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What is another word for distort?

Below is the list of synonyms for distort. Here you can see the other names for distort.



transitive noun

fake task overdraw lacerate go up pervert make out like displace unite hump give the wrong impression gloss over Misrender Misdeem veer Lames distend goof up twist the words straining rumple break goof-up Buckling equivocate camouflage transform rend misconceive overemphasized romanticize guess Hashed ulcerate bent ruin Worming debase caricature Rimple contort inveigle help loop exact Unform gnarl muddle fabricate misinterpret impersonate overcome bias gloat screw organize satirize collapse build up to strain fumble extend frame fatigue hook puff slit blot wreathe unbalance confuse entice lay on thick genuflect gather leave alone obscure torment pique wrong neaten stain expand foul taint misread vandalize give a false account sag deflower blight flounder Unshape Triturate put one on to bend strain the sense scab flaw uproot jest degrade ruck up dogleg augment colour exert hedge rip convoluted deceive flatten get wrong learn exaggerate enlighten addle expurgate upgrade put down bowdlerize abase deviate affect arc promote craze alloy subvert hinder live reel scratch arrange embellish interlace oppose lead on turn wind blemish imbue wrap lengthen fix unhinge mat poison convolute link embroider twisting grow cut oversimplify cook up Miscite pain fall down romanticise infect fudge wrenching hoax enhance scar discolor overemphasise transmute misstate order animalize outwit frame up warp entangle lower enlace forge denature maim heighten spiral seduce fog up Miscolor compress rope in kink deprave negative garbled go to extremes lame pull fib change shape information jumble aid jerk stamp on batter whitewash recast gain quell blow out of proportion dress up diffuse stretch pound diverge defile wound ill-treat bulge weaken advance remove argue insincerely disrupt canker bruise inflate extinguish Fluted negate misapprehend angle pulp tighten counterfeit pretty up touch Misteach pollute lose crack mistake roil give birth titivate enmesh get one wrong cover demoralize rip off squash over-exert wriggle twisted mutilate give way blow smoke fake it deformed zigzag contorted aggrieve tinge cicatrize colouring twist jive overstate violate juggle with lie interfere disguise damage bow disfigure qualify give snow job neglect undermine juggle give the lie to Hacked mistranslate pyramid refract misjudge misunderstand question ramble overtaxing worm manipulate deflect obliterate curve unsettle imbalance wrest honour press mask push mangle abuse smash ape misapply spot hash up envelop pad obfuscate water prevaricate writhe amplify hairpin lampoon destroy predispose coarsen deface forswear arrive mash slant romance misuse disturb scam rig glossed over spoil Misreport adulterate bear on interfere with lies corrupt overexert burlesque warped blotch Paralogize tinker with falsifying jam emphasize flawed heel overwork incline malform turn awry jived liquidize keep snarl degenerate Injuring squish flex crook coil tamper with impact butcher knot rack assist belie have on hoodwink harm deform change wring disorder misquote mislead meander total misexplicate snow overdo hide fold grieve yield reason ill spring put on recoil sprain meandering generalize ruffle upset boost disperse dissemble yank prejudge encircle Zigzagged cheapen intensify tear trash prejudice form send up travesty Illude rigged imitate Misshape validate diffract wax prepossess understate palter rook lead astray hack trump up furl ignore jaundice entwine gild split garble misconstrue change form weight bowed replace curl mix up scarify take out of context jiving prostitute phony up Hacking vitiate engineer overestimated accomplish unloose influence wrinkle poke fun at extract crumple hose squeeze tarnish gull Overdrawn becloud trick out invent up touch on injure quote out of context deteriorate slump tangle organise decline hesitate join varnish exalt overemphasised honor spin annihilate widen sway Angles debauch let go cloud arch trample twisty listen overestimate ravish evade grease palm rationalize pucker bastardize give a bias to wiggle wince confound cripple morph foul up explain lay it on thick doctor rick kill Zigzagging Misexpound hyperbolize check divert victimise take off tamper indoctrinate hike misrepresent lure four-flush impair bend out of shape lied overemphasize quash color attach botch melt skew Buckled hash fiddle with weave enlarge victimize hunch emphasise scatter laugh at prejudice the issue screw up roast crush mess up hold blur roll bear weighted veil to twist amputate Disfeature prejudice against wreathed overreach weighting contaminate warping wreck murder gum up interweave knit loused up matted integrate ravage loud talk desecrate improve shape nod over-emphasize vulgarize gloss fiddle achieve increase Romancing grimace ridicule wrench cook intertwine louse up put a spin on conceal hurt enclose quibble agonize overtaxed contract falsify unmix tergiversate ascend massage vandalise devalue i go back on joke laying it on thick lay on disorient overgeneralize overtax err alter strain load buckle misexplain fog rigging brag hack up ensnare twine lace mar appear flay bear upon outrage refuse boast torture despoil con flub adjust bend parody encode jeer


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