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What is another word for fall?

Below is the list of synonyms for fall. Here you can see the other names for fall.



raindrops giving-in incline crackup cataract degringolade burst open dive decay settle come to grief preventive custody decrease bight ebbings death become subside shift suppress sentences undo argue chief rabbi seize raindrop chute glimpse window washer accept byproduct tumble abasement branch bar mitzvah elect weirs comedown waterfall bottom bad job saltations grade nose dive accounting allowance subsidence plummeting withdraw chemistry sinking become infatuated with header keeling-over lay relations pratfall pass confluence road to ruin misplacement give way devolve lacings sensuality abatement channel strike downtick kos disintegrate defeat loss of control boxing midsummer day remit laying hold of croppings set to convert differ come to nothing fall-off articulate British Summer Time falls break into pieces cascade Downthrow failings go wrong try bunk waver apply yourself twilight association harvest-time skid jump humiliation trail penalty lift divide screw-up arm-wrestling autumnal buy hard times gentile topple settlings blanket draw back takings flaw crackups moderate ruin start chanukah dropoff Tunk midsummer relapse ease out snatchings lessen reduction spill dip bayou roughs duckings cave in conquest leaping pry suffocate screamer fancy descend sleets capriole waxings drubbing crumble be attached to false step crash devolution enunciate connection arrest september ill luck trip articulation ebb degradation discharge nightfall abate tend relationship falling off dusk liquid sunshine mismanagement bate downturn advance poll hard luck decompose belly flop shine have a crush on squabble election submergence change into abort last roundup transpire write-down october wet stuff droop diminution fiasco gutter covering pay off fail Recidivation recession collapse open up yielding fall from favor pension off bout shrink mitt bend observe intone heavy dew by election carpet autumn gainings worsen change screamers XS drop back cat-and-dog weather box on the skids free fall flood beating LOWS dairy suspend descent roll/trip/slip off the tongue falling-off daylight-saving time gloaming recoil take risks havoc taking captive invade fall rain not keep up hard time modulate pronunciation go down diction rainfall thud destruction leapfrog bed down the midnight sun boxer lapse retire campaign hunker down turn into considered opinion howlers declension miscarry fire go into disengage sling fall in love with Sybaritism decadence harden rot lay down your life crack something open quaver retreat autumnal equinox besiege be crazy about reconciliation saving rout the Ark of the Covenant saltation desire gluttony gaffs recidivism break up leapfrogs fall off PRECIP swallow right begin hammering faux pas obtainings lag (behind) diversify downward slope run in tie bad period fall through dismiss set about rainstorm spot fall from grace on the rocks killing breathe your last (breath) thrashing dwindle chad fall head over heels in love with slow act indiscreetly subdue subjugate stammer lessening Misbelief crater come/go to pieces Vanquishment Downs sag ease slump capture weir the Fall markdown corner recurrence ingathering go to bits loss error bat mitzvah come down pronounce curl up errors elimination witness cropper depart pull back resignation number's up demise slant force connect skippings non-success cuddle up drown fall short protective custody count out declivity retardation resist the worst deteriorate stumble diverge final thrill lowering thrive crack up Gluttonies see slacken let up waterloo plunge disaster focus season croppers snow header headlong jump harvest time take to slope loss of value dwindling slack off backwater deterioration be taken in by lose your life shatter downgrade Drencher the end founder be deceived by determining guilt stutter alter losings downswing give someone notice cross bicker downslide dissolve commence crushing defeat equinox demolition landing declination deflation hang out monsoons sentence Whaling bathe occupy lowerings disagree spate break come midwinter downfall dangle catch nonsuccess evenfall plummet sin clash diminish falloff conviction rainstorms subjugation get stuck in conquer filter Insuccess massacre play flow come away lose your balance/footing quarrel sink branch off disenfranchise the Bible unfavorable verdict pink slip cutback fell stroke misconception downtrend submersion depreciation bifurcate drop (off) deflations pin vitiation breakdown beauty contest bed return fruitage unfold decline fruition take chances drop risk surrender electioneering november pick out last out howler storm slide carry MITTS swoop cut nose-dive failure be fooled by turn for the worse diagonal direct elections Submersions false move sun shower unscrew leapfrogging hang partnership losses slip precipitate the skids bare-knuckle string annex pratfalls subjugations rotting downslope starve bantamweight harvest bomb rapport monsoon washout sleet licking link lay off capitulation gambade sending up the river revenge unlock winnings fail of success transgression trouncings

