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What is another word for disturb?

Below is the list of synonyms for disturb. Here you can see the other names for disturb.



transitive noun

wring pain Joggling raise up rattled vary bedazzle fazed waffle flip nullify jiggle intrude harm unman intrude on tumble get going disarrange depress give a turn act handicap mislay strike concern wounding not get relocate obscure ball up fiddle with get in the way keep to validate occupy pick on invade tweak the nose offend morals of Expulse flustered terrorize overstep butt in unstring astound jive rumple mix mess with noodge injure undo hand over weigh on halt jolt burn up perturb intimidate carry flummox neglect plague frighten persecute need dishearten junked not finish aggrieve jog jar discombobulate rend spook flutter interfere with hold gall traumatize get off transgress displease agonize rattle scramble labor capsize frustrate make anxious undermine upset rile upsetting knock down baffle lug lurch hound gross out stimulate electrify galvanize break off bully unzip frazzle junking swing cow liquidate head for mess fan wrest mothball turn upside-down churn stun agitating turn upside down urge take aback affright knot not conform disoblige arrest stop overpower affect vexed gnaw at ripple convulse bullyrag fuss flurry raise hell kindle discountenance get vacillate peeve unnerve chivy cark put off exasperate charge up nag blow up fire up distort irritate quail bother obtrude into be at stir up jounce upend entangle volte-face key up Intermeddle put out leap goad put to it maze bug hold up outrage nose-dived beat up stir impinge excite roll slight shake up jerk around modify disorganize knock up hassle roil jumbles charge wrench obsess meddle extricate bristle open keel grieve wake tire thwart hector unsettling light nonplus wreck yo-yo waken impair come between shatter Overset involve offload mist fuddle offend foment shift give a hard time prick object veer worry change eject befuddle miff yo-yos gripe pique afflict jerk nauseate badger kick-start flip out convey discompose fog join shock nose dive fret grate Onto jump inhibit level revolt poke oust nick alarming move about Unglue excruciate numb encumber feel out tease violate transitional upended panic mortify embarrass pester horrify gnaw encroach humiliate nag at jars lay up dog distress get around harry enervate give concern haunt stupefy mix up lay a finger on jolted complicate muddle oppress warm ferment extract churn up lose alter perplex fill with loathing nit-picking preoccupy cramp hurry knock out transmogrify owe hamper uproot beset animate quake lead away litter stress reposition breach unhinge floor melt impose on alternate inflame ventilate evict locomote alternation move around get at Moider foul up daunt tense harass touch untune nark obey vivify wipe out arouse enrage distemper nudzh leave jeer weaken transpose make waves craze louse up junk dishevel nudge violated flap kick kick up a fuss knock over make uneasy bait energize unsettle yammer beat impede ruffle transmute ominous adjourn to somewhere fluctuate nose out inconvenience Worries upset apple cart have qualms put about strain brown off weigh down chagrin scandalize rip devil yo-yoed astonish about-turn kid around encroach on lament rankle whet jumble up needle tousle enfeeble puzzle sweat bedevil distract unbalance vaporize damage anguish overwhelm put to trouble lead on quicken question knocked over joggle budge withdraw rustle agitated impose give a bad time confuse daze lose it eat away at vex untidy feed the fire fluster jived Nettling interfere unmanning bastardize weary fracture cloud heat up jumble shut harrow complicate matters lost it egg on knock for six yield anger unglued keyed-up strap lay waste cancel snarl work on embroil voodoo unmanned transform sadden bewilder fault paddle irk midstream transfer dazzle dismay break in dislocate interrupt rummage glide Perturbate rupture Henpeck knocking down repel ship thrill constrain turn on wear unload tangle untidied madden toss aggravate muss up burden addle writhe reverse overturn fight bore stagger quest make uncomfortable remove upset the apple cart discourage press startle check lay aside agitate not plan unseat obtrude on entrench vexing move lose track of wound mystify torture commove pluck the beard pother keel over jolting Importune disquiet provoke pierce galled laying waste uncover vomit new broom becloud infringe discommode jiving throw into disorder call exercise keep vibrate heat adjourn kill upturn wake up push transfigure scare heckle shuffle crack Jarred ride ruin niggle oppose hustle get under skin obstruct weigh whisk bite whip elicit bemuse faze muss apply to move on nettled knock props out harassed grate on nettle HIT torment keyed up get through to disorient get to vaporise quaver whip up rock displace lock horns with keep on stirred up break quibble hem and haw petrify influence discomfit appall haul throw off balance rack alarm terrify assail disorder roughen lacerate knock crumple nap break up abash abstract grab incite rasp mock horn in on fretted awaken propel prey on judder besiege keep under outwit swirl overcome replace hinder jangle derange disarray troubling chill YOYO knock loose lower destroy throw into confusion amaze prostrate exacerbate let down kidding around upsets start erase shake nab abrade conflict knock galley-west trespass chafe joke not use Harassing relate undulate surprise contravene nit-pick rouse nose-dive wince work up offended negate lay out try the patience oscillate new quench quit off-load put out of place beleaguer Nettles relegate go for make nervous barge in on get on nerves jostle make over confound impress intrude upon jolts annoy eat make it tough for mess up get rid of antagonize Impassion trouble scatter disrupt obtrude infuriate insult balk discomfort turn rub lose footing infringe on disconcert affront quiver josh throw spoil Fash bestir fire clutter incommode rearrange molest cancellation hurt lead astray convert offending ail be the matter prevent load with care make a mess of expel PSYCH get down water addle the wits butt in on go tamper evoke cut cross misplace try suspenseful


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