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What is another word for equalize?

Below is the list of synonyms for equalize. Here you can see the other names for equalize.


approximate amount to equalise match steady level regularize bear/stand comparison (with) aggregate equal even up adjust have something in common (with something) coincide same square chalk something up counterbalance balance accord with all stabilize deadlock order bury concede attack cushion democratize get even establish equilibrium assist even bring to a common level equate parallel make even make uniform standardize

transitive noun

answer devastate preserve consider pay tack on redress make amends heap sweeten the pot proportionate hand out swing for debase guard ease allow for achieve finish cancel out dub foot the bill take vengeance draw parallel meet reach coincide fork over homologize recoup get into lubricate issue come out HIT provide rack up invest equalise fill up load up match up approach recompense estimate total up to square with setting off parallel interface lay low remunerate even up the score knock over counteract even the score link align harmonize handicap fatten out tally with secure overcompensate drag throw away network with outfit lay flat ante up sync paid for lump overlap discard countervail homogenise invalidate supply take care of levels wash out satisfy indemnify flatline even off mow establish partake of matches match amount to enumerate compensate for line up true steamroll dress even up firm up keeping pace expiate account comprise stereotype alleviate requite correct proportion emulate order knock down laid low COMP negative communize disburse harmonise spring for lavish set hooked up knocking down bring near square make for fasten integrate set right draw together heel Planish making ready finish off firming put out make up for homologous series come to keep pace with lay make the score level lay down Stabilitate unite bolt return pay back be in the same class as prepare buttress Homologate score rectify tailor dissipate plane standardise cancelled out atone break even make uniform factoring laid-low cough up prop damp bulldoze go back on word homologise plaster readjust frustrate adapt adjust tear down fell make good Levelling mobilize blotting out maintain flatten resemble tie in with neutralize be identical join with key to paragon comport level the score do business for fix stabilise develop into make ready retaliate line be commensurate Commeasure be on a par with liken Leveled ground regularize deck pack a rod passing give tit for tat liquidate retrieve aline make consistent outweigh dab compensate rival offed attune have good vibes array flush interfacing lay level grow live up to freeze homologous repay x out tally partaking of set off press flat equipoised treat level out dispense raze charge Accounted uniform Equaling give satisfaction reconcile redeem tote neutralise uniformed appoint steamroller brace reimburse represent counterpoise coordinate Trashed tune in on smooth out be punished for counterbalance make plumb regard keep pace collate firming up x-out average out make even be equivalent stabilize weigh drop dial back become constant socialize deplete justify nullify Emblematize pairing off hoard incorporate strengthen prime notice similarities wipe slate clean touch homogenize key increase do business matched adjust to vindicate make equal company agree use Planed firm correspond furnish depress counterpose neutralised Levelled ballast democratise systematize Ballasted settle hook up roll flat symmetrize fit total gear firmed associate rise to hooked on protect turn over new leaf cancel Equated turn around democratize matching mirror having good vibes wreck making for up gird assimilate ignore downed accouter balances heap up consist of audit pay for balance out reward hold office tune finished off Equaled regulate tip the scales equipoise press measure gain hold balance books undo flatten out support measure up harrow assimilate to make flat neutralized knocked over make amends for lay out be tantamount donate put in tune balance join up with uphold atone for make level fill average leveling level up draw level negate rank with surface offsetting hook on steady fortify even out equalizer make the same discharge uniformize figure smooth tie get even outlay rase use up floor oil overthrow weigh against another allowing for run abreast experience no loss lug iron drain in arm put right come up to ballpark strike a balance deflate void standardize true up ruin rig buy for distinguish between load defray accord be equal to pull down recover bring into line ossify right make comparable synchronize pair evening out getting even turn things around modify constancy washed out compare similarize tied in Downs normalize change answer for even vacate counterpoised equal annul hold a candle to trample stiffen amend alter Similize declare invalid smooth down waste grade smoothen fork up accommodate level blotted out relate two make heel up make equivalent come out even correspond with torpedo heap together roll correspond to oppose iron out fork out be level down to set off tie with equating Evened equilibrate straighten offset equate grease tag on bring down propitiate pancake trim to equals even (sth) out hitch on making good draw take the rap even something up offing gear to pair off equilibrize shave give tie in level off fritter become stable poise trim made good sustain cut to pack balancing Equiponderate reciprocate gather be agent for


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