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What is another word for fake?

Below is the list of synonyms for fake. Here you can see the other names for fake.


adjective, adverb


dodgers subterfuge falseness take-off travesty blow off pix re-enactment fraudulence slickers suppositious mousetrap braggadocio false trickster affectation cover up humbug shady deal backslider fakery duplicate hoaxers sham* beguilers CONMAN stance sham counterscript pantomime sophist chip off old block jazz cook play actor apery sweet talk dirty dealing sitting duck pretense Mirroring Xray insincere deceptiveness chasers Imitating duplications Conniver forger lure charade mimeographs spoof SLIES Artifacts double cross dirty trick bluffer supposititious horse trader get your hands dirty bluff bamboozlement look-alike shill unreality false colors perjury imposture transcriptions hypothetical brown-nose pseudo grandiosity mock attack slicks run around fast shuffle Cunningness ripoff quack re-creations flimflam cartoon faker lie misrepresent transcript REPRO window-dressing mousetraps falsification pompousness Pharisees insinuate yourself (into something) pic shuck and jive Knaveries tall story lip server put-on SHARPS chicanes victimization counterfeit sendup trick bon mot bit* reprintings masquerader ripoff artist hypocrite pinchbeck bragging Sharks stunt Hocuspocus wangle knockoff carrot simulation be caught with your hand in the cookie jar shark recurrence crooked deal forge chiseler reciprocals hoaxer criminal spitting image snow* simulated dissimilation tartuffe imitative Seducement flimflammer charlatan offprints backsliders offprint junque wheeler dealer phoniness dupery magnets posturings showiness fourberie play out shammer con artist scammers PICS imposter misrepresentation parody wolf in sheep's clothing smoothie chaser tease false front comeon frame-ups deception Dissimulator imposition rip-off artist Juke shammers simulator fudge Paralleling ruse phoney fourflusher gimmick clever move pretext Carrots falsify narks satire chameleon feint actor mimeograph nark imposters lookalike show Spawning reenactments transcription impostor front masqueraders shows co-ordinate Inveiglement imaginary bogus farce reproduction pharisee hoax kicker fabrication bravado stall sharper mountebank simulators deceit stab in back evasion made-up Co-ordinates confidence operator pseud takeoff politician performance distortion beguiler phonies fraud keep up plant* pantomimes two-face pettifogger take-offs bluster dissembler Germinations tracing forgery skin game coinings role player uncandidness hoser pretender bull scam scammer empiric playactor manipulate mockers phony counterfeiter facade flim-flam va con man fake disingenuous vas infidelity spurious Double dealing replica grandioseness liar cheat Double dealer sell double-dealer Defrauder casuist exaggeration swindle fast one smoothies unreal magnet simulate coverup Barratry look alike Pharisaism burlesque fairy story drawing card scorner Quacksalver germination bluffers hollow sugary matchings hosers falsity imitation dissemblers decoy posture unrealities sleight feigning treachery treacherousness victimizer act Positure reprinting artifact echoings casuists jiving impersonator Sweeteners sweetener re-creation send-up four-flusher postiche figment lampoon dodger ensnarement delusion chicane hustle knavery attitude play along pose hypocriticalness pretension crook invention Reenactment caricature duplication mimesis frame-up Attitudinizer two-timer photocopy sharp practice copy deceiver device false show workalike shills hypocrisy soft soap pack double-dealing fixer sophists faux falsifications siren song gold brick artificial Hanky Panky flimsies Aperies

