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What is another word for commune?

Below is the list of synonyms for commune. Here you can see the other names for commune.



transitive noun

identify parish crop congressional district state magistracy group archdiocese people caste Constablewick quarter municipality plebeians throng assemblage commonage Sheriffalty cooperative duchy government bee grouping wing sympathize third estate borough phyle councilwoman understanding Wapentake meditate corps muse commonwealth county settlement kibbutz understand triumvirate body plebes city communion province principality project put alderman prefecture stake riding confer hundred moiety empathize electorate converse oblast sensitivity development area totem district Soke sensitive territorial division order principal area phratry administrative division ponder populace discourse collective society metropolitan area vintage tribe colony town gang intercommunicate Family covenant archbishopric clan canton an community city fathers discuss county council attuned economic class okrug gathering Shrievalty township city hall parley reflect village kreis class phratria empathetic South Yorkshire pray bailiwick nuclear family parochial rapport threesome kinship group administrative district hamlet band harem electoral district endogamous group metropolis precinct territory ward Sheriffwick contemplate departement authority relate the North-South Divide city council gens Arrondissement ginger group subcaste rank and file bishopric sympathetic stable confide in region self-discovery emotional intelligence town meeting social class communicate alliance local authority commoners shire diocese extended family county borough ashram


More Commune Synonyms

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