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What is another word for depart?

Below is the list of synonyms for depart. Here you can see the other names for depart.




transitive noun

fade evacuate outed turn on visit hie skedaddle retread pull back run counter to get on run away go out flit bolt sidetrack whip evanesce vacation incline book kick around blow order cave in split go AWOL use turn away cease to exist object Jaunting yield alter fade away be off leave office go back kick it to leave recede check out go astray incite desertion estrange unchain divert drift cast out beat a retreat Neared impress take French leave bend vacate consume fall warp disunite accede disagree break down twist toddle along jabber unseal branch off to set off quash mismatched career tack flatline make a move finish sashay off retreat deviate take to flight overlook navigate dissociate die out drop out jump obey step hop it depart from injure alternate overtake cruise die understand march unveil fail erode YOYO yield the ghost isolate sally out subtract knot bugger off succumb obscure break divorce start work out of neglect linger cut and run unsettle straggle withdrawing lapse hurry verbalize march out nap retire sequester void instigate step aside junket usher in discard absquatulate violate kite voyage amble renounce sneak out fare increase cut out kick the habit counter impede gallop slip the cable aim whisk institute owe lift off dwindle happen secede make for obstruct leap unyoke leave no trace up and die abscond kick in enter upon fade out knuckle pack one's bags immigrate not touch break up hang Excurse head for throw off alienate exhaust waste away decamp kick over deviate from egress invent reel apostatize get off diverging yo-yo pack it in undermine buzz off leaving advance jump bail move off take wing beat it cash in unhitch demise pass away keep sashay steal away expel relinquish violate oath peg out lurch light propel make a break jump ship barrel keep silent dispel bound fluctuate fork give out strike out mosey hit the sack BUG OFF clear off heading for ready fly by decease parted Vacating jolt avoid setting out run away from untie roar off take flight aberrate harp on weigh verbalise fall asleep contrast wilt swerve locomote head off get going overnight issue err end go like lightning divide found influence retire from sight remove pass on ease out set out occur Unfix join dissolve go get under way resign run off not conform run along scram quicken abandon hasten migrate divagate break camp go under fall out proceed wing it cut adrift set apart run transfer jump on lose train of thought hotfoot abate delete lessen Git flake out blaze out hook it emigrate intonate absent unfit ebb leave the scene pass over push on quench shove along dematerialize knock around come away overthrow kick the bucket run out on move out of walk away open make a start sally forth levant pull away diverge be getting along untangle forsake yo-yos untie the knot clear out digress walk out vent escape veer off set forth part company offend hem and haw push play truant stand apart kited clash fly the coop naff off imbalance whirl to set out sink away skip out trot take it on the lam progress keep away turn originate Vacated quibble used up take the plunge varying opt out meander shrink bustle kick off keep aloof adjourn shut off wasting away jet dissent end gradually induce course skew be lost repair hand over cease to be vamoose transport stand aloof offed angle off abdicate off-load J cut off piss pull up stakes bog get away shove off troop set off flow back get out launch expend pioneer be gone vocalise headed for annihilate light out waste Zigzagged empty melt away inaugurate move slip off Quitting used-up go on leave move out withdraw unfasten emerge embark have no more cease road move away wriggle out deflect give way take off jumble pack up skip throw out uncover exit activate be consumed check slope off change go away sink use up pace take a hike sally keep going pop off wither head make a run for it toddle collapse invalidate retract not finish blaze cease to live back leg it differ inflected face about vocalize question come to naught bow out setting off run out imprison die away do a fade-out take a powder hang it up hustle withdraw from back down keep quiet make tracks retrogress go along invert FUGITATE quit get underway discontinue expatiate tergiversate slip away conflict parting offing recoil absent (oneself) actuate journey evade go forth zap hit the trail juxtapose hit the bricks disarticulate disjoin pivot transform voetsek disconnect take away head for the hills dart keep apart jilt weaken operate give ground volte face duck canter idle stand aside reject disjoint interchange inspire bail out jog take first step pass out vanish from sight annul unlock blast off suffer an eclipse quits expire set aside step down fly using up disengage engender flake off pass quit cold contradict waver HIT make a break for it KITES OUTS kicking around bug out keel over backward make an exit introduce desert lay down lay foundation hightail veto get off the subject shift offer appear wind make off upset unite repudiate mismatch get sidetracked taking off offload absent oneself show the heels inflect knock about travel Knuckled worsen ignore oppose not get arise turn aside fritter dissipate race drop varied Knuckling retrograde sheer pull run for it duck out wander away leave quit this world wear out jettison move on make oneself scarce disappear say goodbye congee get veer variegate out take leave fold hide free oneself march off get along vomit give commence ramble wander zigzag take-off abrogate fold up scarper abrupt knuckle under leave beaten path to wander yo-yoed stray put off mortality give up the ghost dodge lam hit the road evaporate convert rush defect conk long way plump out hold a candle to Zigzagging vacate your post not use lose life leave stranded vanish abstract oneself put out melt wend hightail it near disperse start out go down fall victim to stagger along make a getaway separate croak elude knock off about-face Begone lose the thread dash back away push off backtrack clear Unlink rusticate quail part make away maunder return to dust go on often quickly uncouple wear away flow Leaves gang along leave hanging diverge from stop breathing cast wane pull out impel perish go off on a tangent untwist draw back knuckles wheel jaunt quit the scene fall back regress walk leave flat off quarrel walk out on initiate vary leave service go on furlough eat crow hang up segregate break out depart this life parts relocate Unstick urge go off inspirit belie leave in the lurch war arouse slip out run away with scoot Veered up sticks Evanish fall away from loop inverse elope drive have none left cast off abjure take (one's) leave walk out of get lost flee make a beginning volte-face eject turn tail going away lope up and go move back negate establish


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