transitive noun

fabricate equivocate poser unconvincing imposture varnish feigned likeness stilted impersonate knockoff confidence trickster picture gyp winging it automatic junky assume homogeneous mirror model wolf farce questionable unsound bilk gloss over clinquant cook look-alike look change make malingerer unreliable notional massage come relief wile jamming play not kosher manufacture sham gull near impersonation imagined echoing tamper with keep Overdrawn hug oneself rigged hollow man virtual reality Hocuspocus deceive ad-lib visionary chisel pose crook copy Affecter vague delusory act as if ruin lead on epitomize vapor reproduce trickster Saltimbanco shoddy hypocrite artificial flimflam ostensible phony factitious toy role paste fraud tentative gerrymander reserves double-dealing smacking of warped pretender Ectype Counterfeiting utility player beat play possum potemkin village wrong unreality gloss graft off the cuff vice-regent malinger plagiarize simulated elaborate gnarl gammon act like fakement fool warp new shark front bluffer hogwash null and void copied personnel lay it on thick piracy ad lib labored con artist fraudulent owning up affectation knock off deputy bootleg slicker insincere offhand victimization jocular victimisation exaggerated opening up burlesque colored artifice obfuscate blind equivalent nebulous man of straw vicious pinch manufactured caricature certified copy act embellished hokey hoodwinking tinsel make out Mannerist victimizer vacillating gloat quackery engross virtual decoy wannabe spurious bait Quacksalver wrench overdone double-dealer originate pervert ghostwriter cheap Mimicked whip up wear cheaters unfounded travesty invented Histrionize illegitimate do a bit veil make as if hornswoggle novelize role play base imaginary alternate horse trader not real coin takeoff phoney kitsch throw off symbol raw framed gambit play-acting enticement hedge ringer charlatan supplanter overdraw scammer print throw together look like lash up cry faker Falsified playactor imitate illusory third string icon token quasi- lift garbled ripoff imposition betrayal xerox uncertain obtain mountebank pretence rogue play by ear hallucinatory impostor enact impersonator Vamped hoke up loophole lip server put on favoring unfaithful gold brick doctor invalid vaporing mimic Juggled lie va rip-off following photocopy four-flush juggle nonfunctioning unfair Flam device dud lampoon substitute unscrupulous wriggle similitude facsimile jam Titivated wing fudge brummagem fiction aspire to locum tenens beguiling posture delude misrepresentation purport resemblance portrait jury-rig specious pseudo re-create improvise ostentatious similar pinch hitter ape adulterate tricky on impulse trick window-dressing twist faux nearly reproduced trump up alternative like sub dummy hijack metonymy contrive agent believe uniform with gizmo wangle mock own up embroidered tamper double bluff vile perverted ditto undercover reserve fraudster plagiarized soi-disant reflect lookalike mockery would-be gadget temporary trashy made-up alike obverse unethical Resembling dupe con man dramatize false gasconade dash off assuming underhand kit outwit proxy beguile cover up avowed go through the motions of quip racketeer talk through one's hat bull sophisticate forgery noxious shammer mistaken unoriginal ridicule guise theatrical Engineered obscure apparent sell represent impure wiggle fabricated representative tin overstate affected know-all Enticer oblique satire whited sepulcher jugglery gouge blagueur reproduction unsure masquerade needle take advantage of erroneous ersatz scrap the plan pinchbeck ensnare joke misleading succedaneum winged junk manipulate borrow wear pretense hustle victimise confidence man replica trumped-up ungenuine representation not genuine off-the-cuff bogus pass ghost linden adopt faked Whomp Up unprincipled simulate trace secondary live jazz equal tug the heartstrings romantic exterior game vanity claim make out like dissemble forced hocus-pocus know-it-all Pasticcio untrustworthy unfaithfulness makeshift salt play a part mannered rig cosmetic outrage think up buffalo veneer masquerader janus-faced engineer not unlike hook Tampered fictive line embody man-made replication metaphor nominal germination echo hanky-panky imposter bunco artist jive DO illusive apocryphal vice-president make-believe replicate hoser untrue REPRO exchange devise make believe concoct vicarious something like gimmick workalike pirate put on an act Substituent guile second string forged go like chorus let on mislead underhanded victimize corrupt glory tale Juke error clone vouch comparison overact play a scene subterfuge alter superseder embellish invention Colorable frame-up lime hypocriticalness not existing in nature double-cross loaf resemble vapour put-up job make a show of junque hypocritical fair copy talk big work feign not true hatch laying it on thick null deceiver surrogate con to pretend inauthentic play-act humbug forge exult juggling undependable worthless next best thing deception plastic faithful copy fallacious false modesty replacement imitation Counterfeited hoodwink lip-synch vicar so-called quackster Imitated bluff belie pretended utility valueless twisted coy invent stand-in engrave lure untruthful repeat sign cozen variable act out Aped show role player diversion emulate SPARES image fantasize provisional bullshit deceit cook up racket simulacrum mock-up shell game tampered with Hoaxing hidden liar name dropper joker jazzy dissembling performer kicker changeling fake book jazzed dissembler off the mark misrepresent mask nonexistent lime-tree meretricious Inveigler uncandidness not tell the truth untruth embroider window dressing limn distorted Non-existent wisecrack hoke offprint worm pseud Bluffing toss off grandioseness suggestive of dissimulate sharper give appearance of evasion exaggerate wind unauthentic lay on thick bluster jockey to cook pack motion quack own do like go back on sting hollow writhe dishonest toss out jest put ruse paper tiger phoney or phony not frank cheat put-on wavering snide water not legit feint transcription stack knavery semblance synecdoche reduplication wing it attitude self-styled quasi dodge knave queer unnatural counterfeit understudy unreal double put on airs deceitful attitudinize left-handed let on like take in make a pretense hypocrisy swindle supposititious garble kitschy not candid sleight lying jeer disguise not found in nature do offhand bamboozle imitator bamboozlement strained make up vulnerable duplicate simulation stratagem jerrymander imitative grandiosity la-di-da backhanded knock socks off Concocted vitiate hoax pretend treacherous dressed up suppositious hollywood improvised vulgar reecho unprofessional assumed make like bum bravado trickery opus parody lies mendacious straw man knock-off Improvisate hyped up not trustworthy wangling widget fictitious run around crocodile tears allege Defrauder identical actor Recreancy on-the-spot grandstand evade cheater x-ray inferior analogy two-faced impose upon on the spot bunco swindler kid fill-in ostentation off spoof not binding distort plant load charade prevaricate falsification fabrication extemporize adulterated poseur bad erroneousness backup professed nark modify substitution fourflusher falsify reduplicate synthetic knot contrived ambiguous bastard mock up hide act a part entrap postiche quacks deceptive grift open up playact delusive trumped up pseudo- affect vas crib beat out of evasive pastiche weak carbon copy inorganic beguiler unstable vainglory hoaxer stopgap scam jived retouch strike off jape unspontaneous wily give the appearance of look alike infiltrator profess pretentious jiving consimilar jeer at vamp whitewash


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