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What is another word for founder?

Below is the list of synonyms for founder. Here you can see the other names for founder.



transitive noun

fail raiser prime mover overseer journeyman directorate be felled magnate father cofounder waterlogged float sway submerge ducking lapse beginner turn turtle creator vice president bell founder initiator bite the dust master sag guvnor give ride burst go off patriarch keel over slouch sink like lead rubor Sank industrialist go down past master executrix plop down silent partner topple foreman sprawl be poleaxed come to grief partner senior suffer a misfortune slump cave flump down apprentice grower Institutor inflammation go to the bottom floatation generator plop managing director lurch go downhill break manager Realizer goliath stagger maker Inaugurator droop shaper foundress builder md management consultant architect hierarchy redness resurface slump down sink headship begetter bail artist come unstuck flump administration press baron Establisher board wright secretary curator stumble go down like a lead balloon collapse scuttle buoyant give way turn over break down governance swag conceiver mother go capsize trip deviser overturn miscarry head be destroyed instigator gangmaster totter executive superintendent be stricken organizer be staggered be lost sunken founding father general boss inventor gaffer precursor upset higher-up somersault right have a mishap settle manufacturer laminitis set unsinkable chief executive officer go under ground layer lower fall through management buoy falter mastermind majordomo buckle go wrong skilled workman comptroller upset the boat run aground die implode top brass go lame Overset topple over fall flat fall by the wayside give up slave driver benefactor chief executive flotation pitchpole colonizer drown employer subside framer skilled worker trained worker coloniser supervisor slide down smith producer president ancestors engenderer sink down fall in master craftsman manageress settle down planner discoverer craftsman run progenitor directorship abandon sleeping partner fall come to nothing refloat designer scupper submerse originator governor slip misfire flop line manager second-in-command coordinator decline cave in be clobbered taskmaster flop down constructor author sire plump crumple effector engineer topple down captain of industry director general go belly-up ceo come to naught middle management keel change artificer executor director Introducer abort


More Founder Synonyms

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