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What is another word for fracture?

Below is the list of synonyms for fracture. Here you can see the other names for fracture.



transitive noun

gingivitis pause flash burn abrade ditch cleft capillary fracture ill convulse shock raise a smile simple fracture affront pull discomfiture busted flare up Crazing gratify mouth breach crumble breakdown caesura withdrawal fault depressed fracture crash fissure hoop check broke stab third-degree burn relax stop fault trace eruct fray extravasate finish off canyon central giant cell granuloma ruptured ossify wow crevice laugh hurt trash exhaust notch interfered with partition powder gaps to destroy joint flaw dislocation please muddy the waters loosen up muddle loop bust up evil gladden intermission mess up beguile gully Fritz stick excavation disrupt destroy haemorrhage RSI offend wounds immedicable scorch void open gap rot grin Craniosynostosis split kink break out ossification entertain cranny herniated disc blight panic shatter rift opportunity gush forth dell draw divorce blow apart snapping rest misunderstanding Unlink whoop schism ruin liquor lay waste inglenook wrack-up pang keyhole aqueous material wallop concussion feast interstice wrest vomit atomize lesion cut pile up rheumatism variance chasm inclined fault Rupturing chondrosarcoma valley dissension discontinue start gape knot disintegrate savage osteomyelitis damage vent inebriant defect occasion strain with sound be in stitches interfere with giving way expressing amusement donga Mammock intrude hernia toss a party Couloir mix up gout holed Stab Wound defile fragmentalize harborage cwm aqua vitae disagreement go off withstand Spina Bifida compound fracture lumbago gall melted material divert abyss temporomandibular joint disorder jet estrangement to bust pop come unstuck ply slit fall to pieces apse loss disable mutilate give way gash chip discharge giggle lay in ruins to knock down Disintegrating fault trend pierce ring embrasure box canyon tennis elbow prick chafe cleave severance mill hairline fracture liquid wink at catch pound go overturn closed fracture pocket fragmentation collapse noose root canal nest splitting wadi break open crackle peephole bloody antrum blow up pockmark slay agitate mangle enliven ravine splinter cracking bursting incision divide break down rut buck teeth rheumatoid arthritis lair Interspace nullah destruct Chordoma interruption titillate comminuted fracture dash to split turning point smash pit exploded sever hollow roll in the aisles smash into smithereens incomplete fracture break off cleavage tickle solace grab herniation bark twinge abuse Dentigerous Cyst fall to bits grain precipice sprain delight discord Pash digiti quinti varus tear fracture one exhilarate put away latticework impairment break into pieces traduce whorl crack chink laughs window slice give divergence come apart shattering explode interest unyoke cut apart insult Faulting fatigue fracture puncture impacted fracture fractured space groove neglect falling-out halt rent asunder trigger finger torpedo run shift MORTAL WOUND moat iron in the fire Grained arthritic displaced fracture part lull rupture scrape excitability nook motor response interlude complete fracture put outrage openwork scald floating craze coma mushroom watershed eradicate gulch hoot opener dike scotch fly open retreat to break bunion wink graining let go opening breaking trick interval rent have a get-together division separate tartar wound fly apart rimation tunnel regale perforation laceration upset the apple cart give forth happiness fragment exfoliate bust scar claw give a party fall apart twist outlet aperture splintering aqua osteoporosis washbowl misery erupt knock dead incise holes Trashed impacted plaque oriel washbasin kablooey tatter wreath Ouch chimney get out of order loophole affliction niche injustice misuse give away abrasion torn apart obstruct rend asunder fragmentize pulverize refresh womb smash to smithereens respite Arthrosis flame up Repetitive Strain Injury nick ventilator indignity lacuna lacerate gulf open fracture fault line crevasse volatile substance crush hiatus chap have hysterics breakup scissure sunder faction hovel maim discontinuity seam distress lattice teeth grinding mutilation appear mischief finished off transgress injury Kerf Eyehole frazzle backache tatters break skin bruxism disturb separation look in osteoarthritis difference col second-degree burn pervert maul occupy implode torpedoed guffaw rickets recreate burst orifice inconsistency VUG blast slot rima Injuries demolish dislocate spring a leak disparity Coulee alienation snap total housemaid's knee fragments wrong kill rime rush wrench toothache geological fault harm nurture tear apart make hash of exploding to crumble passage detonate cracks gorge hold libel trauma make laugh howl arroyo abysm violate agony hard stuff in the running injure stress fracture letting go infringe Fracturing motility innervation furrow displacement wrack up wreckage hiding place interfering with mull caries compression fracture gush heat up fail break up fold blaze rend uncouple refracture upset pull to pieces break apart slash parting of the ways trench availability kick in hurl wreck titter gap-toothed overpass myelomeningocele breakage to crack blemish Kloof roar perforate parting strike-slip fault grievance hole unsettle break-up Clough rheumatology foramen landmark impair overlook growing pains make mincemeat of amuse cavity cleuch scratch make roll in the aisles burn flume sore overthrow guffawing traumatize annihilate thunder scale to snap knock down turning-point arthritis shiver recess leak excited scuff vacuity disjunction backfire infraction pass rip molder laugh it up gas make smile muck up raise a laugh carpal tunnel syndrome busting party broken bone slipped disc batter emit rubbish Laughed fret eyelet disruption hemorrhage rive HIT


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