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What is another word for dim?

Below is the list of synonyms for dim. Here you can see the other names for dim.


pale unpalatable without egress ghostlike lamebrained yo-yo banausic unassuming flat sombre dusk toned-down halfbaked stupid run of the mill suspicious shallower matte soft benumbed Weak-minded crepuscular blind bosky pitch black Obscured dark-complexioned dewier dumb leading nowhere birdbrained dense foggy disapproving without exit white bread far off opaque ponderous understated aery gorked pitch-dark faint weak boorish not bright Nubilous sullied obtuse fuzzy slowest ill-defined unemphatic shallow obscure slow on uptake monotonous unstressed sleepy out of the sun hazy not clear murky dull bovine Shrouded unlit vague depressing depressive garden variety softer roily out of earshot overcast somber whitish black monotone poorly lit shadowy wispy twilit muddied smazy forceless unnoticeable indistinct mentally defective darkish unclear stygian unaccented muffled retarded dumdum prosy membranous Amphibological white-bread filmy ho-hum intangible sapless dreary besotted half-lit numbskull oafish lightless weakest faded Unconspicuous cloddish dun dead-end Waterish non-transparent Fumy skeptical Vapory out of focus apathetic slow clear as mud dim-witted subdued cimmerian gloomy wan ill-lighted sooty Atramentous umbral halfwitted down in mouth thick fogged in nontranslucent draggy sluggish nebulous under a cloud pea-soupy wraithlike YOYO comatose stupefied overclouded unspecific pedestrian bilious muted Numskulled unexplicit stodgy dim ceiling zero yawn producing corpselike blunt dingy toneless unlighted reedy lead balloon unvaried blah tenebrous drab hohum indolent laid back washed out broken down in the pits shady unilluminated whitebread dusky inconspicuous lackluster humdrum truistic chiaroscuro dewy lethargic doltish cloudy umbrous dewiest low key dismal loutish dark ho hum doughy underachieving closed in doughier roiled aphotic enigmatical undefined no nonsense smoggy blearer soporific lusterless adusk out of spirits Gossamery slow on the uptake imprecise darkened bleary socked in blurred ghastly unintellectual rayless tarnished Thick-headed zero-zero thick-witted silhouetted discouraging closed at one end Fuliginous gray mat low-profile shaded umbrageous drowsy retardo adumbral obfuscous swarthy caliginous witless subfusc inky unpromising