transitive noun

brother arroyo resignation spill dip down pendent misfire go about descending trickle dead conceive an affection for about-turn set harvest upheaval sluice brush with slide back consume gout of rain lean chance upriver Scotch mist wipe out advance stationary dive quieten upstream turn over maelstrom role attack event retreat sink interval obligation attenuate Pend depleted fall asleep issue gradient downslope go to the dogs header fall flat foreshorten expiration defer capsize jar lapse recede revere be conquered by nip lighted knock down bite wander injury topple over cascade down inrush have trouble with RAPIDS resort to lessen ebb risk monsoon decrement lowering Linn beck Unfix conk fall apart pitch forward transpire free fall depart midsummer stripped down peg out volley face spat stop breathing depth exit cave in assail rushing hurtle yield the ghost Depravedness keel ensuing constrained melt perish drip stumble swag From spatter gully abase downriver stick upset raindrop mitigate battering drizzle waive quell come down flow kick in support mishap destruction rainwater caveat emptor miss the boat transmute fall away unfrozen hydrometeor come back transform drum trip violate upgrade proceed backsliding inaccuracy be taken lie down revolutionize indiscretion overbalanced disturb be defeated get cracking transmogrify side undoing convulsion notice remodel commute flip-flop cut trip (sb) up dusk refinement immerse up to relapse make an enemy of plunk regard fall again into rainfall error dynamic bow associate with slope knuckles Into untruth pitter-patter accept ill luck depletion yielding vernal canal jounce be met with not succeed bounden duty axe saggy estival downcurve cash in one's chips assuredness crumple charge teakettle reversible precipitation should start Had hero worship noblesse oblige forced landing make vault supposed accrue sun polymorphous failing roll around spate etiolate trip over hour come to pass quieten down grade yard sale apostasy fall transcribe synchronize go downhill gulch belly buster precipice abate founder neglect nab drain quiet down pour down winter Subdual be killed euphrates decimation fall headlong coming down immersion swan dive cant springtime clip moderation base jumping autumnal thud ensue elastic die down empty run (sth) down tackle elapse corrode forelock be taken by flume clock angle not work choke dwindle Knuckled wreckage plummet descent flop Indian Summer using up come apart subversion lumber rappel pigeon sprinkle change of location answer surrender become fond of riverine rout ingathering topple abseil light reconstitute downstream sanitize incontinence contraction change management come out Drabble spread-eagle deteriorate evanesce lose value hand arse call on OUTS tigris obliged defeat waterway seizure job bastardize occur violation debasement give-up the ghost degeneracy deformation swing homage demotion watershed offense sabotage unfavorable verdict patter reinvent lose one's heart (to) loss of tone coincidental culbute thrashing lose the day winnow downgate haircut plummeting misadventure upslope pin freedom become infatuated (with) cross swords with sin weaken fold lift spout lag mark truncate involution ruin accounting allowance whacked change state get moving awe retrograde dip wintertime alternate err moisture pay Deliquesce drop dawdle result overturn fall in with work out lessening break up waste decline admiration Degenerateness hat creek jump hack take spit draw back intervene run low ease up on kick the bucket hit a slump skin-dive depart this life jerk Onto ass storm September Equinox obligatory quit do 1 gainer nightfall bag betide cataract Descension fall dead go to smash fly stuck litter throw original sin recidivate fall down kick off Unlink nemesis running dive white water fading give in rain down halve devolve telescope leak variation degeneration fade Daggle pass flag start out trimming downflow unlax drubbing pratfall idolatry hail induce splatter summertime ball inclination GOTTA shower put stagger spring down lull on the skids bite the dust overflow whittle knuckle under switch reduction difference respect heap editable less miss untwist squeaker capitulate set upon be down submit nod squabble rope down sky dive impression enter loss change letdown downward trend jolt go away take a header happen kowtow downward mobility Headwater atrophy knock fluid eat dirt esteem waning recast go to ruin revert say come to nothing roll down changed jell bend Overcoming fall from grace killing phase decadency ford moderating close call admiring havoc subsidence let up cut prices seasonality concur fail prostration wow beset go down the toilet compress wilt put off mortality beat down cross over could Knuckling avalanche incur commence disagree disappear languish pare shrivel concede go on change hands pass on take the count debacle go out loll tip over floor leave office waste away overbalance be born pedestal decompression arise return downsize wreck commitment flurry overbalancing whipping give in or up ghat mastery burn narrowing employ rush Gloam incline downwards nick retire fluctuate lapse back portfolio take a fall fall back passing shave swoop oblige hill vomit bate jumps plunge fall of man be smitten by be found tip cutback metamorphose disappoint return to climb uncover pounce Bouleversement up sheet of rain approving compulsory reverse plump parachutist crepuscule modulate quiver redefine break down downhill nail place malleable go down responsible descend honorific begin mist lunge wallah know ticker tape preserve wear away impairment knock-down Nappe money-off gravitation oversight enfeeblement sin of adam abatement wet halliard salute falling off pass away locomote assault not care come into conflict with falling use depreciate ousting degenerate abasement admire sky-dive go to pieces meet with disaster impose parachute fall in love become attached to eat crow work come up transgress follow subjugation reconstruct pass off shine waterloo recession time of year Draggle have enough falloff slim ease off Watershoot take place hand over incidence meet comedown be a casualty ablate hew abyss quarrel take a pratfall say uncle bind decay regress sidle rearrange sleet step indispose slither fall equinox nosedive dismount eat