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What is another word for division?

Below is the list of synonyms for division. Here you can see the other names for division.



installment army old town interfaces troop copulas sub-sections regimentation histology mechanization dissociation Separating Ligaments stripe numbers carving municipality vibration divorce piece moiety category strife party plot taxonomy tatter connectives arm calculus remoteness bifurcation interface town contingent Australian Rules football department sessions faction fission divisional battalion county platoon misunderstanding contradiction string separation splice brigade variance subset locality herd statistics hemispheres throngs alloting quantum parcel insider hillside collocations feud heading quadrants country bustup bisections subculture autopsy presumption triangulation half humor divide a war of words plugin Physiologies advance guard measure splitsville empire tier halfway fellowship other subfamily fissure plottage disaccord splitting the atom equation quartern disjuncture conflict putridities Disuniting plug-ins proportion dissent partials movement countdown disassociation interruption commission counting noses champaign sharing exlusion dukedom reckoning classification infighting lee plan coupler breakaway cabal bifurcations difficulty side foreignness disposal bisection dislocation tribe stage allotment algebra supposition paragraphs scene disaffiliation hemisphere alienation parish Disseverment turnings slot determination Tributaries controversy homerooms ells grade litter genus stomping grounds unit host topic Separatism cell cut squad course of study isolation species rent Taxonomies appraisal plug-in partition measurement collection pack sensitivities argument human race crew fork room duchy schedule grades region segment decomposition dissection staff estimation Subsidiaries average assembly queue Geometries lot search gap RIMAS decimal place etiology scar lump piece of action atomic reaction chunk fourth study wedge crack disintegration fifty percent breaking down body genres segmentation bit ill feelings atmospherics rimation combos mutation dispute account Halver roulade variety enumeration detail partial payment carrel cavalry school shavings Scatterings percent admeasurement leavetaking salt mines ravine bi-section schism Interspace rending diagnosis Strophes disassembly cell membrane fleet phalanx Herniae a world of difference stave principality stomping ground world halvers method difference fourths patrol unit forkings disengagement sub-section kind counting heads tittle slice atomization budget arpeggio program Cross-road lecture group soldiery stock quota Principalities area apportionment quiz group tally half-and-half footballer fragment modules demesne rearrangement couplers Good-bye deflection beat branch rung vendetta contrast nation farthings differential set speck contrasting bevy herniation rotation season otherness physiology computation holdout on the rocks divvy scale deviation subsidiary section turf bureau maths collect inapplicability subsistence regiment conclusion modicum place circle clique subdivision demarcation Disparting diversity plug in troupe seminary cleavage crowd irrelevance legion cross-roads biology Partage decree nisi Quotum hernia district difference of opinion dividing bickerings band split chloroplast affiliate associate field colony embryology disunity subsection Detaching two bits coordination verse luxation Disarticulation kidney reduction rupture typecasting range semester rank lobe striations gang assemble football breakoff breakaways different strokes stipend share part and parcel Kidneys dismemberment Institutionalization winnings league orderings minim rake-off earnests cutoff part Disseverance trigonometries culture medium partitioning distinguishing fracture club disjunction plane tenor roulades hole rake off loin disagreement rift thought front ward quarrel rake-offs splitting class posse parting of the ways stairs disconnection dissension portion value allowance divorcement village compartment flock counting hands passage column sizing count borough the FA Cup stub bunch covey breach in-fighting barrier approximation gauge dichotomy quadrant severance outfit parceling amputation scheme dividend niggle splitting up dedomiciling assignment spin-off separate maintenance fraction suzerainty math back office branching meed Phalanxes dividing line homeroom branchings inter-connections computational inference piece of the action assessment PLATS break-up crevice cytology disparateness organ quarter quarrelsomeness ligation fight sectors distinction group collocation cutting searches diffusion severity ration withholdings subtraction placings apartment codifications cadre helping putridity cloves carrels segregation clan parting chapter percentage coalition divergence arithmetic codification anatomy stake bailiwick disharmony Seminaries plat algorithm unharmoniousness acquisitions coordinations junta INS mathematics algebras estrangement dole genetics wing judgement offshoot matter in hand customer services hierarchy member boundary line retinue shire strophe ill feeling Gaelic football mob distribution complement joiner morphologies phrase score mechanizations splinter group dissolution clause secession culture hillsides townships Alterity Phalanges tatters division guess allocation collision smithereens mailing company coterie cross-purposes valediction divisiveness projection sectionalisation multiplication cell wall Methodization geometry point in question Calculi stretch episode gaps confrontation commonweal province etiologies soldieries Melodies commune morphology breaking ordination primacy dispensation spin off football player snip split-up sect ell deduction barrio sectionalization binomial Cataloguing prelacy Measures biologies insiders divider ligament canton dissonance domain selection sector act fifty-fifty striation earldom break-off interest flag football FIFA agency inter-connection rationing evaluation one-fourth departmental team limb drove phase round hive meeds stair article leave-takings smithereen quantification end combo precinct collectivization harmonization uncoupling circuit calculation system date Barrios analysis percents exit poll riding demesnes disunion zone detachment sum dissidence height territory cellular dominion caste degree trigonometry rima loins neighborhood city bishopric paragraph fraternity corps vivisection Ort markings holdouts book kingdom deflections head leg departmentalizing fixins farthing atom smashing discord spreadings subsections breaking up subfamilies words point in time Ligations consideration force constituency abacus caucus Shires township differentials salt mine grouping co-ordination grading bandings cross-purpose stanza ramification command border state sort valuation society race nest divergency trouble gradings cutting up tract module copula realm mite mid-course correction break ring incision leave-taking joiners Hernias extraneousness byproduct

