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What is another word for circle?

Below is the list of synonyms for circle. Here you can see the other names for circle.


sectors Helices ecliptic gyre class society circumnavigation curlicue clique engrave headbands nest mote great unwashed room region Cronies co-operatives Colure revert return bubble cadre soul group crew Right-about outline Melding revolution corona coil dominion stickers speciality head-dress windings rat pack demesnes great deal whirl extensity Periodicities school squad detachment arena involution shooting match streams helix rank and file row combination flan bowl scale intimates hoop dependents parabola body realms twistings bow battalion retinue inter-change bulge cloverleaf restrictions curlicues ell phalanx streak in group division meridian compass equators areola combos flash mob bourgeoisies auditorium entourage sabots tier limits ells square beat commission academy posse discus realm record colosseum locale wheel ingroup Monopolies comrades intersection series theater police Elbowroom Head-band intelligentsia bosom gymnasium crosswalks age group combo flection knot briar periodicity force loop Isochronism Specialities crosswalk roundabouts sabot corkscrew tribe camp cloverleaves demesne traffic circle battlefield following junto equator aggregation curvature chain crown bag stage whirlpool amphitheater snoods copulas cycle perigee organization circuit purview Bandeaux sorority troop quoits coronet round ringlet perimeter peoples aeon continuation sect involutions procession mob come around orb drove mafia big blue marble complement annulus province club scene rut village green fraternity flock aureole stadium pen hall courtyard companions semicircle consortium fleet circularity crook corkscrews caucus belt mite outfit whetstone geometry campus platoon herd hippodrome association circular one-way road twirl world periphery tendril nobility lap ball hangout turf DISCS cell chaplet parallel of latitude league revolve arch flans colony Sympathies staff bourgeoisie repetition cabal crescent swirl assemblage circuitousness course ring engulf kettle department horseshoe wing detail humdrums panel full turn changeabout neck of woods crowd crossway bracelet zodiac junta turn hemisphere wreath whetstones pilgrimage clan dress circle environ string curve halo burr regiment bunch spin diapason disk meniscus imprint flood territory discoidal area array cone mark earshot gaggle spiral go through a series mark out horizon necklace extent stomping ground parade rotate subject speck assembly union cordon host gang retroversion sinus intelligentsias briars perigees sphere gallery insiders circlet rotary crush bailiwick the right stuff roundabout covey progress ground litter throngs crossways circle brigade clientage Discuses set faction cirque range coterie Support Group circumnavigations snood Helixes consortia field globe busload run of gyration sequence surround co-operative Flyspeck camarilla lot precinct flyspecks wonts stomping grounds gathering encircle headband Coadunation hierarchy vortex succession balloon rotation band swing bandeau Circumrotation pack troupe turnings contain washers copula fellowship Circumgyration circus team saucer carve in crowds orbit gaggles circumference flash mobbing bevy collar domain army hive come back constellation setting battle-ground envelop in-crowd dot ruck insider headdress enclosure quoit Disci social rank hem in tie in coalition aeons Juntos circulate partnership cultural level in-group discoid company terrain tire rotaries mergence Cross-way formation splinter group saucers washer cooperatives champaign sticker disc party collection

