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What is another word for eddy?

Below is the list of synonyms for eddy. Here you can see the other names for eddy.


transitive noun

lap bend gyre wind erupt rush round lapping swell inclination effervescence mount Mary Baker Eddy vibe current whiz crimp trend guggle entwine make right pull spiraling pirouette rustle hint centrifuge helix cut fit fester flow rotate cyclone whorled follow effervesce intimation percolate propensity Crisped waft Whirled curve dizzy round black hole spurt curl chaos well shower heave ripple whirlpool wash froth draft tornado pour flavour move back stream impulse spiraled murmur grow bubbles overtone flurry rat race hurly-burly swaddle breath surge come around whirling drag rock purl plash swirl turn-around cycle burble sway Yeastiness corkscrew turns pivot sense gale hurry-scurry twister countercurrent take a bend puff turn around vibrations drift underflow to-do seethe turn ado gyration fizzle breeze reel vibrate hurry hang a left push descend suggestion centrifugate feery-fary reflux turned go past froth up swing furl impel lumber disorder backflow backwater riptide tumult flavor rise and fall rise flap ruffle race loop brouhaha gyrate gulf religionist turning around whorl twirl climb agitate tide drafts pandemonium trace go-round Mary Morse Baker eddy swing around turned around weave Refluence going around bedlam revolve Gurge ascend gush twist run squall commotion maelstrom regurgitation eddy swoosh wave merry-go-round Circumduct dust devil spin religious person gust curls typhoon cross-current flood movement enfold feed issue tideway whirl swish vibes elapse course rip-tide labour Trundling wrap ferment trundle go round Welling move in a circle ebullience arise well up sweep swishing foam billowing pass around oscillate bubble rotation flux troll labor confusion feeling crosscurrent drive billow torque pass undulation trickle be in sequence undertow fly turmoil back envelop agitation Tourbillion ebb and flow roll torrent hurricane surging coil wheel bowl undercurrent direction spiralled turning rush forward wriggle charybdis churn whir Purling atmosphere make a right hang a right Pirouetting Purled rattle tendency circulate ebb stir fold clouds boil tenor whirlwind corner swirling tower undercurrents dribble propel waterspout arc uproar spiral tinge disturbance turbulence well forth backwash moil indication roll along pitch Whirlpool Bath burst alternate pell-mell bustle counterflux go around Welled aura roil pool Ebullition counterflow counter-current frenzy crisp embroilment revolution fizz deluge drape wreathe vortex motion swivel incline fume fermentation orbit undulate perturbation make a left swathe gurgle circle stream arcing spiralling insinuation funnel Snaking fuss cloud ground whirligig undertone vortex


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