transitive noun

split naval forces chorus heartland end guts tittle diversification write-in bisect nuclear fission Division Gymnomycota segregation precincts enmity stratum dichotomisation Separating field gulch transformation single vote class quartier ultimatum area wrangle equation gradation bevy mob nice distinction Sectarism coterie quotient septation article battalion Ort extent casting vote flying column country eumycota buffer moiety vendetta ballot chasm estate room splinter environs filing place differentiation breaking clan atomization odds excrescence shindig bunch team moment long division motion Quotum musical phrase covey budgeting approximation tribe difference element polarity subsidiary qualification cross section obstruction joker deviation partition leg caucus nobility feather beginning margin persona non grata orbit show of hands fracas special forces spread title length indexing alienation airspace bloc loop breach of friendship biological group work Subdivision Zygomycotina folderol turning away empire obstacle distinction cushion while distinctiveness winding up troop concept county second period syllabication opening question fraction joiner genus business organization opposition ranking corridor construct dissonance brigade ring by two position strife essential divider excerpt enclosure field army unconsciousness practice intersection niggle grant wing disconnectedness ramification confrontation unconnectedness parochialism nature gulf act grouping polarization example dole distribution sectionalisation Analyzation rending contents sorting incompatibility confines microscopic distinction schism sector office echelon quota bumper voting time split-up hairsplitting Division Spermatophyta regiment hemisphere involution cadre kin hurdle Differencing magazine narrowness organ occasion Kidneys melody talkathon difference of opinion splitting up height cast figure gorge juncture sect cutting verse offshore rights discontinuity tempo plebiscite taxonomy bryophyta part component amount second reading notation border iota musical sentence innards quantum segmentation rupture line fight unhinging Division Lichenes jungle clique multitude boundary line modicum religious order gravimetric analysis name table horde legion zone firm subsection Dimidiation jar fractionation feud forking brattice orifice individualization trace zygomycotina canvass factor Anatomizing figuring silent majority referendum leave Subdivision Deuteromycota hostility harmonic close in outgrowth particular camp Subdivision Ascomycota variance Septulum hitch exposition kickback index argument Bipartition rank unfriendliness handout station task force species rising vote nay hindrance semimicroanalysis graduation particularization host estrangement neighborhood disengagement three-mile limit elements inning limb misplacement lichenes severalization episode herniation Division Myxomycota hassle vicinity faction foreigner segmenting no addition fellowship inconsistency merchant navy bifidity measure detail integration words response band poll field train subdivision guild sharing out interpolation color bar authorities Mexican Standoff rn nontransferable vote dissection syllabification grading alien row graveyard vote midriff parcel misunderstanding persuasion helping belligerent spreading out divorcement out-group Minority Group conception holdout cutting the pie census deployment proportional representation pigeonhole yes ravel variation chukker random sample disestablish phanerogamae cataloging inventory ration divisible united states navy share admeasurement crack business concern tumult adjunct Everyone particle armada Ritornello paries gymnomycota front tactical unit interconnection column lobby assortment one-fourth lot reduction times addition sign mastigomycota portion army group issuance cloture test sampling dissociate allotment turbulence quarrel dividing locale league Disjointing old town quarrelsomeness gully Plumper train wall kingdom head dissidence mark disaffection installment in-group Division Pteridophyta ranging abyss Tutti frame crew hookup apportionment unfamiliarity arrangement halt item ethnocentrism segment trichoschistism Division Bryophyta basidiomycota platoon kicker VOTES merchant marine discord hinterland insularity seclusion naval militia flake subgroup rung cutting up rip fracture yea contention partitioning multiplication table earmark winnings society collision mat disconnection quadrant ligation label upshot leave-taking disequalization inquiry judas kiss interest group interest one cleft salon garrison fission world arithmetic operation side apartheid fissure point molecule splinter group middle expanse nicety quartern divisor disharmony varying personalization communion whirl wedge esteem discrimination atomize walk remainder naval unit blow up franchise unity business noncooperation interlude quantization interseptum antagonism battery cell Distinguishment electorate church luxation leaving set contradistinction government Detaching branching high point status Fanning allocation typology troops Dissepiment snap vote community fragment midsection ascomycota necropsy enfranchisement army unit piece battle group withholding wings cryptogamia statement rake-off canvassing variety filibuster upper legs tear 1 multiply voice Coast Guard sectioning army quibble note quiescence sample Anacrusis yes or no group morsel void denomination regimentation counter-argument USN add straw vote placement regime precinct rive air division Division Tracheophyta scrap septum shade of difference dividedness jamb lap Family air unit module chapter lacuna movement peer group junction secret ballot proxy divisions wodge bourdon province disunite posse altercation twelve-mile