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What is another word for deformity?

Below is the list of synonyms for deformity. Here you can see the other names for deformity.


splotch uncommonness Preternaturalness disorderliness injury nick abnormality ugliness epidemic gash infection blot sore defect inconsistency speck congenital anomaly flaw chip monstrosity repulsiveness unnaturalness weirdness strangeness dreadfulness deformity stigma unattractiveness knot turmoil blister misshapement discoloration mutation eyesore evil fracture inexactness dot disarrangement ailment grotesqueness deformations messiness anarchism inchoateness malformation scratch mess spot blotch insanity grossness dishevel Wryness unevenness lopsidedness bend frightfulness mar Misshape deformation amorphousness irregularity entropy freakishness disfigurement spoilage hideousness inadequacy damage complaint shapelessness atypicalness indistinctness unusualness misshapenness score imperfection sickness disorder kink distortion looseness bizarreness asymmetry fuzziness slit disintegration fleck brand scrape defacement muddlement blemish hack laxity aberration buckle warp rift congenital malformation hurt incoherence disconnectedness drawback impairment tarnish stain crookedness weal contortion notch scab chaos ugly thing blot on landscape check pockmark wart confusion mark birth defect scar derangement corruption lesion unsightliness Oddities contagion infirmity anarchy disease tumult clutter commotion perversity condition disorganization obscurity errors fault freak of nature Malconformation indefiniteness extraordinariness discomposure depravity abrasion illness rough spot beautiful freckle perturbation disfiguration Misproportion failings incompleteness scuff mutant formlessness lawlessness impurity disarray frenzy

transitive noun

pigeon-toed affliction harelip offensiveness nevus weirdness blackhead blister scar cleft foot crookback knock-kneed keloid pectus carinatum singularity cleft lip plagiocephaly outlandishness teratology double-jointed welt rift wasting disease pit hunchback unnaturalness flaw scaphocephaly mole Pectus Excavatum grotesqueness swayback sebaceous cyst infectious disease Horribleness occupational disease ugliness oddity cleft palate whitehead bacterial disease terribleness frightfulness malformation warp pathology symptomology disorder disfigurement scoliosis fault Virus Disease birthmark epidemic disease malaise milium allergic disease genetic disease seediness visual aspect verruca loathsomeness illness Fantasticality pock pandemic disease damage paraplegic Chronic Disease Misshape blemish grossness withered talipes freckle quaintness impairment pigeon breast plant disease hump sty Symptomatology bleb functional disease dreadfulness peculiarity morbidity forbiddingness corruption needle scar flatfoot circulatory disease repulsiveness hickey clawfoot Sickishness truncation pockmark atrophy humpback condition gruesomeness port-wine stain check pathological condition congenital defect the crippled lentigo bulla strangeness sickness hideousness handicap ghastliness symptoms awfulness affection scratch cripple protozoan disease handicapped person crater arnold-chiari deformity distortion the handicapped respiratory disease Acute Disease grotesquerie allergy syndrome infirmity Grisliness abnormality hemangioma ampulla degenerative disease endemic morbus split weal bizarrerie gastrointestinal disease pustule knock-knee wale valgus pimple worm disease organic disease endocrine disease repugnantness appearance scab Anticness Rockiness quadriplegic hereditary disease irregularity dwarf torticollis horridness Muscular Disease psychosomatic disease birth defect hatefulness disease teratism defective defacement signs deficiency disease the pip kyphosis splayfoot blight clubfoot wryneck secondary disease midget ailment varus craze Urogenital Disease defect monstrosity complication wen disability deformation bowlegs camelback Iatrogenic Disease imbecile contort aberration disfiguration misshapenness distemper paralytic crack lordosis queerness indisposition complaint nutritional disease neurological disease mutilation incapable port-wine mark absurdity vesicle freakishness fungus disease track Malconformation Pes Cavus bizarreness bow-legged depravity comedo idiot malady amputee flat feet cauliflower ear endemic disease Monstrousness kink cardiovascular disease vileness wart cicatrix curiousness chicken breast Misproportion injury twist strawberry mark

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