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What is another word for glass?

Below is the list of synonyms for glass. Here you can see the other names for glass.



whatnot loving cup bangle demiJohns chalice pyrex swill shot glass bracelet paragon refracting telescope glaze racehorse climate silvers liquid ring upper lockets glass fiber pick carton Ampullae booze magnum glass* container Menisci nonpareil stickpin caster bifocals drink weather forecast brew tumblers coffee cup baguettes ornament drain decanter pep pill pendant gemstones jug soldier anklet terns quantity rock* phial brilliants reflector necklace earring seeing glass bone sip tiara crock prize tie pin crystals glasswork birthstones drag* schooner ewer barometer retort ice* trifocals acrylic bath ampulla fiasco seasonal swallow cut glass climatic tern glass in jewel costume jewelry beverage Flacon cruet drinking glass Flasket charm jewelry demiJohn temperate Cameos meteorology pinto refreshment cup gem carafes racehorses noggin adornment vacuum bottle alabaster urn horns alembics junk* swig draft two-way mirror pilsener bi-focal pony spirits thing trinket weather mustangs one-way mirror glassware whatnots flute flacons hardware frosted glass spell zone alembic bead horn cameo bottle alcohol glassful phials sculpture taste carafe solid dead soldier speed flagon knickknack earrings flask concrete crown cruets bowl gourd rock trump* peg elastic pin mirror gourds trifocal bijou beaker diamonds gold masterpiece glaze over gulp crystal wineglass goblet costume earthen quaff cayuse tankard finery thirst quencher silver barrel chokers canteen level mustang slug controlled substance cardboard band bauble libation steins amphetamine brilliant spyglass lavaliere potable frippery potation looking glass pearl potion field glass vanity mirror jar goblets solitaire bifocal locket pendants Bijoux drench meniscus Meniscuses cupful treasure optics vials glass over toast cross regalia tumbler jigger junk jewelry gullion snifter beads gemstone glass highball stein choker rosary brass teacup glazed bag casters mug vial shot lens stone demitasse chain birthstone sparklers containerful frosted liquor Pintos sparkler brooch baguette

transitive noun

hand mirror clapboard binoculars retinal detachment pollen count drinking glass brick provide -eyed aurora glaze glassblower horn-rimmed condenser wallpaper Vitrine schooner urn render chicken feed blepharospasm Glazing double vision deoxyephedrine seeing glass slide ophthalmologist methamphetamine hydrochloride element brandy snifter frosted bijouterie shingle ophthalmology shatterproof glass coralene showcase barometric pressure plank field stemware bowl parchment blindly Met windowpane smoked spectacles Vitrics telescope plane front hurricane-hunter aircraft concave lens tumbler old paper image distorting mirror snow blindness two-way mirror retinopathy glass over glass in weatherglass eyepiece hyaline sheathe light Vacuometer meteorologist shade flat parfait glass AMD colour-blind radiosonde frontal system aneroid barometer specs object glass Glass Fibre beer glass tennis court glaucoma shake magnifying glass reading glass furnish eyestrain conjunctivitis the Northern Lights cm-glass pottery twenty-twenty vision aerological instrument millibar the Aurora Australis keratoconus brandy glass stained glass wall in clime pep pill partially sighted recording barometer controlled substance safety glass equatorial convex lens glazier isotherm hygrometer spy glass enamelware shatterproof ivory inclose bottle glass the Aurora Borealis concavo-convex lens bowling alley Revet paper myopia snifter lens stick in cut glass convex mirror terrestrial telescope paste Microclimate concave mirror zoom binoculars Balint's syndrome frame occlusion dim bisque laminated glass squint frosted glass four-eyes colorblind trifocals weather instrument shaving mirror glass house jewelry macular degeneration silk the Southern Lights weather vane blow rummer lath supply blown glass sight chalk soluble glass Fuchs' endothelial dystrophy put in highball glass climatology ceramic ware velvet gas-permeable porcelain methamphetamine water glass billiard table weather balloon costume jewelry bifocals climatic biscuit goblet coated lens Diaphane sighted crystal lorgnon atmospherics methedrine board window glass sodium silicate zone night vision rear-view mirror jug spell barograph pyrex rare prism eggshell monocle lead glass hand lens wall up scan milk glass the Met vitreous sightless short-sighted watch crystal lorgnette glasses toric lens isobar Long-sighted crockery glassware eyeglass spectacle cross-eyed weather station dark glasses camera meteorology wraparounds weather forecast beaker soft glass crank windowlight enclose weather forecaster upper opaline trash ice speculum wet macular degeneration vase change sunglasses the Met Office agate glass blind side sty high-pressure double-glaze meteorological thermometer optician magnifier dispensing optician smooth insert bullet-resisting glass amphetamine far-sighted barometer glassful naked rarefied spyglass piecrust glasswork scatter pins night vision natural glass face ground glass shot glass mirror pince-nez optical plate glass vision frost thermal detector meth crock containerful marble boss-eyed cr-glass satin slate stone Barometrograph junk jewelry shopwindow scope cheval glass opal glass opera glasses level window mirror weather satellite pier glass jigger glasslike wineglass glaze over speed tunnel vision climate sunnies window fiber glass crown glass rhinestone shut in burning glass close in pot refracting telescope watch glass bowling green introduce shabu china bespectacled alabaster eyesight astigmatism tiling reflector transparent substance achromatic lens bumper mahogany glassy fibreglass thatch aneroidograph veneer bubble age-related macular degeneration objective mirrored low-pressure matchwood nearsighted refractory corneal eyeglasses firebrick varifocal lens cataract weatherboard looking glass house of cards field glass camphor glass zoom lens telephoto lens pony tile ocular ambient microscope ciliary glass cutter liqueur glass cement reader goggles solid clear as glass forecast astigmatic lens oculist ophthalmic Safety Glasses sheet glass night blindness pane double optical glass hyalescent half-moon glasses Vitriform myopic seidel optometrist thermostat ophthalmic optician meniscus container mercury objective prism occluded front weather optic blind wire glass contact lens adobe ceramics display case carnival glass


More Glass Synonyms

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