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What is another word for coerce?

Below is the list of synonyms for coerce. Here you can see the other names for coerce.


transitive noun

determine escort act on hassle goads cause whip fulfill dominate bid afflict sway restrain pressure makes goaded ice overthrow manipulate tether need beg override hurry yoke exert influence overawe tyrannize overbear obtain hurl command keyed up require aggrieve press heavy on bullied nobble jolly administrate force entail tear discharge guard make necessary hold sway blackjack torment aggravate mould encourage instigate Henpeck regulate walk heavy impress jog prompt invoke cow abuse exercise power Wringing obtain by threat marginalise enjoin challenge appall mistreat alienate mangle forced hold stimulate ream animate dishearten egg on exert draft goose direct obtrude hound bear down fetter spur get contract lean on browbeaten draw out emphasize twist someone's arm run administer spirit up keep under thumb rule over forces requisition dislodge win over appal front quarterback tyrannize over subdue castrate quicken obligate impel kick lay influence triumph key up walk all over bullyrag levy put the screws to petition act upon press tug traverse constrict lay down wrong twist (someone's) arm execute fleece urge browbeat overwork dismay wield crush speed marginalize awe lean head subjugate put pressure on dictate hurt Jollies bring to heel lead put the screws on fast-talk rend watching over implore refrain Pushed hold back foment ride roughshod over maltreat rouse interfere manage blackmail request prick start elicit ask wheedle stifle high pressure deny tease limit clamp down on meddle jail turn on the heat inquire shepherd put the arm on enlist dog enthrall necessitate push obtain by force fortify inspire keep down milk bar dun squeezing cool off stop tyrannise overwhelm Forcing bring oneself appeal grind overburden accomplish whistle for ruffle domineer send reduce daunt put up to contain besiege hasten act go along with lock up propel constraining check inflict break turn up the pressure needle assess lure hold office throw weight around usher rowel led overcome brainwash ride lash terrorize tame disquiet conquer Impetrate menace insist on ride over reel back in hold in expedite nag route strong-arm thrust railroad oblige boss bludgeon pray Necessitating incarcerate hinder have authority bridle push around Enforcing concuss keyed-up fix kid violence hector steamroll guide physically bind inspirit question beat down claim order apply overawed bring to knees pound rush steamroller prevail on bluster ride herd on trample down throttle reinforce hog-tie officiate trap persecute ride roughshod horn in squeeze turn on supervise provoke muscle retain supplicate quell prescribe bulldoze walk over kick around keep under speed up use pressure on hold down tax jollying herd HIT beseech sell on twist arm worry bribe turn up the heat goading incite demand goad actuate wrench enchain solicit chase entreat reign Necessitated Astrict bring pressure to bear on evince hold a knife to pester arm-twisting wrings shove crack down extort hijack work over antagonize work into lather tread upon lean on someone beset dispirit lord it over overload leads shotgun put the squeeze on threaten enforced trigger worm something out of someone DO expect watched over rule yank trample upon hustle pressurize terrify scare terrorise defraud assault insist upon excite prevail drag harry go to town on superintend reign over watch over deprive activate fire up attend shanghai confine turn motivate forcible hit up coach force violently bounce take over upset disenfranchise obtain under duress make compulsory outrage commandeer overmaster charge bend torture occasion press-gang wring prod knock quarterbacks jerk fright constrain drive chain arrogate enslave educe bleed implement vex gaol weigh heavy upon hem in vanquish distort hold to ransom curb intimidate Despotize frighten domineer over mau-mau annoy dragoon impose screw prevail upon gather conscript exact Wrenched intern plague dislocate use violence imprison force upon govern Importune exhort enforce immure withhold fine twist Overpress obtain by threats make indebted leaning on leaning alarm control badger guide dragoons tweak indenture squeeze for work on oppress glean choke sandbag mobilise tamper harass unman cork gouge irritate keep lid on wrest mobilize rip forced upon compel wrenching interrogate accompany enclose make hale spark bully weigh heavy on inhibit insist cajole disallow tread down take conduct extract effect arouse restrict grind down work up pour it on overpower find a way get hooks into abduct kicking around


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