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What is another word for funds?

Below is the list of synonyms for funds. Here you can see the other names for funds.



stock in trade wads wallets silver blue chip winnings loot nugget jack payment issue specie pecuniary resources ingot coinages coupon coppers dollars cornucopia nest egg Resources swag capital CDS mazumah grubstake money order draft intangibles cash substantiality property pelf wampum money on hand banknotes rainy day fund piggy bank letters of credit bonds something put aside bank account bank notes ready money stash dough fiscal estimate IOUs fortunes something for a rainy day subsidization purses PEARLS bread dinero ready resources lucre current account unexpended balance gleanings ways and means iou bankroll assets budget pool stocks emergency funds hard cash ready assets substantialities means pork barrel fortune money in the bank finances Cornucopias checking account bills mazuma swags luxuriance ace in hole checks sinking fund spending money mattress full pounds stake Incomes over-the-counter secondment moolah convertibles filthy lucre spending plan net worth coupons sterling change wallet fluid assets equity accounts receivable earnings belongings balance sheets money long green treasure nut corporate assets ace up sleeve finance bill stakes store profits blue chips nuggets greenback accounts collectible collateral pecuniary resource currency greenbacks treasure trove possessions PESOS peso purse proceeds balance sheet stocks and bonds gross monetary resource ingots substance life savings dollar note exchequers planned disbursement drafts estimated expenses stores copper Currencies promissory note lap of luxury savings GOLDS profit material goods secondments wad wherewithal something put away receipts lettuces worth stuff kitty promissory notes bond bank note clover income check exchequer CLOVERS money orders deposit account the goods pocket money banknote Securities emergency fund lettuce reserve fund bankrolls scratch cashes issues stock something to fall back on petty cash treasures wealth cash in hand monies available means green stuff affluence revenue gold moola piggy banks pride and joy coinage backing bullion notes

transitive noun

maintenance turns financial condition hearts bullion on the arm ill-gotten gains maintain backup Quarries earnings treasure trove accumulation treasure-troves Necessities limit green overabundance material goods resource the wherewithal buck back nest eggs business profusion incoming unexpended balance estate belongings oblations write-offs materials Luxuries funding Depressions donations Indexes financial backing cornucopia financial institutions possessions top whack headband fiver deposit endorsement gratuities disposable resources responsibility budget gold mines equity deposit account food prize stockpile dividends overrun reinforcement profits overflow niches subsidize GOLDS excavations gem financial assets lakes pick up the tab for wellsprings over-the-counter takings lolly hideouts Gains saving jack reserves note gifts plenitude ready assets volumes specie qualifications natural resources overload wastefulness grant installment buying auspices pearl circumstances cash services principal money on hand ready cash dinero Equities opulence hoard green stuff paragon riches glut assistance contributions quantity rhino reservoirs readies exuberance loan sharks cabbage inventory chest margin Legacies ace in hole monetary resource wallet stash bonds nest egg pot Securities Moneys bankrolls kembla provision financing winnings banknote nest-egg long green devices available means sponsorship plum Veins dispensations liquid assets Treasuring greenbacks remuneration DOSH assets and liabilities deep pockets sponsor lodes financial resources joint account investment capital thrifts tangible assets value affairs nooks hideaways means of support gleanings fixed assets lists loot rainy day repository holdings gelt cash flow Facilities savings account award Nondepository Financial Institution means dents underwrite medium of exchange escrow funds balance subsidy Commodities credit offerings catch leftover cash in hand unregistered bank account finances tin help intangible assets capitals troves assets capitalize wealth arrangements ready money accounts emergency funds on the cuff gravy lettuce treasure house investment emoluments purse wage tidy sum wads reservoir overkill receipts money in the bank reward quota sinking fund indentations treasure ready present wherewithal revenue Inventories helps gift worldly goods on account amenities velvet power swiss bank account stocks the ready well-supplied ability petty cash victuals living harvest filthy lucre effects luxuriance gates wampum quick assets too much financial affairs benefits wherewith ready resources endowment store cache patronage material assets fall-back coinage chicken feed treasury savings mammon tontine coin hand-outs advocacy interests deluges gate way scratch ace in the hole fat deposits stores silver exorbitance mattress full stock Leavings resorts check Qualities bread work capital well-off ways brass foot the bill for pocketbook Extravagantness lairs promote upkeep trust companies worth overmuch trenches enough put up the money for deferred assets overdose pecuniary resource net takes bucks spondulicks basics coffers wells vein abetment megabucks monies method Extravagancy ways and means vaults checking account treasuries pocket investment firm aegis juices source fund emergency fund oversupply Depositories over the counter storehouse financial statement livelihood blue chips stake intangibles command of money valuable in the black change necessary nimiety shekels pride and joy Underwriting estimated expenses drops stock-in-trade notes wad lap of luxury grubstakes provisions affluence ace up sleeve encouragement frozen assets legal tender fluid assets dough tarns nonpareil copiousness find aggregate proceeds hands gold treasures keep refund monetary fund gets occupation almighty dollar investment trust fortune torrents handles group financial support offering total moolah wages prosperity teemingness supplies holders fallback mine Endowments openings roll goods greenback pork barrel money management bottom dollar Medicaid Funds largesse trust hiding places KOHA bounty jewels life savings cash reserves stakes ASSESSED VALUATION currency richness equipment matching funds consolidate drop-offs oriels net assets clover jackpot Geniuses bills financial assistance gain jewel excessiveness finance generosities Currencies fiscal estimate lavishness trusts Ditches investment company Coins pay for moola banknotes recourses float exaggeration mazumah accounts receivable overweight nutriment endow embrasures foundation flush bundle existence yields solvent valuables adherence yield Beans tables extravagance net worth nets Investments exchequer account money supply revenues relief Grants raw materials lucre needful current assets job supply dollar bill excess liquidity kitties tenner holes reserve mazuma bankroll rainy day fund Dibs DENS waste Varieties Boodle federal reserve note mattress balance sheet effusiveness allowance accompaniment inundation hard cash inheritances Opportunities financial plan stuff money ackers support wonga Quantities mean necessary means loan account lushness Guarantees embarrassment finance department money for a rainy day fulsomeness capacity grubstake pelf bill top dollar property mad money mode treasure-trove substance share kitty income stocks and shares nut heaps bank account dollars bank take pecuniary resources aid living wage Resources MINES kale lot hollows Chips pool collateral luxury abundance apple of eye darling quantum allocation Incomes reserve fund bulk collection backing pile tangibles


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