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What is another word for entanglement?

Below is the list of synonyms for entanglement. Here you can see the other names for entanglement.


torsion stake plug tough nut to crack helix blockage delay impediment sexual relationship outside of marriage hard nut to crack affair screw-up rebus Rebuses braintwister implication maze block knock-down-drag-out involvement affair of the heart hypothesis multi-national resistance constraint Tissues inter-connections cross-roads head ache multinational embroilment tough proposition pitfall jumble crimp windings tangle concern twist mesh stoppage romantic affairs affaire de coeur relation envelopment flack Frizzes imbroglio trap constipation lawlessness stumpers stop wefts webbing handicap triangle miff hot potato damper burden riotings composition opposition predicament messes splice mattings entrapment drawback embranglement stay hindrance reticulation gnarls tie-up obstacles tissue quagmire knotty question crisis part frustration statics entanglement dog's breakfast romantic affair deterrent weft teaser topsyturviness multinationals urgency bickerings laceworks bafflement barrier brake intrigue intrusion snag stress Intricateness disadvantage sixty-four dollar question predicaments embodiment morass quandary Ligaments mob rule illicit romance forbidden love Helixes meshwork big trouble exclusion mind-boggler blockade choke woofs complex elaboration membership amour partnership flacks liaison ensnarement clog topsy-turviness impasse obstruction mission quicksand corkscrew shooting match incorporation impedance terrorism infidelity simple love affair restriction anarchism encompassment height hurdle hour of decision complex problem congestion worst-case scenario meanderings wedding Cross-road troublesome problem ordeal headache tragedy integration participation unpredictable situation inhibition woof complication mix-up drag difficulty restraint encumbrance cobweb confusion mess corkscrews inclusion closed book can of worms Torsions teasers intricacy embarrassment megacorp marriage mousetrap entry trouble muddle skein deadfall rosettes complexity quicksands disorder triangles mire kink jam ligament mousetraps snare web engagement jobs snarl knot rosette participate gossamers interruption stumper obstacle wickers nightmare intervention frizz gnarl lacework toil labyrinth Exigencies mindboggler jungle bung inter-connection enmeshment battle bottleneck brain-twister riddle love free Helices association interlacings illicit love catch interference dam

transitive noun

difficulty bamboozlement outwork bulwark wishful thinking deceptiveness let Intricateness join in (sth) join triangle Fortalice on outwitting stockade confusion tanglement amour mantelet dupery attendee Phantasm delusiveness engagement intrigue ring-in tangled association centre embroilment curtain party imbroglio Kidding muscle interested subterfuge hand enclosure drawbridge flimflammery overreaching step in portcullis invade neck Bluffing fool complication machicolation escarp participant predicament Glacis illusion complicity snow job mesh perplexity flimflam scarp victimization complexness technicality come in infidelity work dirty befooling in stake complexity palisade Vallum embroil knot spoofery sconce Defrauding absorption spoofing joiner excursion crossfire Conning concern fieldwork mix-up Circumvallation lunette Demibastion circumvention romantic tie muddle participation spider web along Deceiving come song and dance jump mirage unfaithfulness Redan plunge barbican romance sally port fence inclusion banquette take involution tie snarl-up breastwork Vallation mix enter Ravelin enmeshment self-deception meshes sign on delusion spider's web escarpment involvement deep crabbedness counterscarp barbed-wire entanglement Bartizan tangle relation eternal triangle bury cuckoldry loophole vision calculated deception ramification merlon Tenaille rampart adulterous affair subtlety implication tooth trickiness Parados case sign trap muscle in Tricking Partook heavily redoubt hoodwinking suck entrapment snare part advanced work catch hanky-panky submerge adultery toils affair fond illusion fallaciousness count cheval-de-frise fallacy web too complicit participate putting on dike step Swindling deception forbidden love flirtation hat pitch liaison interloper embarrassment love affair barricade pitch in earthwork abatis Fooling bastion willful misconception mound engage involve Contravallation hallucination get immersive postern gate wade Balistraria fortification go ensnarement falseness punch Casemate bank battlement illicit love cobweb incursion convolution jumble parapet intricacy contact intervene mess barrier partake bit


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