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What is another word for damage?

Below is the list of synonyms for damage. Here you can see the other names for damage.



using up tort imperfection grievance debasement noncustodial losing set-back request for payment remainder fault lease boo-boo disintegration illness badness the end below the line damage puncture wear and tear mishap eyesore mutilations split deprivation deficiency ill adulteration drawback onesidedness devastation vandalism loss minuses Indebtment delusion sore in the hole abrasion weal Dinted community service flack unjustness itemized account impound wart contamination discoloration dearness bad deeds deleteriousness hardship deformity mischance running down Jagging outstandings offset flat tire crackup tatter arm and a leg mileage flacks scab toll amount dead horse blemish out lay impair harm hurt ruined goods adversity fixation out-standing rate worth liability take its toll exorcism deformation Disserve sabotage accident havoc impairment rimation wrong ruination ravage defense mechanism fixated sinfulness eating premium prejudice overshadow misfortune vitiate shambles failing destruction in justice muckraking shortcoming extradition stroke scathe depreciation terms value detraction misshapenness wreckage cost bruise losses BADS blow crackups disadvantage catastrophe bane breakage canker rift detract from burnings booboos boo-boos cave-in the ravages of something consumption pollution scandalmongering cancel out pejoratives debt hooha wrecking deterioration erosion Malconformation charge noxiousness dirty deal equipment casualty price disservice suffering big stink RIMAS ruin perniciousness figure tab bail detriment unfairness evil affliction bad deed spoilage disqualify in equity atrophy spendings statement of indebtedness bottom dollar levy crying shame disqualification Achilles' Heel shrinkage demolition better lesion corruption in hock bill disturbance Dinting stigma Misproportion decay repulsiveness payment favoritism tatters injustice outlay injury unattractiveness waste set backs mutilation casualty spoliation tariff expense wear collapse scandal recompense booboo misplacement retardation trauma losings rima Torts neutralize tidy sum duty wound deformations abuse jeremiad distortion inhumanity outrage impurity defacement reverse weakness complex catharsis tax conditioning Marring fine infliction blotch defense ruining stink disfigurement legal injury liabilities degeneration cheapen railroad mischief inadequacy disaster quotation Banefulness brand loose on traumatization disrepair knockout libel

transitive noun

debit expenditure gnaw valuation smash mayhem vitiate embitter play hob with grievance disfigure torment deformation compensation mutilation score shred get into trouble dead loss incapacitate hurt check total loss rate eat satisfaction menace despoil Disserve savage defloration flaw breakage wrecking alteration damages disablement Divestment mangle evil disfigurement handicap gloss ladder atrocity indemnity loser irritate adulterate mar molest alloy Maiming forfeit wreck loss of ground disfiguration prejudice perdition poison run impairment sabotage harm highway robbery ruining misuse modification battle damage taint frost deprivation mischief expense afflict losing streak deterioration distortion condemn do wrong wounding deflower wound factory price tamper with aggrieve hex cost suffering corrode bid price price pollution toxin Endamage envenom corrupt amount mutilate ill-treat purchase price disturb reparation persecute deface disrepair dispossession support level crack-up despoliation Ruinousness spoliation ruin threaten bereavement sacrifice deteriorate bewitch pollute whittle away taking away spoil undo make worse loss tarnish venom injure bankruptcy hurting do evil burn curse scathe defile crucify combat casualty do wrong by misconduct vexation fine closing price ravel Hobbling outrage wear away detriment change befoulment abomination stripping smash up privation infringement worsen devastation sour whittle down legal injury selling price do ill abuse ruination wrong maltreat jinx crippling play havoc with do a mischief denudation spot price raze disadvantage liability collapse invoice equipment casualty dilapidation forfeiture crying evil modify at-risk wrongdoing operational damage casualty price tag breakdown erode Incapacitation eat away cash price befoul wreak havoc on infection dilapidate bilge asking price deleteriousness mistreat cut up put back weaken the worst harass charge blemish tab violate bruise drawback bane ill defacement actus reus defilement destruction operational casualty bill demolish weakening encroachment total denial blight bandh aggravate alter play (merry) hell with havoc robbery losing torture reimbursement spoiling deprave woe terms destroy despoilment scourge bad distress break doom rust impair goonda infect shatter change of integrity bang up corruption smite inroad wrongful conduct injury exacerbate step backward fret figure sickening

noun, verb


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