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What is another word for crack?

Below is the list of synonyms for crack. Here you can see the other names for crack.



Jollies blotch slit jeer turn discontinuity scab thunderclap aperture fault line witty comment have a crack at something choice gushings lesion hack tarnish cutting remark counterclaim whomps collapse rima gush input shatter dirty dig remark bat of the eye two cents' worth joy powder knot defacement thwack porthole thank-you note all one's got perforation Potch incision ebullitions nick gap portholes one-liner thunderclaps outbreak explosion gushes figure out crack-up blipped gulf Herniae leak one's darnedest crystals hashish jive Mos stain crackup blot boom handclaps excellent new wrinkle discoloration sixty seconds find the answer to speck retort lip splitting bat short time fling gaps fragmentation knock rap concussion point in time spate rift bat of an eye bump noise break down score rib tickler thank you note crinkledness jibe superior cloughs no time rib-tickler crash leakings go mad break crackle scar fulmination leakages Hernias wham comment flap answer whomp heroin three winks witticism good times spot smack dot By-place wrinkle roughness slam handclap jiffy mockery hemp test run kos SECS serration cut fissure smash up expert hernia repartee pile up crack a code Foramina sore tatter damage white horses distortion Ebullition Interspace splinter weal click freckle jest blemish Cokes fault trace infirmity showcases one's level best poundings slot HIT opportunity hour putdown errors rendings mark blast stigma object of ridicule cranny marijuana jog mojo rumble refutation impurity have a nervous breakdown Research and Development blindside one's all go peephole foramen minute Laughters work out cocaine effort whacked approach PUNS backhanded compliment zap fracture bash crack crack under pressure clack try rimation flare up cleft stroke space chink crevasse JIFF opening clout byplace hours toppers trumpet kink bid pockmark MINS rough spot abrasion scratch disfigurement brickbats eyelet indent pop trice taunt short circuits whopped pinholes notch wisecrack wart unravel outlet fault Brokenness breach brand counter-claim smash fragment cavity blister band aid mar leakage put-down drawback rhetorical question outpouring raggedness antiphon upper-cut go to pieces insult short while herniation Short circuit lose control uprising thump roundhouse chasm cuff abyss first-class bang witty remark breathings program jarring Bushiness counterclaims instant opium pile-up solve clap failings rime outgoings rupture uppercut sixtieth of hour uppercuts eyesore biff snap manner rent sortie gibe ignitions R&D tatters drug indentation min gash Pilgarlic tap whacking return the ticket gust smash-up knuckle sandwich whack Funnies cannabis outstanding go bang antiphons backcap interstice brickbat keyhole derision bon mot scrape splintering RIMAS hurt stardusts howl window imperfection quip Woolliness zinger speedball crepitation parting shot ignition queue mutiny jives stab nothing flat belt morphine interval wrinkledness go ballisitic jolting cloves splotch stardust line crevice torrents volley ravine coke Mouthfuls chip geological fault buffet spoilage bumpiness whops first-rate explode dig smart remark back answer coverts brilliant joke burst gag white lady freebase crackups firings detonation obiter dictum poke shagginess eyelets hand-picked percolation white horse happy dust say so fleck scissure orifice slap buffetings blow observation mutilations funny remark scuff crack-ups pinhole echoes report check deformity detonate division whirl fault trend sec inning defect roundhouses top-notch keyholes shot zingers one's best decipher wallop out goings Re-mark clip guff hole moment split way mutilation attempt flaw drumfire whop Clough trial

