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What is another word for freckle?

Below is the list of synonyms for freckle. Here you can see the other names for freckle.


transitive noun

coloring imprint bar hickey wrinkled rubicund epidermis mark out splash blaze streak jaundiced strawberry mark make a mark bulla hatch puncture blaze a trail gash iris swarthy chalk up veined purple stipple tessellate maculation bespot albino marking bespeckle bleb drain harlequin welt goosebumps splatter crevice spot track warp polychromize pale stain pallor tattoo pimple patch scotch define flake dappledness point Flyspeck flushed dappleness wart pointillism line engraving defect punctuate lined hack mottledness coloured percutaneous underline needle scar dermatome follicle sallow blackhead birthmark tegument speckliness catch dot polychrome black white sprinkle beauty spot wrinkle marble blanch mole polka dot vesicle sunbed split non-white pointillage ray riddle tanning bed tittle tattoo mark blotch pallid dermis marbleize colouring watermark Spottedness fair blemish half-caste rift disfiguration gooseflesh scratch comedo wizened scar subcutaneous sty mark off dapple cicatrize notch craze kink scarify chalk stud spatter check off florid stigmatize Scarification wen seal checkmark ashen dash whitehead discoloration motley trace stripe skin graft craggy Stippling pit seam pockmark port-wine stain sunbathe prick verruca flush yellow rainbow pigment skin wale cutis Freckle-faced jot pasty-faced colour Graving crater deformity vein freckliness milium impress seamed lentigo keloid dottedness ghastly check port-wine mark cicatrix hemangioma bespangle cutaneous score pock tick pore delimit sunbath macule fleck stigma demarcate nevus suntan spangle striate maculate Spottiness fresh caste mark stippledness checker bag deformation scab blister band tick off pasty pustule nick speck crimson pepper sunburned mark splotch stamp pencil underscore blot wheat complexion brand variegate print sebaceous cyst tat wan ink cut scratching twist tattooist tan speckle pigmentation waxen flaw distortion defacement mottle complexion engrave subcutanea discolor bloodless fault punch weal bronzed macula crack flick disfigurement earmark sun


More Freckle Synonyms

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