transitive noun

bedazzle soft blinded view with disfavour lusterless matte blacken quieten indeterminate subdued half-baked becloud hurting unclear gravel-blind melancholy drivel faded grim miserable roily thickheaded dim-witted bleach numbskull obtuse monotonous wither blindfold neutralise aphotic keep lunatic sketchy quietened dull ho-hum blanch silhouette unspecific neutral fume fall pearly dashing Gloam dingy mellow evaporate fuzz Chuckleheaded darkish unintelligent hinder enigmatical out of the sun unimaginative weaken poor bloodless puerile fallow poorly lit unintellectual bleak ill-defined hurt thick conceal Weak-eyed stolid take exception fuzzy pitch-dark confused cretinous adverse achromic cadaverous wishy-washy merely glimpsed gray dirty languish diminish puzzle esoteric ease off nothing muddled weak-voiced impenetrable distant lose resolution toned down chance clouded mat confuse suspect anemic equivocate bleary-eyed peroxide Vegetated horrid repress stupefy pitch dark indefinite wraithlike Vapory abstract vaporous melt away Darkle haggard afflictive crazy imbecilic after dark senseless Weak-minded nightfall draw overcasting lenient whispered fat-headed lustreless twilight misty dusky unpromising idiotic dazzle hope fishy nontransparent camouflage ghastly pleasing evening Thick-headed lower gibber kooky cloak recede addle Darksome tucker out faltering moonless soften rare unsubstantial poky rule asinine dumb mysterious semivisible antipathetic stodgy muddy obscurely airheaded daze deepen hoarse Lack-lustre Excecate retard impalpable gloom Exsanguineous lowering lonesome pedestrian opaque monotone blear-eyed slow-witted veiled no nonsense gullible dopey muttonheaded harebrained loony imperfect dismal unreal doltish hazy unintelligible hostile whiten ethereal overshadow unilluminated blur not shiny overclouded repellent low-profile jejune faint-voiced obscure incomprehensible birdbrained exsanguine veil knock out gentle foolish stygian inexplicable exsanguinated dip not clear restful soft-sounding overhang nighttide Fuliginous pianissimo Bleared knuckleheaded go white colorless benight wind down zany out of spirits half-blind Mole-eyed sombre dejected unlighted slow on the uptake exhaust whitebread drab frosted lead balloon laughable nauseating lunkheaded Evanish chloranemic hebetudinous outweigh sunless non-transparent dotty hushed ambiguous imbecile mute concealed ill-lighted make dim befog Fat-witted ebb taper off toneless rust hiding perish sluggish brown invisible tarnished thick-pated murky transparent cloud questionable waxen crepuscular lacklustre deathly pale comfortless restrained pallid inconspicuous vesper indistinct unobtrusive rise above block the light wrongheaded watery grey impair obfuscous touched pessimism frowzy tomfool pale unexciting unfavourable cast a shadow negativity decrescendo ho hum disappear gouge grow dull darken over wash out yo-yo hypochromic extinguish ill-advised plodding gauzy Whey-faced retardo simple hoodwink unthinking vitiate dimpsy twilit sand-blind plain grow faint harm subdue peter out out of earshot cloudy drain begloom darken cool mindless look askance blind the eyes inauspicious Dimmish dull-pated repugnant recondite shroud ashy bedim hueless grime disapprove filmy unformed black out arcane defocus flash occultate understated very stupid mist hopeless dull of mind boneheaded smear hideous tedious perplex gormless wilt fade zero repulsive phantom slow jet black yawn producing Evading uninteresting transcendent deadly pale veils darkened Soft-voiced Obumbrate woolly vespers blinding reduce unresponsive ghostly somber blackness shadowy dreary etherize blear umbrageous pitchy wan depressing prophet murksome repetitious moronic enclose make hazy washed-out troublesome vacuous run-of-the-mill tiresome rimy livid ordinary achromatize outshine low-beam repressed vapid flag lay out indiscernible ill-lit gorked nameless grow black shade muzzy lumpish empty-headed dull-headed Encloud tenebrous night no-nonsense negative be sceptical sickly lose nights shaded kos early black hush humdrum threatening pastel numb shady blah garden-variety violent washed out woozy hide unrecognizable adolescent uncertain out of focus Obnubilate cover tone down tasteless veiling obscurity undetermined wispy oafish foliated routine Feeble-minded joyful hidden Dim-eyed wretched thick-brained neutralize haze bleary leafy relent low-key toned-down wearisome braindead etiolate horrible opposing glum boring discouraging change intensity ashen nasty bovine abate piano taper puzzling undistinct insipid pointless vanilla sullied Dull-sighted govern lumpen pea-brained vanish eclipse melt drain of color Numskulled subfusc win banausic weak undistinguished evasive thick-witted loopy enfold blackout slur dense faint Atramentous normal cold bled white worn undefined fog inane strike blind attenuate brain-dead naive fatuous intangible wane blurry stupid evanesce YOYO bedarken witless benumb equivocal funereal pasty airy tire crestfallen foggy quench enigmatic uninspired mealy undermine unnoticeable out to lunch subaudible grow dark barely audible lowered half-light draw in tenebrific close dark-colored held back be displeased cimmerian Obscured boorish nighttime dun colourless shadow envelop grow dim pinheaded dusk zero-zero alleviate the gloaming etiolated pessimistic smoky discolor Tallow-faced caliginous defeatist overcast turbid imprecise weeping oppressive gruesome late afternoon heavy unplain daft generalized half-seen gloomy dispiriting semidark Blunt-witted scarcely heard occult Dull-witted remote pale as death turn down thin enshroud horrendous rainy unfriendly ignorant antagonistic thickskulled nonsensical atrophy black sallow indistinguishable half-witted discolored lifeless tarnish hypothetical groggy wooden-headed muted after hours anesthetize half-visible pig-ignorant deprive of sight snow-blind reject dim out rash reedy not bright decolorize flat uncolored inky earnest insane muffled joyless low lightless Gross-headed vague elusive Hebetate disheartening grimy jet brainless adumbrate nebulous obfuscate lamebrained rarefy Obfuscated cryptic dimmed smoggy evanescent leaden formless dim-sighted lugubrious deaden filmy-eyed change glare not all there blunt make blind imperceptible quiet tinted hard to make out unlit repentant goofy preposterous shapeless milky achromatic feeble abstruse wooden nontranslucent cushion eluding encompass with shadow purblind addled fail fogged run-down forlorn blot out bandage opalescent incorporeal make less bright gloaming absurd ponderous Obscuring Nubilous dark decolor pale-faced dead lurid feeble-eyed visionary ludicrous amorphous pitch-black dwindle nuts badly lit blind rayless blurred lessen grave cloud over clear as mud Half-heard overcloud Murmured gas Overweigh film mousy murk waste away prosaic lackluster jerky weakly fade away dozy cheerless


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