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What is another word for compel?

Below is the list of synonyms for compel. Here you can see the other names for compel.


transitive noun

call the signals jog check lure engage inhibit charge nab dream up operate forward overbear decree led actuate tyrannize over call beset drive on appeal to advocate manipulate overmaster restrict petition squeeze watched over inflict yield override lean on condemn set in motion instruct manoeuvre quicken dog draft daunt Brought work upon claim stress want jerk stipulate result in question overwhelm crush key up arm-twisting put the chill on prod extract preoccupy overcome overawe talk into harass tick lord it over obligate make necessary stir task thrill hem in prevail wrenching incarcerate turn locking up attach quell wreak lade tread down conjure charm tyrannize besiege train sue evoke extort disquiet prevail upon beg steamroller obliged request enact bid enchant fortify submit walk all over direct effect get results whip on harry locked up order to testify bend mark out function put foot down favour lash encourage tame limit govern ensnare muscle excite implement sandbag gladden take Impetrate rule out transfix commit bleed rationalize set going summon rouse unexacting detain deprive let accomplish looked-for subdue ask lead hatch generate leads invite gouge badger guard not let go hypnotize stimulate press oblige levy master act entail reduce fascinating shotgun dispose foist hector mobilize beguile expect get things rolling prescribe offer Importune set agoing fascinated incline laying down menace set worry look for usher enjoin walk over kindle turn on the heat ride roughshod over shame browbeat inspire put the arm on energize originate prompt triumph require postulate seek subjugate ban act upon terrorize press heavy on mobilise hold office pray have a part in lay down looking for dictate bias appoint give make happen promote achieve domineer over go create administer fulfill force lay take over adjure dragoon knock Wrenched call for ordain arouse grind down engross vanquish herd unobliging rule marking out cast down grasp pester apply spur work on motivate lack forbid obsess maneuver wrench quash fire up elicit make go narcotize vex disallow hit up route trap deny conduct fire Enforcing think up urges withhold force upon enrapture win over vest rush exhort beseech impelling modify hog-tie order bulldoze get hooks into hold to ransom concuss use force upon entice keep lid on forcible bring to heel spark entrance proclaim animate Henpeck forces recommend bring impose Grips hold down whistle for forced demand reign act on begin lay down the law advise kicking around oppress enslave blackmail control domineer roll buttonhole work give orders allure forced upon tantalize galvanize assess afflict cite tempt wheedle power supplicate fetter insist on working over entreat react send for insist obligated endorse wish gat give directions shape mold click subject push overthrow repress absorb dragoons open introduce run wrest put hasten influence move on argue into hold sway hogtie walk bind insist upon hale depress interdict thrust get at use regulate ride over say take lead have authority infatuate unman tie grind Got raise beat down wield drag knock off restrain clamor come at wring guide find a way mesmerise weigh down propel assert oneself bear down cow enforced fast-talk nail someone down make favor prevail on alter intimidate looked for plead urge will bring to knees impel yank trample down kick hold in necessitate keep under thumb shackle overwork grant call upon intrigue press-gang go along with titillate shanghai ravish get Necessitating intoxicate meddle jail tax form boss attract ride herd on DO obtain trample upon warn move in on bludgeon dun constrain gripped incite shove quarterback obtrude tyrannise coerce cause involve watch over captivate implore tread upon foster exact Forcing egg on rivet requisition goose further put in motion watching over ordinate bar debar work up lead to obliging provoke wreck dismay Gotten Despotize rule over bring about quarterbacks maintain authorize keep under possess guide physically assail mould lock up hum impress interest catch up command constraining foment twist arm push around precipitate muster keep jolt kick around occasion overawed pressurize start cause to enamor hurl give momentum pressure bully hold officiate engender determine fix bow latch on to bounce reel back in nag win lift draw whip up lock-up enforce give to do put the screws on visit reign over decide milk dominate convey whip hurry hamper strong-arm crack down Necessitated make up hold back clamp down on hound enthrall advance keep down revert screw announce lay hands on leave to brainwash head grip front overpower torment force violently need yoke weigh heavy on lean spellbind kickoff suppress sway gets leaning on mesmerize goad railroad declare fasten work over miss solicit drive fascinate revolve finish transport tell move to action break give rise to HIT produce overburden precede take charge throw weight around delight affect give an impetus hustle feel necessity for castrate instigate have manage threaten impact on


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