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What is another word for deepen?

Below is the list of synonyms for deepen. Here you can see the other names for deepen.


low Ear-splitting mitigate inky make acute hone reinvigorate ramify gloom revitalize fluff magnify toughen subdued grow cushion background key up excavate twilight blackout harmonious shore crepuscular help provoke remedial enliven change melodious full exacerbate blow up cast up augment tune fade black exasperate come over brush shady Hollowly sonorous salvage make worse learn silvery color more tweak assuage reformed distillate dulcet uplift easy reform dig high-pitched compound tinny bleed vamp mystify pump consolidate upskill draw in concentrate grip annoy sweet sour magnification amplify power (sth) up intensify obscure deafen expand soup fuel flare sting comfort puff dredge mount rise performance-enhancing booster pick up patch hot up bleach develop matt sugar-coated complicate confuse boost depth mine timbre enlarge remediate power reorganize better leaven upgrade cultivate mollify iterative regenerate bolster whet consonance straighten build raise heighten worsen Outstretch spread out twilit smooth improver refine restructure irritate grating resonance time train rationalize clear up aggrandize brassy repair invigorate jazz up purify course tuneful squelch tonic sink redouble inaudible burrow edge depress turn salve silhouette widen descend into increase open fortify come in melodic dark plaintive make complex euphonious drill darken heal concentrated upliftment inflatable pounding enhance upgradation revamp dilate engorged keep up rectify palliate confound darkly spread acquire reinforcement sweep over right liven (sth) up bloat staccato blow spiral reignite make allay mellow dull condense reformer world squeaky the gloaming stygian baffle polish sharpen cement sharpen (sth) up accelerate fullness lengthen solidify decompression surge moonless hop up strengthen jell bulk high best embroidery sweeten touch tuneless countersink echo heat up burst redeem remediation embitter shadow absorb inflate difference deep agent provocateur acquaint yourself with something stiffen revolutionize scoop out beef up salt step up save work hollow dissonance break tighten ameliorate shade be beyond someone blacken shape exaggerate engulf mellifluous blackness defy draw silhouetted triple enrich double broaden half-light dig out rhythmic swell enhancer crackle dive embroider rouse improve spice hand perk up build up deteriorate plump tunnel heat go down gel upskilling reverberate stretch fortification shadowy go off boil pill pitched relieve master lift fillip hair creaky pure gray outspread dingy clear run ring shot extend catch leaden bass 1 dim soup up slip into discordant reinforce dash audible benefit be (as) clear as mud rehabilitate humanize aggravate boil up degenerate shrill deepening elevate out gloomy pitch-dark retrain freshen revivify streamline perk crest balloon bootstrap rehabilitation liven (sb) up low-pitched scale harden ginger hold raucous pulse channel brighten decompress

transitive noun


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