transitive noun

hammer rationalize unlock twinkle cut nice bark solder pit swipe move in rabbet translate illuminate utterance pick leading second able annihilate pop Streaking Coulee incise bid twit scale spitting distance Daedal jangling parallel clever play cocain mistake rift junk disintegrate milium saying frailty simplify outburst chase peal porosity incision boom give spread out first-class question kook torn wicked open the lock verbal thrust invade short piece brilliant idea say declaration cuff jar flout witticism conceit lance hemangioma lacuna fall grope whap bezel intake exceptional good valuable demonstrate ditch knock down deform wriggle twitch fragmented gape queue slash virtuoso merriment spring a leak unravel punch pleat endeavor faute pustule channel lam seek fling knock crevasse upper approach decode furrow narrate knowledgeable disclose defect trench make an entrance eye blank gash bat hundred-proof weaken apart smite drumming scarify nullah vote whang imperfection lob antiretroviral break down ravel separate irregularity know stuff flap allegorize box canyon error tornado capital qualify flaw put-down impair run gall draw nasty crack cwm manage acuteness yawp pep pill two shakes divine Jollies lark shed light upon attempted go off crevice lambent veteran beat fathom neat char dado mock fissure crack up fracture conquerable politic job chance popper break through lead breach discontinuity quips and cranks pleasantry Striature insert deal a blow stagger great rut go proficient deck obiter dictum seam knack quick-thinking rumbling work out deluxe wounds immedicable slug unplug ding-dong tattoo giggle spit nutter pyrolyze gunfire porous kick in the teeth assault decrepitation gibing retort repartee laceration unscramble voice cute pinhole whistle masterly sing Unriddle vulnerable place explosion jerk clobber chisel kick in overturn averment comedo engrave holes knacker hit a clip understand hoax deft kos lateral thinking splitting crepitate rough split format expound vitiate distortion splinter greeting unstopping lick tear open recite hiatus parch VUG sally Euhemerize cut open crock up sound succeed bump clack millisecond scintillation find the answer Torrefy frayed frazzle quick-witted pro rap click tiptop enter knothole interval exertion head bar vacuity inlet birthmark wadi erupt mark valiant show how nothing flat hair space cleft licking singe streak jape knee-slapper lose control belt heed quiz collapse scald famous cracking taunt sec aim irreplaceable weld unbuckle throw rifle span top-drawer tentative unpick apostrophe flake wham go haywire gunshot salvo alligator twist note scab lose self-control judgment lambaste breaker give the meaning the complete judicious narcotic echo spark gap hernia strike at close quarters DO unfold blast puncture high-test scrape trauma fly open half a shake zoom gilt-edged weakness astute vent deformity fusillade stria split second plow fall apart out-of-sight gifted hollow account for gambit keyhole satirize outside blunt abysm lull cupel quip at lentigo traumatize Couloir gat key lose it disfigurement start all-out injure dictum untie cleave number one pound geological fault observance Broaching vet yield exemplify slam diplomatic defile sentence twinkling dike throw open solution no dummy find out ingress always-on hairbreadth boff donga gap wrench problem rupture witty world-class nook infirmity striola little ways fantastic Kloof bash weed crash maim hook spring open pock mole ace cutting remark burst split up snag found puzzle skin Knocked inadequacy MORTAL WOUND trice slice drub ingenious jounce incomparable flop knock cold fab high-grade push drawback get right nutcase peephole plumb roll get the answer to rifling zero cool yaw wart comeback stroke artful move sty tactful reverberate Blackly trough slog alter give away stab very able jollification Facetiae top-notch force valediction unseal uncover sarcasm disfigure get to the bottom of fulmination engraving poke remark hew deficiency let fly intermission opening up snapping kapow knot mention spitting dope justification riposte unsurpassed one-liner port-wine mark oxidate dump freckle craze snappy comeback paste lampoon Yuk enlighten experiment obliterate work in stylish terrific opinion hiss thunder modus vivendi adage qualified flip interstice rib-tickler fine occasion savage flame potshot verruca best make mincemeat of coordinated recess gulch figure out phrase modify inch overthrow attempt coke thrust parthian shot break gulf access conquer dope out eyelet workaround moat onset riot prime persiflage piercing uppercut immigrate tear reveal skilled jaggedness Interspace expert hot fistula title bar artistic violate Undid fragment implode Eyehole freak out change guess right cleavage uppermost blemish sprain yak explicate quip lay short answer little jeer witty remark slick bloody carve cryptanalyze needle scar jarring prick discharge drubbing open aliasing high-class rip suffer unparalleled weak link greatest try versant haymaker corrugate clear up deal caps lock (key) stimulant concussion loose percussion crater rattle riddled killing zip hash ding swish bowl funny tongue lay bare outpouring arroyo unearth juncture exposit report yawn play of wit pronouncement bop nervy on the ball throw light upon explain round scar comment admirable vice joke insult new wrinkle Amyl nitrite venture epigram BMP position crump fret breath divaricate magnificent uprising elite topnotch drollery make clear result joint nick make plain unblock level hold sway over nail stripe