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What is another word for distortion?

Below is the list of synonyms for distortion. Here you can see the other names for distortion.


coverup impurity smoke ugly thing torture farce Intorsion jive misinformation noxiousness exaggeration misprint settlings slip overstatement understatement stain satire effect story transformations malformation scar aggrandizement overestimation flaw misstatement hyperbole Inveracity scab scratch dot perversity variation coloring mark misuse burlesque deformation stigma over-appraisal buckle half truth evolution falsehood quibbling routine falsification double meaning fibbery fleck gash splotch fallacy travesty fibbing weal PRS blot on landscape bias speck evasion fraudulence baloney irregularity cover up Untruism rift Malconformation variabilities discoloration cartoon fallaciousness misrepresentation defacement deceptiveness blemish turnover variability untruth shake up tall story transformation embellishment trend mountain out of molehill hogwash defect mis-statement distortion pockmark feigning vicissitude misconstruction falloff fable inaccuracy jaggedness abrasion send up adjustment line reform transfiguration transition mar lampoon truthlessness corruption pollution embroidery nick alteration slit crock monstrosity kink drawback bs Equivoque novelties blister straining asymmetry sag transubstantiation lie mistake send-up Double dealing eyesore overvaluation gaffe vulgarism turn tergiversation underestimations contortion transmogrification scuff parody unevenness oversimplifications spot misconception sinkage sinkings wanderings half truths twist runaround hyperbola spoilage fakery twistedness caricature miscalculation fall-off lopsidedness bend hurt counterfeit blotch takeoff confusion blunder Misshape oversimplification mutation misinterpretation freckle distorted shape perversion turnovers twisting misestimation falsifications misquotation damage deflection falseness misreading mutilation blot overrefinement fracture slant underestimation error hack sore novelty optical aberration figment notch equivocality jazz tarnish typo downtrend crookedness amphibology correction equivocation scrape spoof warp fault overdevelopment sendup untruthfulness score chip deformity disfigurement dissimulation bumpiness brand aberration misunderstanding freakishness wart mockery prevarication perjury disinformation oversight fake rottenness laying it on thick lesion shufflings imperfection Misjudgment deflections change trick libel litotes check

transitive noun

error pork pie Misexplanation check torsion wrongness hyperbole deformation catachresis intertwine background pitched rumble creaky plausibleness welt flawedness litotes charade aberration bad likeness meander falseness slanting easy matted spherical aberration sty aberrancy defectiveness freckle forked tongue disingenuousness dispersion injustice overrefinement wow eisegesis scar pure harmonious crook wale expressionism disfigurement misrepresentation torturing heterodoxy Misshape travesty Misexposition venal optical phenomenon misapprehension port-wine stain bowed bad faith pustule birdies colouring pockmark tortuousness malformation wring misrepresentaation post-truth Misexplication crackle hypocrisy mole sophistication polygraph crookedness feedback hickey rift warp Fluted impairment knot squelch optical aberration evasive reasoning motorboating woomping convoluted post-factual humbug miscoloring torture inaudible gloss cobbler wart illusion wen depth fallaciousness botch sophistry pit twine howling skewness insincerity blurping vicious circle falsifying diffraction heresy special pleading casuistry misdrawing obfuscation nonlinear distortion misfeasance speciousness twisting Self-contradiction mispainting tune false coloring misconstruction harm misreading contortion equivocalness blister Misdoing bias scatter vicious reasoning Peccancy hogwash sophism perversion defect Malconformation obscurantism contorting flection blooping track falsity lentigo errancy deflection sebaceous cyst understatement refraction hissing parody burlesque hamartia erroneousness sophistical reasoning buckle abstractionism flexure scratch anamorphosis scratching misrendering Miscitation contort gnarl twistedness comedo false swearing brassy malentendu electrical phenomenon vesicle jesuitry untruth sinfulness misinterpretation warped bulla delusion oversubtlety bleb twisted misstatement faultiness falsification weal chromatic aberration keloid distorted shape needle scar fallacy porky canard consonance unorthodoxy form coloring strawberry mark plausibility deviancy specious reasoning hum pock tortuosity kink wrong whistles artifice crack low-pitched Speciosity Misjudgment confabulation birthmark twist acoustic phenomenon equivocation misconception misquotation wrenching craze twisty Hollowly warping perjury Misreport squeals exaggeration untrueness Overdrawing defacement Philosophism rhythmic port-wine mark nonrealism sin scribble static Misintelligence scab Garbling flutter bend untruthfulness mistake amplitude distortion flaw slant inaccuracy mistranslation prevarication squeezing deformity misuse of words apparent soundness hemangioma disfiguration verruca pimple blemish bass 1 Shredding split misunderstanding wowwows grating daub damage blackhead mystification straining fault jesuitism propaganda cicatrix subtlety interweave whitehead bent nevus half-truth abuse of terms crater sonorous fluttering rationalization milium Deflexure circularity caricature overstatement Malobservation roil meandering shape diffusion misapplication Misteaching

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