisque buff sulfur wampum gold dust possession molybdenum metallic iodine wage investment upper hand decision verdure pounds fawn monies wallet commendation takings rollover Lutescent ascendancy killing purple jewellery straw fractional currency americium bullion necklace payoff triumph hydroxide bucks earth cinch fulsomeness decree sterling varnished treasure-trove laurels amber shield flesh-coloured clean sweep jewelry catch overrun Fallowness lap of luxury nimiety umber tiara colour diamonds Ochreous property cross overflow cuprous fallow finery filthy lucre nest egg tin crimson navy meed recompense sage green packet handsome fortune leather-colored ruthenium graphic tellurium keepsake abundance guinea gold trophy cabinet first place ice blue worldly goods Defeating lustrous lanthanide lot payment badge chromatic Leavings reddish-brown inundation ice donation thallium holdings high income the golden boot aqua iodide nuggets sky blue meter money draft chlorine fair-haired money Resources palladium win germanium peptide beryllium quicksilver brass fair burgundy the almighty dollar DOSH excess nightspots booby prize Ochery top feather in cap dental gold fiery magnesia apricot zinc coral iron glass Ochry business pricelessness honorable ochre medium of exchange HIT Pulitzer Prize brimstone Ivories lemon-yellow puce Ocherous swag metallic mineral cake assets tantalum embarrassment grant big win honour bundle ocherish cold cash worth lemon splash Extravagantness ready towheaded high tax bracket cesium possessions loose change ribbon exaggeration material goods tinseled slate natural sodium hydroxide metallurgic ironlike gift sodium carbonate zircon tanner creamy Jager apple of eye carmine glory Tony check light brown naturals lavender spoil mauve ytterbium uranium the wherewith oversupply enough trophy crown exuberance saffron doubloon blonde teal steel treasures laurel wreath acclaim platinum decoration Strokes honours system opulence aluminium token metal promethium lead 1 dinero the wherewithal Vanquishing ocher primrose-yellow 24-karat gold excessiveness six-figure income scandium emerald anklet reserves radium magnolia embarras de richesses preciousness dos takeover ultramarine money to burn coup piece treasure aim kale olive brown kill purse king's ransom bankroll treasure trove tinny note gain nucleotide gold-plated Vanquishment bulging purse protactinium gold-colored getting destruction yellow defeat dough adjudication pewter lavishness Ferruginous gilt sodium graphene bread paragon reward purple heart Coins jewel russet earth tone au bonus beige saffron-yellow advantage prize banknote biscuit olive drab tender praseodymium drab verdict precious metals order glittering obtainment platinum disc overdose

noun, adjective


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