swat amusement flute hassle corrugation scurrility puzzle out marijuana allegation break up thud damage prank sebaceous cyst swap insinuate jest awesome noise earshot bonk well-known pummel loosen hit upon practiced scotch dell handpicked get answer nimble-fingered biff JIFF reverberation splat wormhole foramen jiffy tickle bug defection bring opiate dint high-quality out-of-this-world clean a-one statement mad jab quirk succumb knocking down pass notable above par Unshut space defacement endeavour perforation elegant tap tick Uncap recount Hunky cunning striping sore important corticosteroid division have it coup zany volley jump in laying open hurt quick on the uptake conk sizzling slit trick shear practised very good failing groove act explode lose courage inspired swing come unstuck pockmark part mockery roar mutilation nut interpret leak claw first-rate chop exquisite mar fun band jibe apothegm clue spread chap outstanding Bowshot kink disrupt effort pun out of this world wink knife half a jiffy twang vesicle unroll orifice graceful blow up sneer impressive blister dent skunkweed wen elect chip out of sight marvelous unweave tear 1 notice craic kaboom hoopla passageway masterful smart crack canal maul quarrel short distance clout vex lather bobble quick fix ring knock out barb josh flume quick on the trigger jolly whump psych out ready excellent hand-picked check Hell void go through incredible matchless knocking super jive fancy thought time howl plop aperture foible moment undertaking master swinge ruck breakage flash of wit opportunity offer nest cocaine knowing bright idea thunderclap list chafe cavity smack wallop efficient computerize impression flash Daedalian failure Subjoinder go mad unveil untangle vigilant plunk canalize canyon assay killer antidote make way flight of wit quick on trigger jimmy Yerk handy no time quips hole pelt detonate libel dig slat Bravura ravine brief span cleuch detonation hysterical active dextrous touchscreen sort out whomp jostle eruption go bonkers vilify stoma show the way volcano microsecond skillful go bang exclamation rumble snap nose candy sustain gag open up debug break open niche firing decrypt decompose word ventilate rent disentangle dash put-on hotshot funny remark knock around keyboarder burn vesicate zinger lead by the nose hack trained popularize uninstall scoff Stab Wound the compleat supreme ringer bang sport horseplay fit whale hairsbreadth give reason for intelligent uncork tip-top gallows humour weak point penetrate bastinado minute insinuation crackle fulminate choice broach well-done second-degree burn exclusive chimney bright thought retort yank rude reproach go crazy let on whitehead oxidize superb not too shabby sterling slot sear scorch kick notch whirl zap smart saying jolt back answer eminent imprint nifty col abrade chink stick box come apart interjection Dispart lip cast reflection magic wand laugh knockout designer drug whop bottom ignition din disfiguration breathing essay workmanlike undo jump hacker clash trial dip smash return fray vulcanize abrasion fire jigsaw bust strive talented interruption decipher fizz supremacy experienced versed burn off tell go into hysterics unwrap clearing Cisplatin infiltrate explain away no slouch asunder aphorism amazing wound rime fetch lay open flash burn cauterize pip jolting thwack shoot answer keloid distort abyss gorge Fleer elucidate fluting dandy fault quack statesmanlike award-winning assertion Quixote mind-altering catch observe deformation guess larrup HIT short way uncorking jocular hit it wreck blackhead bulla foolery professional superlatively cut apart Boutade superior nevus wonderful methamphetamine raillery upper-class Twink turn let have it microgroove bit sock gully Sulcation expression crackerjack goffer get abuse clarify well-worn groove goodish scroll bar wordplay mangle utter burn in decrepitate shiver observation pistol shot third-degree burn spell out address chamfer rive wizard clap shake karate chop caustic remark mot coldcock striate instant excavation impact chasm old cicatrix Fracturing whack wrinkle Bashing blaze half a mo hair cicatrize resourceful scuff yuk yock outlet nozzle no mean quite some acuity Strove quick jug downer yabbering tops work crackling disjunction throwing open ravel out nimble Faulting weal swing open PSYCH knuckle sandwich lace band-aid solution half a second gouge score scratch vindication untwist steam magisterial pore outbreak resolve valorous little problem fall to pieces injury lesion unmask brand beating dab enterprise strong bid stroke of wit bunch inconsistency noble track gibe accomplished fatigue crack fontanel find the key to go across cranny rasp illustrate go to pieces buffet earreach black hat demolish whiz solve crepitation warp fenestra sulcus Clough thump mutilate blow smart-alecky remark introduce top clump lacerate dexterous make out breaking striation brilliant unrivaled unclothe riddle soak passage whine wale something missing coal happy thought turn of thought affront strain strawberry mark rend gas scissure loftiest apt divide shot bleb leg-pull valley fetch a blow shortcoming have welt slap Ope adept disclosure depression parting shot fillip deface port-wine stain ding-a-ling pierce demythologize opening hickey show crimp unscrew verbal abuse freak authoritative clip shatter trial and error exfoliate mean striga at-risk knell adroit hoot wisecrack close range shift bundle racket give way taint strike bon mot step pimple some

noun, verb


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