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What is another word for dull?

Below is the list of synonyms for dull. Here you can see the other names for dull.


subdued subfuse lackadaisical hohum backward wearisome unaccented Fuliginous badly dressed prosaic inert unsavory azoic doltish hoary comatose dreary workaday thickheaded not taut zestless Weak-minded apathetic lowbred fatuous gun metal silvery sitting tight simple-minded feeble drab plain out of earshot Forbearant neutral Unpassioned lusterless played out well-worn unassertive numbskull along for the ride tired silenced corny Drearisome unimpassioned regular stupid darkish neutral-tint gorked twilit listless unperceiving tight undiscerning no nonsense pointless toilsome smoky iron-gray stock pouty unreasoning unexceptional hokey dragging Languishing inanimate oft-repeated stuffy edentulate nondescript robust mater Recapitulatory adusk hazy pearl-gray out-dated retardo yawn clownish blunt salt-and-pepper slow grimy mole-gray Damped worn-out sluggard humorless Unhandy overused drugged vapid blunted out of service lymphatic behindhand unappealing placid hackneyed non-transparent in the gutter obtuse nothing special pedantic reiterative simple dapple-gray nothing to write home about readymade chapfallen ponderous smoggy nerdy grave unvaried ho hum milk-warm archaic Nubilous indolent callous dusk unresponsive even platitudinous unsympathetic Feeble-minded numbskulled unsightly thick unheeding battleship-gray trance-like down in the dumps commonplace unready MOPY Interminate a bit much nitwitted frumpy half-baked palaverous cold big yawn dismal donnish singing the blues puffy coldhearted common Fumy Numskulled bromidic down in mouth usual Enervative Imperceptive slow-witted Thick-headed imitative puts one to sleep gray slow on uptake abused arid sleepyhead whitish dazed unassuming secondrate chalky cliched empty gradual repetitive loutish long-delayed in the toilet toothless unclassifiable home folk unexciting unimaginative cimmerian self-important overclouded dopey frumpish lethargic bilious stagnant prolonged scatterbrained tame no end of out-of-date shady murky dragger fish-eyed unperceptive Mopish pitch dark sober platitudinal weak long-faced inapt old fashioned drooping crepuscular undistinguished mentally slow leisurely dead pitch-dark rayless straight-faced not busy drear blind doughier cloudy Dull-witted cold sober tedious dun expressionless bleary faded unsentimental routine slow on the uptake passionless ready-made mothballed hollow rustic daft stereotypic softheaded chainer ho-hum fairish dull as dishwater reverberant blah bleached uncomprehending dozy on treadmill far off depressed day-and-night undiscriminating YOYO long delayed achromatic neb obscure stereotyped Caked black unimpressive subfusc unstimulating spiritless timeworn pacific without spice inadept bummed out unmotivated muted lumpish torn up gloomy over-long sing-song non-resonant uninteresting SOSO Waterish Fest oblivious aloof melancholic toned-down turned lowdown savorless dysphoric fatheaded imbecile sullen alliterative boggiest insipid shot down ill-fitted repetitious senseless over-nice fe Mildewed nowhere institutional undexterous nobody home muffled dry day and night dowdy low pallid spring fever flat as pancake mousy ill-lighted white bread neverending diffusive clouded over boggier dusky unprepossessing unexpressive non-committal mute pearly white-bread addled asleep on job out of it mundane earthy having spring fever wornout bored inexpressive numb softened vacuous heavy-hearted not clear poorly lit heavy ignorant circumlocutory sallow unbeauteous singsong snoozy time-consuming musty half-witted drowsy unilluminated Proser cardboard shaded slow-moving moronic dense Familiar depressive lumpy tasteless easy going torpid taken down greenish-yellow cheerless usual thing slothful boneheaded underachieving deadened jobless indistinct second-rate peaceable P unproficient easy-going lightless masklike nonanimal uncolored languorous Irreflective