limit parcellation phylum joint belt premises upset first reading scission Polling soil conference kinfolk pigeonholing cutting in two turn logrolling property line open rupture bar Subdivision Basidiomycota cohort chunk outcast slicing frontage ell turf plot stranger quality suffrage unlikeness subspecies range KP Subdivision Zygomycota rivalry list dissension refrain gratuity breach Anatomization say subtraction percentage interference intrusion classification disaccord tear Horses math school purlieus snobbishness fleet marking tabulation separation gyration warfare divergence modification protista evolution bit aberration pteridophyta pteropsida phrase escadrille outpost quotas terrain sharing squad ingredients unit Seabees calculation Business Organisation hyphenation race faculty xenophobia piece of action incongruity Desynonymization negativism bifurcate distributive parcelling debate rubric divvy juice tutti passage salient demarcation sept coda ill will shock pad remoteness gap steamroller methods value neck of woods quantisation Division Eumycota nomenclature final period predicament node ghetto embarkation arithmetic roll call breakaway group breakup dividing line compartment passage argosy difficulty items hernia milieu zoo vein version uniformity on the rocks divide crowd party generation joining fork radiation outsider quartering Subdivision Basidiomycotina list system drift nook parish spreading local falling out dissolution ingredient chukka abstraction volume dissent spermatophyta borough quantitative analysis apportioning space notations limit squadron type breakdown opportunity nation parceling withdrawal insulation wheel contrast examination justice vote quiz group associative property effectuation dichotomization dislocation assignment deduct codification atomisation unevenness blood reduction to elements bout ilk diaphragm Assaying panel administrative body development ounce Quarreling Separatism ill feeling disassociation mastigomycotina queue valley period stable falling-out bisection minority instalment body u. s. army special forces basidiomycotina genre disunity hand vote cross-purposes quarter dividend uncoupling royal navy merchant fleet form bifurcation units hollow will divorce quantity violation notch dissociation boundary measurement sectionalization borrow term vivisection yeas and nays Know-nothingism thallophyta district yoke strain affiliation tightness dispute deuteromycotina flight Orts quad variances canton vocal minority Filibustering Vinculum topic bridge post affiliate record vote Australian ballot kind mid-course correction number coefficient combat team kitchen police fragmentation categorization wish proportion break recall of ambassadors rent Plebiscitum parting unmixed groupment cadence hierarchy lodge frontier ascomycotina marine origin representation zoology third reading disjunction troupe tussle ground land organization guard myxomycota evaluation issue zygomycota valediction disagreement hunk rating rift whack vocabulary elevation Maniple gob friction clause unharmoniousness multiplication Centrifugence war over political party combat command Portioning plus deliberation assay unholy mess mosquito fleet dividing wall specialization minus cabal extra cumulative voting first period naval construction battalion gang Fungi Imperfecti tract conflict grade computation bracket naval reserve ornament individuality mite committee consideration cut kidney vibration ordering file composition removal stanza ordination inversion divergency disruption repartition quarantine member alteration layer neglect analysis junta fanning out burden jot ward Halving threshold gift numbers Viva voce Subdivision Mastigomycotina rationing dismember vacuity hare system dispensation heritage tier knot unemployment heading content way branch associate ligature Disarticulation extension Halver Subdivision Ascomycotina arm territory plural vote outfit divarication army corps United States Army Special Forces Preferential voting Subdivision Mastigomycota whole neighbourhood jarring docimasy Tabling voice vote agreement to disagree department concern mutation section power niche pressure group locality breaking down handing out string wards bureau exclusiveness disparity trouble allowance complement constituents network race hatred infighting introductory phrase nexus word division winter voting right hole category ethnic group dichotomy neck of the woods view mathematics slanging match throng gash disfavor age group caste introduction row 1 force estimation change resolve gauge jurisdiction nuance intermezzo trickle half parts offshoot autopsy Jim Crow splitting contingent navy disunion tailpiece lobe insides short division otherness racial segregation individuation kindred buffer state extrapolation round whit paragraph corps game bass passage batch pad break-up counting heads zoning BRANCH OFFICE region constituency sort pack elemental transferable vote judgment lycophyta splaying barrier fagot vote level flotilla wrangling right to vote breaking up bulkhead administrative unit vicinage write-in vote HIT going natural element order anatomy infraction Subdivision Pteropsida deciding vote commission verge weld reckoning realm proximate analysis agency in half offspring taste fender mat ratio deuteromycota Aye cloison severance party wall meed lick stratification lump resolution incoherence hiatus subtle distinction company tracheophyta borderline extract municipality slice detachment interruption investigation continental shelf constituent suborder phalanx matter grain cleavage isolation offices naval division nonconformity decentralization task group Subdivision Deuteromycotina Division Protista


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