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What is another word for deform?

Below is the list of synonyms for deform. Here you can see the other names for deform.


transitive noun

fog up deviate convolute protrude contorted abuse degrade mars falsify corrupting granulate mutate bend out of shape angle change shape better round crimp sharpen rough up incline your body bend make ugly wreck taint bow abase straining bulge out meliorate crush metamorphose writhe crook gnarl disfigure impair vary craze sneer remodel denature turn the tables dishonor Buckled bruise diversify damage obscure flay strained Wiredraw droop striped argyle nod Wringing twine burn Zigzagging furl flatten Marring mar wring vandalise incurvate maimed demean maim give way lean prejudice hurt twisting bribe adapt hump lure to spring draw angle away Injuring renew crinkle distort modify foul ill-treat scowl crumple dinge turn upside down geometry contour truncate arabesque scorch turning curl turn the tide pop demoralize grimace debauch point accommodate confuse warped pattern flawed come out dent Pock-mark restructure incline screw up swerve lame wrenching maltreat pervert falsifying waste depreciate flex pain misuse blot corruptedly convert torture ravage wreathe vandalize cake wangling harm revamp outrage tweak blemish flaw Hacking put out of action strain kink Misshape to bend careen reconstruct qualify do in morph pull a face turn aggrieve revive corrupted bends make a wry face cripple garble spiral start pique squinch revise hack extend trash recast obliterate warp debase Buckling jumble malform amorphous transform obfuscate collapse stoop wrench wilt worsen warps wrench out of shape bulge skew spiraling cicatrize disfigured frown pucker arch hack up tarnish veer flatten out rework detour ruin bending square wince tampering contort Tampered reshape batter Styloid juggle with work a change colour total defile cut mangle sting jaundice mitigate torment silhouette raze butcher scab tilt split violate tartan louse up shape disproportion destroy indent realign mistreat pockmark circle subvert transmute arc stripy mash buckle break taper make misshapen distress misrepresent hook Flexing re-create reduce Incurvated loop warping stretch out waver lose travesty grease palm lower rebuild incapacitate Angles Disfeature Cambering deface form brutalise Zigzagged tear smash refract spiralling roll wrinkle shake up bug out modulate motif spiraled make a face change form convolve roll up bent tamper spotted Hashed wrest stain vitiate misshapen grieve lacerate deformed twisted twist pout bob check maul disable deflect pop out marred muddle unfold butchering bended neglect wangle pull down deprave blotched despoil rot refit turned break up go out of shape redesign camber abrade curve smirk fix mess up mug blight to set melt change putrefy mouth uglify double rend redo wound detract from Mouthed hunch sully Unshape injure wrong wax alchemize scar spring to strain mutilate contaminate bastardize hash remake Illtreat shift the scene bend over ring the changes crouch corrupt fit scarify scratch turn the scale ameliorate lean over to injure shuffle the cards leave plain foul up spoil Mouthing alter color draw blood grain genuflect spiralled refashion cut up lean down angle off infect paisley jar undermine crack to corrupt Trashed pouch suborn stretch animalize distorted brutalize Flexed screw adjust adulterate disgrace buckle up crank reform wind bar weaken Unform to twist mottled verge disorder zigzag bastardise Hacked overthrow blur


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