tristful obfuscous reedy without incident unmemorable unrewarding schoolish no great shakes shadowy iterative blacked out matter of fact down-in-the-mouth oafish in a blue funk unreflective square spun out unclassified styleless unstylish dark-complexioned dumb boring roiled ill-adapted matte unsharpened whitebread GUNKY inactive boresome on a treadmill bespattered in holding pattern yo-yo cast-down like a dinosaur bland blowsy samely poorly dressed airheaded lamebrained Weariful longwinded lifeless swinish desensitized banausic cut and dried milk-and-water down in dumps garden-variety witless low-down Driveling stygian edgeless sodden used-up sycophantic not fair emptyheaded ordinary mild roily somnolent jejune unshapely mentally defective lagging run of the mill nonvegetable humdrum insensible characterless mediocre Pedantical nontranslucent tiresome out of action not keen coldblooded barren mild-mannered sick and tired hebetudinous imbecilic sleepy thick-witted strung out lead-gray tautological flat tire flat of poor quality Impassible unlit slightly warm garden variety in pain unconscious brainless falling off lazy no good unpointed soporific run-of-the-mill interminable warmed-over bovine benumbed dull bloodless slack thoughtless sooty cloddish strictly business oldfashioned inapposite dim-witted down home narcotized pitch black anesthetized prolix blue-gray unstressed pale grim-faced unambitious round slavish edentate quiet unexcitable unlighted Atramentous understated birdbrained slatternly warmish poker-faced tepid stupefied unfacile pokerfaced stuporous stereotypical wimpy out of date in the pits softer unpleasurable grizzled nit-picking dingy washed-out stale unidealistic unpunctual unanimated sourpussed folksy exanimate downcast unenergetic slowest not bright stolid swooning Fer hardboiled ashen faint rounded trite lackluster threadbare asleep on the job weakest unprogressive mass-produced dumdum unintellectual phlegmatic in firm overcast accustomed sluggish shallow broken down down and out acheronian indifferent formalistic insensate languid still besotted halfwitted colorless fusty Clodhopping depressing Daffy monotonous prosy unreactive muddied energyless leaden uncool muddy opaque taupe boorish on hold unenjoyable purblind Unlively somber blank insensitive stretchy heartsick doughy Soft-headed unfeeling Subfuscous used up referring to eyes blank aphotic prim and proper in blue funk squirrelly washed out on a downer supine draggy Inkhorn plain vanilla sapless familiar tune boggy unhurried glassy hueless impeded toneless uninspiring drawling retarded narcotic Iterant cornball do nothing soft acherontic insentient white dim diffuse big zero low key worn thin


chronic desiccate lacklustre leadenness dulled burning soft dimwitted bovine matted cumulus grayness lustreless unvarying matte dysphoric blind spiritless unprofitable colorful damp resonant behaviour softened broken unintelligent lusterless stagnant achy dapple-grayness lackluster drabness conventional unexciting arid tiring insensate dusky benumb pack a punch common low-pitched grip cut out flat humdrum unreverberant prosy thudding character trait sordid uneconomic drab ability simple unhealthy ashiness pitchy unsharpened mousiness pedestrian banal color boring tristful leaden barren stock desiccated cirrostratus block out bad simple-minded witless earthbound wan ho-hum sterile quieten melancholy skew lumpy wooden see crippling out-of-date ignorant blunted uneventful accustomed deadening decide iron-grayness left-handed uninspired shallow stolid vapid lead to imbecilic cumulonimbus blunt downcast muddy dinginess noddings cirrus stereotyped old not-for-profit low influence fascinating catch square dun dispirited dumb rusty mute stimulating brainless Weak-minded unresponsive idiotic billow muffled dense cloudy uninspiring insensitive drear gray matt addled numb dejected repetitious Fatiguing half-witted uncomprehending backward usual regular matter of fact drown Smokiness blockheaded abused Feeble-minded tedious