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What is another word for checks?

Below is the list of synonyms for checks. Here you can see the other names for checks.



deflects spews taints lops overturns blackballs bars complicates stays represses experiments chokes frustrates objects vomits dampens splotches defies discards fetters contradicts Fractures disavows scores disallows paralyzes erupts tabulates resists inverts ascertains defects inhibits jettisons dissuades entraps Chops disproves junks interferes hamstrings fights catches nullifies daunts verifies plugs scrapes brakes documents considers clogs eliminates scratches prevents itemizes observes demonstrates confirms encumbers Blisters baffles examines confronts exudes tarnishes disgorges proves tessellates impairs Surveys Stains journalizes stripes streaks damages disputes derails colors blacklists disclaims bans counterbalances cancels intimidates handicaps excludes crops suppresses striates protests Tests Chills probes defaces meddles deforms notches specks curtails rebuffs challenges Indexes congests snips collects jams disfigures dapples cracks entangles colorizes assays curbs crimps benchmarks Studies hampers repulses counters Freckles burdens audits detains Clips abandons emits Blemishes double-checks negates hacks exhausts fouls disaffirms analyzes seeps inspects investigates constrains substantiates marks restrains hinders tangles distorts deep-sixes diverts bottlenecks Scars reverses oppresses drains marbles counterattacks Cramps blocks contemplates ejects ejaculates excises dots secretes slits scans scraps Culls crosses opposes impedes scrutinizes thwarts trashes vents effaces rejects conflicts depresses mars assures blots nicks discourages constipates intercepts recounts tries spots disinclines shears reviews dams repels drags averts spoils stops checkers admonishes peruses researches renounces certifies hurts cuts disheartens snarls finds out excretes enumerates jilts repudiates notes snags oppugns establishes invalidates Delays abrades flecks evacuates antagonizes cripples obstructs counteracts mires disagrees Denies scuffs discolors interrupts disapproves sheds Chips belches determines gashes deters discharges summarizes bungs restricts

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