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What is another word for emend?

Below is the list of synonyms for emend. Here you can see the other names for emend.



polish edit alter improve or revise amend <a href="https//chamberscouk/searchxref=00442&amptitle=thes">amend</a> refine fix redact See panel at rewrite rectify correct

transitive noun

uplift edit draught putting back together heighten arrive at put to rights put in order assuage brighten right excerpt favor redraft work go over help cultivate smooth turn over a new leaf index get with it define pay dues convalesce corrigendum darn finish bring forward recompense compile condense put straight enhance fixes reclaim review remodel turn-around boost unfiltered doctor up agree clarify compose turned around enrich work out polishing edify Polishes revamp foster bowdlerize back up clean up compare reorganize oust better abridge finish off go straight determine do a volte-face annotate pool proof ease think again draft ameliorate sort harmonize excise servicing update get-well outplace look-over making good progress scissors pick up enlighten have second thoughts slick remunerate give satisfaction diverge dial back emendate look upgrade skyrocket cut analyze team up integrate Redraw rectify mark dub shape up delete put back together take another look set to rights perfect change be reborn boil down alter cleaned up thinking over Mends reconsider editable touch up augment transmute turned over a new leaf adjust study redaction face-lifting repair reexamine remedy blue-penciled glue prescribe vindicate rebuild retouch assemble face lifting pull your socks up turn around polish working over refine upon make up for make progress reword make all square set right rephrase make perfect get better mutate gain ground lift get well emended take over make up requite blue pencil overhaul work over educate reconstruct regulate turning around meliorate select consider again make improvement take off aid perk up arrange expurgate think over get working again organize agree on accommodate give facelift revise set straight follow mesh mature lexicographer clean up act socialize do justice fix square face-lift made good strike out civilise look over do over bring up to code mend your ways look up straighten up improve upon develop practice boiled down fill in appoint optimize heal restore promote turn things around give a face-lift making for edited furbish renovate rework launder fly speck putting in place think twice sleek nurture redact straighten out assign transfigure massage straighten make over choose fiddle with lexicography putting in order compiler tidy up improve performance turn over new leaf neaten come around fine tune feature fit out fatten editorial proportion getting well make amends make strides publish make right corrected sharpen doctor getting better doll up burnish improve thinking twice cure sew gussy up redress lard betray acculturate prepare tune up made over optimise change mind trim proofread give back check take out put together make an improvement vary advance discard sort out put in place rewrite copyedit make good adapt mollify settle brush up set up tighten establish censor modernise copy-edit compilation shorten face lift patch up expand Recense scan amend alleviate practise mend limit age harmonise reform work on editing make for amplify organise style condition facelift write over kit out transform take over from modify debug name atune do up Correcting get it together go back over hone convert translate fix up compensate think better of decide patch recast butcher service turn the corner allay scrub elevate match purify correct forward displace knit blue-pencil revised looking over front for raise fine-tune paste scrutinize modernize gain refine balance increase recondition see to put right compensate for set upright civilize pay reparations


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