unsaturated grave tone down repetitive trivial opaque stir thumping razor-sharp deadly cloud razor-edged unimaginative placid flavorless dreariness weak stuporous routine feelings attitude vacuous slow bank fatuous stuffy excite bloodless mat angry dreary hoary barbed aseptic downhearted stodgy archaic wearisome obscure serrated inferior Familiar muted even wearying sooty nonprofit bland edgeless sober worn-out antediluvian jejune double-edged blue well-worn scatterbrained uneconomical round well-known stereotypical column loss-making dim obtuse prolix depressed hollow down calmings grey bass murky deadened agonising untapped melancholic muffle Silveriness ordinary wearing nonresonant moronic uninteresting cirrocumulus used plain off monotonous unhappy dampen heavy stale dirty trite Irksome silly wistful hackneyed non compos mentis heavy-hearted platitudinous colors anesthetic sluggish Hypnotics desolate gloominess slow-witted inky dismal ancient dullness turned chapped give pearliness awareness underfunded grimy acute somnifacient pall increase poky agonizing Two-edged tiresome somberness inactive sad Weariful

transitive noun

long-winded pastel unexceptional matt spare devitalize dullness rack dun downplay modest immovable kos callous vile inanimate olympian vegetative chloranemic jaundiced wearying quietened trite hushed lackadaisical pine dappled Familiar sadden Bluntish blur abrupt totter mull muted stark Griseous act quell elephantine moronic taupe bored dial indefinite tedious obdurate ghastly subfusc old stifled medium Drearisome bluff round blunted abate wither Weak-minded soft bromidic anesthetize befog dilute painful dusky hinder featureless turgid steely everyday lower grizzled leaden iron-gray cowardly raw expressionless lessen bleached non-ulcer stomach pain indistinct gray-spotted plodding bated lenify opaque gormless depressing boneheaded Inexcitable feeble frumpy quotidian smothered appease failing nebulous foggy crazy impotent washed-out smoothed Infecund joyless insusceptible neutral dreary drug logy palsy endless bank the fire vibrating dormant fume mediocre frigid gray-green hedge worn-out rough colourless cheerless blank severe flaccid pain lay blackness obsequious grayish bleary standing disinterested overawe decline sluggish yielding faded chilly moribund anonymous nonresonant old hat Inirritable white Disedge deflate insensate jejune waver emotionally dead faithful remit gag haze fade away flabby pinprick spartan unperceptive overshadow Pithless rust flavourless gentle keep quiet solemn emasculate benumb quenched Thick-headed sapless effete fair to middling horrible de-escalate grim-faced drooping moth-eaten discolor even-tempered pachydermatous foolish conventional purblind dispassionate wordy Plain-spoken pacify unintelligent unlit corny pearly ache stuffing Fat-witted jerky impair uninterested drab enervating repetitive lifeless blah darkly dim yukky dispirited your basic mealy pointless knock stiff deadly stygian insipid emotionless fat downhearted gyp nondescript dull-pointed thickskulled open knock senseless stop nerveless ashy comatose stoic grave sickly cripple quaker-colored steel-gray sting flat pang excruciating rattle grizzle lowly laborious unstring dry assuage constrain keep musty old-fashioned wooden-headed Jading numbing tolerable slaty dove-colored noncommittal MEH waste away unman jobless -racked suffering uncaring kind stitch Numbed change subdued uncolored tranquil temper unsharpened vacuous lugubrious lumpy pearl-gray quiet down blow torpid reduce painless fishy Feeble-minded mindless static unfashionable oafish unhardened coldhearted diminish impassive vertical achy fade wretched whiten deject objective inhibit as dry as dust irritation watery control supine cluster headache naive Beef-witted average voluptuous blanch zealous hurt act up hollow inoperative betwixt and between depressed dapple-gray indeterminate hoary obtuse question dodgy livid sombre somber quiescent normal bare down fatigued draw not clear keep secret soften ease zestless