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What is another word for gash?

Below is the list of synonyms for gash. Here you can see the other names for gash.



transitive noun

savage slit pass depression scallop bezel rick dapple mow cut apart jag tick plow maul ax stick crimp demarcate underscore mole lacerate punch tittle chap open flaw mark out rifle gorge gape flume chalk up pink discolor score Couloir incision mark split splash watermark scotch pull hew crack fault shavings mutilate corrugation stubble chamfer freckle bite stripe at-risk wrinkle fracture paralyse excise stamp chapped hatch rime scrap iron Deadwood sore flute cwm gulch cleuch dike polka dot rend marking frazzle tattoo crocked burn dell carve trench scald dissect tattoo mark sever dregs ditch crackle skin lance draw discoloration culm nip canalize impress waste matter saw lentigo puncture scourings chink blotch rut log rags nevus trim gouge raspings damage Draff incise run make mincemeat of Kerf crenulate weeds stigma wound abrasion crop jot joint line wadi slag dot prune mark off checkmark point gap bones lesion cicatrix indent wounded dash print mottle mutilation turn paralyze blaze a trail amputate concussion tear imprint break etch strain incapacitate jigsaw cut Orts injure rifling corrugate woodcarving Coulee goffer canyon abyss fret nock third-degree burn patch toll striate cripple tares harm blemish pare chop offscourings cavity shear hogwash sliced rent slice birthmark Scarification blaze speck chase picot ruck craze Sweepings impale fleck gall scratching waste scissor earmark shave Graving crevice parings delimit ravine abysm rupture canal flick cicatrize microgroove trample rive splotch rift wastage deafen scratch husks whiplash snip twist underline Knurl MORTAL WOUND chip brand opening chimney stain riddle scrape check off streak serrate dado bloody wrench stab nick hack cleft seal whittle scythe breach potsherds spot macula Stab Wound trough bayonet flash burn joggle excavation dichotomize sulcus coppice chafe eviscerate striation col sunder chisel swill shorn stria victim stigmatize indentation seam caste mark make a mark carving box canyon second-degree burn well-worn groove wound 1 punctuate Sulcation Filings sheep shearing cleave clip halve shards check sprain bark tick off dishwater gulf cutting slot boo-boo donga bisect manhandle dust slops mill maim abrade wounds immedicable channel machicolate wastepaper vandyke cut away slash cranny scarify slop moat furrow prick war defile fluting pencil Kloof scuff fissure scorch groove dissever rip strawberry mark arroyo pierce chalk flesh wound slack scum fray leak valley trauma garbage pleat butcher hurt offal pepper Clough engraving trace laceration hole injury chaff stabbing nullah gully disable crena void transfix define engrave cut in two transect notch rabbet scraps crevasse jog crenellate scar passage refuse chasm claw Leavings cut off tooth traumatize fell scissure muscle speckle lees spike


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