transitive noun

invade quoit enclosure begird outline include thesis circulate block off chaplet outlet envelop crescent series notch rounds cuboid astronomical longitude sweep terrain shift hyperbola hover multitude horizon circle of curvature heading yaw community drove coil faction waver elite group equator nimbus circumjacencies quadrilateral floor lobby solstitial colure round record spell department walk advance circumstances tailspin drag budge bowl encircling threesome negotiate vortex clique heart reach perimeter pen overspread travel dot whirling length vicinage whirl globe be here again stretch come round wristband an plunge ginger group detour latitude geocentric longitude mock sun circuit downbeat neighborhood small circle incongruent galaxy Zigzagging circus -cornered school horseshoe full house Jaunting impound pack hang a right come again region box mass span gang bailiwick wind about rhinestone progress context Lituus meet hop order nobility lei flock crop inner circle reappear set cadre yoke tire epicycle recur lap environ come full circle rise knob Girded network neck of the woods junta parallel of latitude horsy set amphitheater aggregation halo Colures level ingroup longitude borderlands periphery elite quality partnership sphincter league stage gird mess bosom dimension fence hem in face circle around platoon encircle bound flexure besiege judicial circuit ribbon link annular muscle shut jump denomination limit maneuver inclose aureole round trip celestial meridian looplet crown hexagon lots pirouette vicious cycle offshoot locus followers intern rainbow orchestra patrons jail society up contain beleaguer horde limits spin roll around orb mobilize systole parhelion car pool organisation class jot atom earring whisk get over environment tape necklace journey go about pace lap auditorium multiplicity annulus arc aura fraternity trust domain assembly Foucault Pendulum lean go area lozenge move around magic circle field Uprear reoccur intermit fillet equinox range go sideways trundle quantity swing federation pass crook chain Voyaging rophy armlet array institute vocation triumvirate reel knot move over close the circle outposts eternal return wreathe fairy ring change orifice fellowship load pulsate diadem moon dog ken locomote parallelogram Ogee occupation confine disc revolve around circummigrate batch move in a circle perigee geodetic longitude universe heliocentric longitude zoo twirl full turn press rev scope throng in-crowd outskirts meridian rotation precincts pale klatch back up immure cycle keep apart lasso hassle Mure distance kink drift leg screw chatelaine garland void zodiac milieu Anthelion osculating circle keyhole ocean Parhelic Circle areola deluge incline radius sect bow cylindrical peck vernal equinox host box up great circle keep tight rein on jet set wilt apogee associates tribe intimates wheel around crew fold loop ascend lineage wind in-group carry camarilla intersection seats oval unification make a left circumambulate double back ovoid midst disk open area circular division world wreath industry aisle passel oscillate long suit Ensphere nudge Zigzagged territory bear wamble belt whirlpool beat furl encompass retrogress charmed circle fly round incorporation tracery roach enshroud solar halo play demesne mock moon come round again equinoctial circle edge environing circumstances sisterhood purview zag circumvent adherents suburbs ornament imbue veer bijou district R-2 implant forget me drug coronet roll verge gaggle knee variety village green thing zigzag equinoctial corona muster dodge hoop rhombus dance institution logical circle sphere think tank wheels inside nut lunar halo blockade train come and go Votaries Gyrating beads house lights eye nick fence off rotating mechanism celestial equator academy fleck surroundings bracelet skirt gyre mob imprison business club beset Circumrotate whorl hook harry much gem centrifugal perihelion troop swivel Friends enclose angle climb overspreading lot lump balcony locket girdle the globe following width merger come around rings stone border curve lay siege to hem brotherhood way lock in sun dog rope antisun hang a left vesica piscis habitat flank bend turf aphelion dress circle bout zone wall seating room Paraselene job strip quoits ligature god hookup whir compass boundary enfold stall spherical pin zoom hemisphere bounds fans nexus hold seating locomotion rotate zap bunch repeat Engirdle mezzanine attack vibrate twist infest sodality troll syndicate embrace trajectory subside herd galactic longitude tour sink spiral fringe overlay push change place pattern turn a pirouette Booking office wall in mote form circumscribe camp alternate mill around nose ring ambit social group get around victory lap nest theater quarter Mexican valium define -dimensional back upper tier groups impel turn octagon acquaintance trio dome jurisdiction stir discus winding girdle torque association body closed circle nag disciples group front path cincture pile hedge jet over describe a circle mite wheeling kind understanding house induct natural environment revolve assortment total environment purlieus iota assail jungle make a right trend ellipse grouping entwine ebb dominion turn round cell retinue number regress cylinder autumnal equinox bangle corps legion string weave environs run undulate triangle dimensions horsey set extent realm arena Roofy ball cordon belt in ground coterie twiddle neighbourhood Arsis formation great deal precious stone oodles scene jet Rohypnol Organizations amplitude entourage company situation dab flow bee nailed down upper circle Lap Of Honour parabola posse outfit lodge circumambiencies jap caustic invest vicinity solar corona profession rotary overlie wheel round curl fob Encincture celestial longitude tiara polygon catenary o equinoctial colure vicious circle companions weakness party ringlet consortium cohort theatre wing roundabout circumnavigate Rondelle wampum wheel encase jet out come up again vent heap ambience leeway hedge in GODS circlet light full circle ride union get about usage swim grade abundance go around line gyration wrap arch squad alliance glory turn around clan margin wristlet helix niche visitors often large army Conchoid unit guild parcel pulse tie anklet incurvate move round pit course go the round turning troupe section overrun pivot assemblage gathering province saucer lunar corona operate vault sorority gestalt jam traffic circle fly we-group keep lid on kit discipline brooch origin march tier join insiders sinus Diacaustic rim track charm isometric festoon bevy roundel succession junto overwhelm rpm surround twirly stream junketing net wander team extension fence in conspiracy twine insert wheeled foyer circumvolute go round limitation affiliation orbit Engird hurry Isochronism circumference confederacy wreathe around stickpin huddle neck of woods encircled make a circuit ensemble lock up jewel eddy quirk aggregate row seating area soar four hundred Circuiteer zig precinct sector zip shape travel around meniscus globule audience move sidespin descend circle round organization opening countersun mount mafia comrades junction gyrate vacuity public coalition masses diastole revolution return shut in follow devotees bloc kingdom box office crowd period crank harass hoops Catacaustic wane glide flunitrazepan ecliptic noose mosh pit breastpin twine around veil upbeat numbers borderland gallery Cronies walk around cabal drive alentours front-of-house band ring element gird in work warp


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