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What is another word for fold?

Below is the list of synonyms for fold. Here you can see the other names for fold.



layer chancel coop flutings mosque faithful top pleat rabbet lobe copings smother furrow volute birthmark liquidate roll churchgoer churchwoman shirring farmyard Ruche churchman recover whitecaps hangings cornucopia bury tippets Obscuration Rivel crow foot fluting crease laminations chines patios queue flexure fail plication congregation give way excurvation upland ply churchgoers flap flock close down cage moraine crow's foot ruck bow volutes rundle epidermis crimp flash mobbing archdiocese order wind up lamination cusp Hogback moraines rumple sheep pen sheepcote go under sheepfold go out of business yard horns collapse brethren gutter resist fabrics submit organization fiber Chantries tippet bust crowfoot flection Cartouches barnyard come down parishioner panel pasture crow's-foot turn up overlap field cuticle fall down pellicle folding lapel horn ripple plica laywoman trundles material Plicature shut down corral crown fold gauzes dog's ear capitulate lap ruffle assembly club topple break subside gather buckle Support Group crash cloth ridge cover freckle Sacellum money beauty spot uplands tuck minster kraal cockle pucker fall in fabric plait Esker corrugation beauty mark closure follicle pen commission ruckle crack-up Pendulosity turn close film pendant church crowsfoot communicant Infold unfurl yield circumvolution sheet snap parishioners enclosure police crumple penitentiary smocking lapels textile convolution minsters chancels association lawn fold up explosion ripplings multiple cartouche knife-edge convexity Cornucopias succumb mission flash mob mistiness archdioceses pendants sisters coat chantry bend house of prayer bethel wrap parish insulate cave in gathering yarn haziness Convexities obscurations wrinkle loop blanket flesh rabbets chine groove cut trundle paddock tumble gauze pinfold layman crinkle whitecap Rimple pen up dermis chicken run surrender

transitive noun

courtyard floor-length padded start-up VUG turn up pale lock up shut up charter corrugation cave well worn aliquot go to pot foreclose dress ruckle fivefold nonordained persons bust thirtyfold unbecoming hatchery structure cos preppy furl flute coop branch common denominator corral latch black tie organic growth round leaf pocket plica constrict not make it enclosure dependent variable layer lose out tuck ground sleek seal off close up factoring Twentyfold twofold embrace wrap dying zap sheep pen court root go under bootcut film tweedy put paid to multiple incorporate coat polynomial lose faithful liquidate bolt slam contain knitted puncture M, m granny seculars lace nesting box get through with ridge stonewashed close down open-necked double thickness folding draw yourself up crater kink close crumpled GCF disk yard polish off sit light lock out clap duodecimal run safety glass fasten resultant delete ill-fitting button enfold Plunging lamella list strappy squeeze shut paling finalize hug restrain doghouse eightfold go see-through skin outmoded plating plait stabling outsize hundredfold perch creased enclose laity feuille pinstripe iron remainder cup integrate fully fashioned interlace shoot down plicate confine button up modesty sheet exponent zipper Funnel Chest get left sty venture half-size tenfold pucker fail crinkle strapless enclave Clingy pinch water-repellent change flatten complete Laymen integer fourfold receiver two-tone fiftyfold retire ruck basin wraparound composite number found change surface clasp ready-to-wear pigpen stall start (sth) up give way middle squeeze churchgoers close-fitting draw cowshed theater voluminous pen up foldaway hang even key raglan sink bag sheepfold sandpaper off-the-peg swamp common factor weatherproof sporty flared crush cross complex number give the quietus scantily preshrunk rub washable game-changing fold over closure millionfold bodily structure plication batten seventyfold irrational number concavity lap -necked scrunch straighten straighten up animal group buy double figure end off real number positive drop a bomb tight scrunch up hole fan wafer brief turn flop go belly-up people Rimple kayo drape Chapter 11 sanctuary peel implode lay an egg sell out tablet twine file quadrangle scoop seal cut sheep brethren flouncy go broke twill fit bespoke shut stabilizer scrag pleating kill foundation Collop ko kennel fortyfold bowl shell axe strangle bootleg entwine quill ruched slimming birdhouse full-fashioned armpit change of shape zip up hollow interfold white-tie go by the board ruff arena tailor-made wrap up set ply petite v-neck scum snap collapse table average wind 1 padlock hold drip-dry concave bosom reciprocal cage plat antrum park baggy sequin wall one-size-fits-all envelop rational number flotation imaginary number covering odd break base whiff wrinkled take the count flap recurring number knee-length additive inverse crash congregation go into receivership sleeveless pen bend drop the curtain laminated wood shakeout spin enwrap expunge start complex body part cover flock sell geological process stagnant Ribbed field turn over snug cave in contract wasp-waisted ruck (sth) up bar belly twirl bankrupt curtilage S, s barricade stable crap out warm branch out dip dispose of threefold coating anatomical structure shingle elevenfold exponential veneer tassel Rivel liquidator administration knife-edge tailored turnaround intertwine fall in fly-by-night adjourn close (sth) down plywood trimmed flattering assembly crumple sinus casual shut down Slinky knock out go under fire sale establish sixtyfold patina corrugate batten down plank Embosom prosper geologic process press dog-ear flexure society game changer withdraw hive laminated glass lamina crease lap over plumb crisp Fitted roll pigsty dressy do up secure under unflattering kibosh go bankrupt reversible growing pains ruffle class square root aviary common multiple pane sharp sand crimp alveolus double over drop the ball Submultiple container cancel social group go to the wall twelvefold elasticized easy-care slice wrinkle clip flounce hutch parish pumice stone official receiver occlude body structure waisted get it over scoop-neck gather lowest common denominator sheepcote panel perfect socket fishbowl negative elasticated go bust dandified Entrepreneurship establishment bunch bang beehive hollow shell pellicle denomination folded portion backless furrow shut (sth) down punch bowl not hack it crypt quilted membrane Infold foil nonclerics eightyfold factor slab angular shape flummox roaring bisect square frill half-sleeve aquarium goldfish bowl go to ruin become insolvent turn under slim-fit choke shop sevenfold steady seal up stockyard delimited field depression Minyan calf-length be ruined coarsen ninetyfold call off modest slat finish rumple screw wipe out Thousandfold enlace bankruptcy low slung pit Toft rasher cincture skintight locate extinguish apiary frilly skinny quad deflate ninefold get over with alveolation sharply diversify receivership float moribund angularity wind (sth) down cavity wearable fringed cube root follicle corner shut the door overlap choke off lock pigeon loft seed money bomb go up -sleeved joint venture made-to-measure go down like a lead balloon plate low-cut figure-hugging basket case trough sixfold dovecote twist fish tank pleat lacuna bunch (sth) up deal parishioners draw a blank roughen fold up birdcage strike out weighting


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