garden variety prosaic agonized grimy muddy asleep nonsensical matte draw in caliginous darken silhouette gone inert gloom wash out deadened besot relax usual verbose agonizing unprepossessing attrition waxen patient asthenic worn down bled white lymphatic unsaturated glowering frowzy Glaucescent hard mute repulsive hypochromic muffle zero uninspired sully edgeless Retund sap dull-edged Overlong dead unchanging stale write desiccate wistful silvery not bright moonless slow footsore unanimated monochrome Naff allay rubbery shake worthy Duncical killing gray-black yucky regimented dopey colorless humourless stupefied geeky tiresome tight threadbare unembellished soul-destroying funereal vitiate dumb desiccated weakly slow down banal eternal plain coldcock Hell moderate droopy kill shade passionless Stagnating sedentary melancholic unaffected Obtundent unvarying pitch-dark blacken wince soulless staid zingy vaporous oft-repeated subdue wearisome invariable obnoxious knuckleheaded soporific dope stone-colored yawn producing suspended Cinereous superficial stiff sober down heartless extenuate thump uninventive glaucous garden-variety fat-headed discolored suburban earache unpointed cloud hueless unclear monotone discourage bedaze subside agony Samey silver-gray Unpoetic pen pusher nonchalant drain of color well worn lurid neutralize jaded nasty uninteresting Nubilous washy ascetic alleviate ornery rambling feel even cold attemper wane frank non-transparent thick-witted slacken regular palliate unrelieved miserable damp infertile drain restful chestnut Unpassionate cramp draw the teeth quench tame menial blow over anesthetized interminable shady Obscured groggy becloud Marrowless rank vapidity poor brightness calm obsolete Whey-faced halfwitted stab Sinewless matted bleach wilt render insensitive watch unremarkable blue so-so crepuscular victorian frosty austere pedantic unemotional void cretinous fairish prosy square blear prolix sleeping dent revolting homely achromatize fatuous luminosity dampen sciatica uninspiring hopeless exhausting glum workaday eclipse Fagging etherize eviscerate exsanguine broken-record wear factual blear-witted veil grizzly mundane yawny humble give relief flat-footed Blunt-witted vintage run-of-the-mill weak shadowy quieten obtund dapple deepen idle pour balm into phlegmatic exanimate fog without incident twilit Prosing lightless cast down unromanticized keep it down stupid Pluckless Fatiguing stupefy put to sleep heavy frosted simple-speaking anaesthetize of sorts nonemotional gray-colored bloodless die unimaginative toned-down shadow blase spiritless undistinguished join rounded unnerved yellow treadmill predictable asinine frustrating daft natural stodgy modulate cinerous unvaried kooky turn-off imperturbable archaic unvarnished knock unconscious Impassible gullible hush Hebetate cataleptic simple-minded gruel toneless chocolate-box narcotic resigned icy sunless sterile mollify windy disinterest poultice hazy racking characterless anesthetic unfanciful sink juvenile unsusceptible gradual cold as charity voluntary motionless twinge irritate slow-witted Gross-headed passive commonplace stuffy mat stun repetitious silver salve unimpressionable tiring quash modify turbid thick-brained boring fed up vex simpleminded tender ease matters gross no good common lackluster shopworn yaw ways pasty twilight mousy of a sort spunkless overused check smart jog-trot lazy softened unresponding detached Killed tarnished unconcerned sordo stagnant YOYO marginal Harping unstimulating underplay dejected vary lusterless ignorant barren simple luminance bedim bland out of touch soft-pedal yellowish unimpassioned inured stabbing ebb misty exacting luminousness mind-numbing knock out violent fallow foul earthbound sciatic attenuate brainless Laodicean grey grovelling verbiage trying tarnish drear reduce the temperature melancholy of a kind paralyse neuter tristful not sharp thick lighten off lay out unromantic imbecile turn stifle mouse-colored undisturbable affectless rocky