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What is another word for crisis?

Below is the list of synonyms for crisis. Here you can see the other names for crisis.



disaster high points drama critical stage crucial occurrence hour of decision nightmare risky business watersheds bickerings deflations to do strife Paralyses hot potato needfulness complication imbroglio crossroad target day a disaster waiting to happen retrenchment tall order ticklish spot tight situation trouble hot spot unrest exposure watershed crossroads crucial point hang up confrontation predicament wonts minefield showdown decisive point tragedy crucial period requirements perplexity unemployment entanglement rough go over-production predicaments melodramas waypost set to situation culmination critical moment jumping-off point crisis point chill requirement difficulty pass plight point of no return crux arduousness aetiology retrenchments quandary exigency pressingness uttermost threat necessity setto danger flash point mileposts meeting point catastrophe paralysis bafflement puzzle pinch height hard time pity contingency pivotal point Uncertainties climacteric Cross-road big trouble nadir melodrama critical juncture change jeopardy politics ultimates impasse phase dehydration key point vital moment Exigencies in security peripeteia urgency rubicons milepost time juncture dire straits supervention conjunctures utmost degree mess TODO slipperiness emergency strait stew circumstance demandingness trial battle conjuncture Critical Period dilemma fix bottom out double trouble up set cross-roads pickle deflation tribulation rising action tight squeeze stress critical moments precipice set-to irreversible momentum soups discharge where it's at crowning points tight spot trying time Vertices LS crying shame hot water kettle of fish hard times hangup adventure remotes crucial moment appointed hour large order stagflation criticalness thin ice high noon climax quagmire painfulness zero hour decisive moment situations imperativeness insecurity Exigence extremity trouble the time turning point marvel when push comes to shove perforation overproduction turn the tide panic Opportunities moment of truth crucial points crisis pinnacle case critical point critical situation high point decide escapade deadlock Imperilment landmark sublimity safety embarrassment sink or swim time start time event if it's cool pressure millstone hallucination corner Critical Periods soup worst-case scenario turn of the tide trauma pathology do or die time ordeal Sublimities etiology crunch decisive turn race against time moodiness L crowning point likelihood kairotic moment transition pivotal moment head depression clutch vicissitude havoc critical mass laboriousness Extremities strenuousness involvement

transitive noun

height cardhouse core bust rocks ahead market expansion Endangerment important thing quandary gist risk high pressure curse trouble critical cornerstone climax mess vortex economic crisis high growth rate substance house of cards low quicksand crunch extremity menace financial crisis crucial period hinge crossroads upturn economic cycle bottoming out expanding economy push business cycle dangerous ground growth heart eventuality pinch dunkirk gathering clouds confrontation depression peril landmark nub Peaking salient point urgency stress tension cause for alarm convergence of events noncrucial turning point strait gaping chasm emergency Main Thing deep water dilemma point of no return disaster pith prosperity dollar gap critical juncture bench mark Gravamen exigency slump stalemate peak the bottom line danger expansion breakers ahead calamity keystone essence Genie milestone slowdown main point recovery essential matter dollar crisis feeding frenzy moment of truth going climacteric substantive point juncture chief thing sine qua non plight kernel threat predicament pivot boom recession imperativeness material point economic expansion situation economic growth panic stations contingency real issue catastrophe cooling off noncritical fundamental meltdown meat zero hour clutch fate critical situation the point Imperilment essential thin ice downturn issue rub bind crux business fluctuations critical moment jeopardy high point press schtuck culmination occasion standoff great point cardinal point dire straits pressure storm clouds critical point shtook hazard rum pass turn


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