humble pie junker set about differ fall to fall in price lose altitude dive slide melt away intemperance fall over glory recur alternation string licking transgression wear respectfully incharge reduce pelt decease veer overwhelm trouncing riverbed capitulation be found wanting snuff it fall in versatile trim make use of remit fell go together remission knock over rain tadpoles vanish tail off touch bottom dent jump down stoop slippage part respectful saint martin's summer reshuffle run fall for backslide bound come to naught unwind dispute condense progress come round stead materialize mess up take a fancy to autumn go forth cease accident unabating come a cropper belly whopper decimate goalpost go out of office submission alleviate deferential be eaten away pendant reverent dwindling entrust pounce upon fallen twilight thrust saddle not make the grade hang down jailing Insuccess fizzle out seasonally weep regression slant have a relapse shelve vacation Meta- scale take on turn up degradation fall through yield knockdown lower get off imprisonment yield to temptation tailspin Naff wayside Retrocession take a spill slump churn evening mist cannonball downtrend coincide mississippi harvest home end consume away blood rain deaden disintegrate downrush arrive withdraw slash preceding lurch deference drape ending go head over heels change posture Lathering embarrassment deify take a flop buy the farm bayou fall off mutate department sway labile heel decrescendo climb down occupation victory list pounce on crumble up and die strip insolvency domesticate roll temper waterfall deterioration domain yaw go off inflow fall prostrate full brook prune unsettled decrease emerge compression accountable nose-dived crop up reverential decadence buckle failure of nerve shatter have mercy Slung failure falls get under way crash dive swoop down trail downgrade vitiation taper drop off death order misdeed intake chop get down underrate skid sit changing go through the floor pervert bang downbend nose dive yielding to temptation run down Downcome transitional trans kill stream junking chute mark down gorge rain offend be defeated by fluvial incline rat time of day think worsening mollify fall of adam suspend move tattoo distil leap put down recognition leave shoulder barrage headlong baby clash tank jackknife taper off rundown keep be slain keel over be realized diminuendo Depravation offence buck judgment fragment get worshipful resign uprise pass over undermine sound for devaluate wane halyard befall fulsome falter effeteness play vary compactor impress flow back due favourable devil travel get a cropper prolapse sinning move on own correct conquest arrest undervalue want nose-dive go along with necrosis nibble convert return to dust knuckle dropping Recidivation ooze gravitate hang upside down settle underway weakening the Thames topple down turn out rebrand mizzle go astray moderate expire present itself boil (sth) down unite fall behind constraint go wrong qualify boil Subduing split up fiefdom land come about depreciation tail hole erode declension duty go under reach the depths Retrogradation Defluxion alight Deathblow fall to pieces play out lookout trough vitiate capture verdict influx break eclipse chignon mellow out appear decline and fall unhorse give way lay an egg spring fever give up niagara undertake answerable succeed die away Upspring unsettle on the rocks opportunity harvest time relinquish river slip back be destroyed follow on depend fall short deflation occasion close wipeout cease to live HIT be not come off narrow lose out precipitate hallow strike turn kiss goodbye recur to season halt evaporate hanging fall (for) absorb crumble to dust catabasis omission drag downpour trend downward pass into enemy hands shrink have recourse to introduce summer inflowing attendant open minimize declivity downfall peter out concomitant on fall out downswing narrow down afterglow please ascent liable give venerate hit the skids whacking parachute jump cease to be distinguished trespass reverence honour lop output set out recidivism present push damp thump upsurge have pity gloaming crop be unsuccessful go ahead not have blunder declination flounder go up revert to whisk anticlimax misty rain walk Recurring ruination unlock force asynchronous billabong pendulous lambasting evenfall crash bump hot admit diminution responsibility retrogress owe croak subside investment extinction cropper humiliation swallow turn turtle grow less have taking hap go headlong usually death quit this world afoot sink back shake lie deceleration shake out venture crepuscle Sault be precipitated miniaturize go uphill realize accrued slowdown power dive give in to relent seasonal count on tie change magnitude diminish conquering cross sync hatch switchover mantle wither nadir sag come true sinking egress go hunch careen let deserve juggle Vanquishment new reformed over succumb to juncture torrent step down eventuate glorify befriend hit the dirt yield to landslide dangle Misplacing nonsuccess jump head first misbehave cascade vanishingly rage hit bottom drop away downturn breakdown slip obeisance snow bring glide miscarry attend separate flap awestruck drop down hiding social contract massacre pop off drop dead watercourse false hair knocking down retrogression jew down hit rock bottom ease sprawl verge call upon plop R, r become lower fall stillborn buy it acquiescence rivulet lick the dust unseat bring down belly flop transfigure knock off Stan pour with rain new broom falling-off Whitewater meet one's end autumnal equinox become smash slacken convertible unfit vim purview jiggle dying jog quietus deflate wrangle incarceration wax misstep tone explode come forth abort dignify unfasten oust obey triumph distill hollow beating pour collapse cheapen nod to its fall shower down bank Mislaying deplete unseating tumble ought to alter demise kos undershoot sling liability dangly Obtaining need obtain look the onus yield again to postdate devolution die spread be lost become enamoured of grow totter rotation join derogation come lionize quiet annihilation contract modify nap wrongdoing idolize thin millstone veto worsen droop be overthrown go to pot miniaturization earnestness succumb

noun, verb


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