empty-headed chasten spineless exsanguinated stolid brightness level muffled foundation unfeeling unaffectionate humdrum backward moody Dryasdust inept Stupe bovine homespun tone down unloving insouciant anaemic soften up middle-aged lumpish straightforward vague restrained catatonic pearl jelly lustreless unreverberant tasteless yummy grayed slack ordinary grow dull questionable lay low one-dimensional chicken nowhere pale dense thin decolor routine flavorless edentulate hebetudinous yawnsome melt away dimmed onerous variable languid vexing middling Exsanguineous accustomed idiotic coarse pour oil on quaggy yawn overcast qualify placid fuzzy sallow blurred yo-yo dim-witted blind break dingy pitchy pale as death plain-speaking throb paralyze deadly pale nothing special tune down in suspense die down untouchable no great shakes zany haggard wishy-washy nothing lowering hardened rayless faceless foment sore languorous enfeeble poorly lit crass literal gray-drab flagging unirritable crumble arid apathetic Stultified flag heavy-hearted desensitize unaroused not up to much juicy vegetable Weariful pad yawner canescent airheaded vibrant unresponsive limber monotonous world-weary glassy-eyed decolorize peaceful feebleminded in abeyance blurry Numskulled enervate unfelt out vapid waste birdbrained blackout groan knocked out numb doltish querulous keep within bounds dusty inane offensive unpolished deaden wintry Chuckleheaded slumbering cool lead-gray ashen banausic long Damped hackneyed out-of-date thickheaded overclouded thudding dozy worn peroxide lean uncomprehending crack veiled Tallow-faced dismal Silvered passable draggy glassy mouse-gray aloof harden alter slate-colored floppy weaken gray-toned keep down acier dove-gray platitudinous quelled buttoned-down shake up pallid prickle inky mouldy keep under clumsy restrain chill unedged witless goofy dull of mind uneventful weary unstrengthen imbecilic kayo ho-hum stain retard unoriginal exhaust rustic inapt etiolate poky respectable opiate pale-faced self-absorbed cloudy obscure nitwitted smoldering achromic gray-brown edentate dyspepsia enervated abused ulnar wrist pain faltering nauseating arctic unmemorable sad bald abeyant ko dappled-gray shooting pains blunt-edged unsympathetic soothe Imperceptive Unideal pall immobilize deaden the pain Dampened Pooped yawning quietening run of the mill spinach silhouetted unbrace desensitized cushion unexciting debilitate saddle-sore faint de-emphasize slake water gloomy chloroform withdrawn vacant yield Unlively lacklustre wan wearing oppressive falter depress watered-down unnervous bad Dull-witted washed out deadening oxidize relieve dull-headed murky wooden drugged low take the edge off antiseptic dulled grow dim extinguish black obfuscate faired awkward indifferent deafen gray debilitated insentient low-spirited etiolated Dullish Irksome braindead narcotize thick-pated powerless gray-white dispirit smother neuralgia not keen achromatic grim quelling sated repress addled Lustless thick-skinned inactive adulterate bate sober run-down joyful tingle empty benumbed horrid latent half-baked lethargic half-light easy desensitise torment Faintish jarring painfully autistic going slowly pure humorless melt tone unpoetical cadaverous steady pitch-black lull impenetrable tired in a stupor poetryless unsharp unnerve undermine singsong the gloaming blunt-ended smoky half-witted indolent hush-hush comfortless cloddish Strengthless listless decrease blunt vain cornball fair unadorned annoying tenebrous vexatious absurd irritant everlasting neat suppress sleepy gutless ponderous smoke-gray insensible vanilla known candid direct matter-of-fact mitigate unidealistic dishearten pedestrian vanish insensitive unstrung somnolent Overworked play down dull-pated bleak gauche sag unflappable anemic cold-blooded deathly pale downtoner Impercipient masochism namby-pamby clouded thoughtless limp ho hum coarsen redundant quiet retarded fail freeze frozen blunt-pointed baffle


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