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What is another word for commonwealth?

Below is the list of synonyms for commonwealth. Here you can see the other names for commonwealth.



transitive noun

godsend earldom enclave windfall justice self-rule turf John doe region alliance general public electors authority section populace homeland monarchy absolute monarchy foreign country phyle dynasty service Exclave supremacy Res Publica speech community colonial decolonization folk companionship favor commonwealth of nations sovereign gain social equality historically protectorate chieftaincy sultanate the three estates humankind hamlet benediction phratry Patria technocracy interaction Heteronomy duchy cultural community toparchia national tyranny estate of the realm center client state accord land community parliamentary democracy neck of the woods endogamous group hierarchy Duarchy mandatee Everybody plum voting area nugget devolution terrene dyarchy police state captive nation Principate system humanity organisation satellite camaraderie equality partnership Ochlocracy faction principality colony egalitarianism concord usefulness stomping ground voting public monocracy mandated territory rule meritocracy sovereign nation electorate gentry zone Gerontocracy neck of woods theocracy nationality government microstate rogue state world power martial law constituency pure democracy micronation country division england devolve township use archduchy neighbourhood world favour blessing kinship group moiety precinct welfare body public boon nationalist polity class patriarchate patriarchy throne city-state garrison state International Organisation ally sovereign state motherland extended family superpower Weimar Republic ashram palatinate dukedom prosperity race fraternity gens district international organization society comradeship wellbeing liberal government seneschalty realm representative democracy civilization fairness demesne voters empire government by the people colonialism global organization Duumvirate triumvirate people agreement Separatism political entity men reich crown constitutional monarchy tribe political system major power neighborhood expanse Mobocracy terrain province possession inhabitants everyman sway scepter ward harmony residents folks staff representative government mandate chieftainry commonweal belt ghetto profit trust territory prize Pantisocracy dwellers suffrage elective government power reign free city democratic state good subcaste commonalty world organization great power buffer state suzerain renegade state friendship sphere city state Empery independence day caste organization village equalitarianism jungle puppet regime British Commonwealth good fortune dominion avail grass roots treasure autonomous social class well-being separatist interest interplay totalitarian regime Everyone sea power POLIS mandatory non-aligned federal government britain street aristocracy block rat race annex welfare state constituents soil habitancy Everywoman social democracy puppet government kingdom neocolonialism whole people rogue nation culture nation economic class order official reserve nuclear family Family liaison military government regency community at large institution emirate fatherland ministate stomping grounds state democracy the British Empire dominion rule Imperium association population field union native land limited monarchy Societies commonwealth country citizens sanctuary company help county sovereignty Thearchy locality sector feudal system republic people at large extent body politic constitutional government oligarchy citizenry freedom social order grand duchy confederation totem self-determination common wealth Hierocracy militarism mob rule federation lands nation-state political unit Stratocracy emancipation World Organisation dependency territory the free world civilisation you and me self-government zoo perfidious albion well being area seigniory tract common man Toparchy autonomy cooperation behalf form of government command Persons linguistic community settlement nationalism advantage balloters Triarchy commonality estate asset phratria fellowship Developing Country possessions coalition government totalitarian government commune body of voters people in general Countries clan suzerainty MANDANT home rule centre Archdukedom control benefit preserve boundary dictatorship domain walk nation state

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