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What is another word for dot?

Below is the list of synonyms for dot. Here you can see the other names for dot.


under-lining imperfection freckle radiotelegraphic signal minimum disfigurement bullet point dapple alphanumeric yellow sunshine smithereens ounce underlinings cross-post trifle particle hallucinogen cipher eyesore dash bit mote Ort green dragon CODED permeate leasts tiny bit spill over promptly drawback magic mushrooms attach insulate band spot disperse blue dot droplet rift wart discoloration full point defacement pigmentation stipple run speck whit stigma dab bad break nadir dit shred niggle attachment tittle copy in top fault pixel sprinkle fragment point address miniature daisy atom brace disk apostrophe scatter blob coat microdots pea period weal stub deformity lentigo bounce strawberry fields punctually sugar cubes sprawl smother Maculae microcosm Peasen blanket blotters scale executive department ASCII art bead scruple abrasion marks check ink dram small thing mark spoilage polka dot flyspecks smidgen jot black tabs pepper grain pinpoint blind copy cover lesion code fleck Pigmentations lsd speckle fan out modicum exactly on time punctuate cryptography crumb distortion bullet comma screeching halt CAPTCHA shavings Pease wrap Flyspeck crown purple haze thing brand bury peyote bridal gift XS blue acid sugar cube bracket spherule recover molecule drop shading blotch iota telegraphic signal dot Peas impurity decimal point mescalin precisely disc patina circle dust magic mushroom least minim mite bespeckle break Daisies sore peppers pervade code name blotter saucer snip dead stop Moles inks orange sunshine stud mottle microdot spherules constellate digital signature macula colon smithereen Re-presentation full stop big splash blaze scrap lysergic acid diethylamide scab cryptogram ampersand sharp pock

transitive noun

location christen web-enabled broadcast motley scar marbling decimal point demarcate prick pit splatter stripe freckle garnish ounce fraction foundation label sign splotch harlequin modicum dispersed ace wet spray oval strawberry mark smidgen print hook infuse carve morsel blob least california sunshine formulate spangle mote drop chalk mark out morse mole margin minutia commit pointillism molecule battery-acid points crumb locality midge discharge smitch typing expend minimum dirty VOD characterise accent mark bestrew tattoo microbe on the button knock write excerpt seam touch taint dribble marriage settlement tear International Morse Code rough out knock off Flyspeck farthing pock constellate pause lysergic acid diethylamide seal hooter granule scruple creative writing riddle copy promptly scatter candy communicate ray Graving bar nick orthography Scarification interject stamp checks patch marbled rain tie disperse thirds check off pepper bbs Spottiness dissipate dwarf notation ligature tick off scratching narrowest gash bruise logo whit swash window-pane minim element snip spatter bread spot imprint vein nadir count department of transportation venue mottle to the minute glimmer glob mite trifling amount moiety Minutiae droplet parcel peyote autograph U. S. Coast Guard cut fill jot down fleck little nutshell time signature tick macule green dragon jointure point chicken feed hold symbol bubble sprinkle full stop Ort dewdrop key signature nail splash abrade initial Knocked flash intersperse superman defect pockmark aerosolise marbles posting instant messaging bespangle dit pinch besmirch inscribe indite all-you-can-eat Lucy in the sky with diamonds trivia impress Stippling striate punctually cheque discolor gleam represent trifle expression mark polka dot ink hair run away lump intersow tessellate initials saucer plash flecked grain add punctuation to record ghost biff clutter make a mark windowpane adorn lettering register dottedness nevus scarify brand Freckles lentigo measure APP blemish characterize lobola dapple lay out back breaker sprinkling write up author groat distribute blaze mosaic mark off Freckling pittance scrap litter flake butt toss notch trousseaux Fermata band web 2.0 write down magic mushrooms scrawl bounce Morse Code pimple interrupt earmark dredge mathematical point on time ISP mist flaw tiny piece to sprinkle emphasise ticket blue acid fingerprint besprinkle nip address bit chip instant zen blotch pinpoint electric kool aid to spread streak outline accent end atom disseminate Inked Initialing mark PRESA bead chunk cicatrix gnat chalk up brand name welly Interfuse blue owsley invoice ghostwrite stain rivet knock out cancel chart dram spread line discoloration smudge signature dappleness metronomic mark acid flour watermark intersprinkle peanuts scotch bitcoin driblet delimit cast representation maculation intermix snippet tiny mark maculate Bestud hallucinogen score damage exactly lick dust dot intermingle marble pinprick bespot blot appanage emphasize iris shred Freckly lead eyespot window pane adumbrate continue engraving knob trademark taste borrow swell character variegate aerosolize telegraphic signal dash executive department pinhead to scatter run whet glisten fling portion define co-author stigmatize gobbet FAA investment banner intersect pencil letter loony toons speckle strew tittle to disperse mar teardrop stud extend punctuate engrave note Federal Aviation Agency particle pointillage stipple blaze a trail asterisk troll Custos hatch checker ellipse to bang trim caste mark Peppered fault ornament handful underline pane full point Flecker segno zen compose tempo mark freckled misspell mescalin pebble cover lowest niggle tag tiny bit create impression vanishing point purple haze fragment period microdot smear ellipsis moisten interpose transportation security administration slur lsd cubes pigmentation birthmark dower dappledness vlog note down mottledness settlement dose Aiming disc scratch Vinculum hack Elvis constituent circle component dab trace polychrome fingermark dispel powder HIT speck Spottedness United States Coast Guard engross dabble JPEG transcription TSA to dust bump mottling speckliness far horizon scintilla microdots accentuate little bit disk stigma tattoo mark transportation checkmark pellet punch throw fire orange sunshine Mushrooms lace marbleize daub iota API light thimbleful dowery bespatter pave part marriage portion microorganism flick lowest amount interlard pixel tarnish E-Commerce endowment freckliness bang marking bespeckle hint precisely nubbin Orts splosh blotter puncture glitter cross stippledness legal jointure enter underscore embellish tad macula cicatrize globule polychromize hoot dole check rewrite pip rainbow direct enamel US Coast Guard unlike initialling jot firewall trousseau reproduce item black tabs underlining spoonful radiotelegraphic signal dowry trickle


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