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What is another word for check?

Below is the list of synonyms for check. Here you can see the other names for check.


ministrations obstacles registry bridle collection hackamore delimitation pad Lydian stone worth sit down trial run physicals test run assets watchings meed mark Suss Out confirmation capture break-off leash clean up legwork wherewithal check up on random investigation look into intendance Insuccess capital moderate checkout defacement chip serviceability bishop procrastinations discipline reconsiderations trouble chequer chessboard scroll Cumbrance in action balk blood test scar defect wart restrictions CAT scan check out cardboard statement history nothing doing procrastination bill of fare errors workings kick in the teeth slap the face bill cut off in the hole stare fortune no-no impedances impedance blank-book interruption non-success aerial cross-examination store rift X iou another look infirmity laboriousness eyesore BYO all-you-can-eat lucre itemized account configuration Renitence once-over blank wall dead weight hard times coupon goby bond show up look up recount spoilage breakoff screeching halt bank note service enclosure drop obstruction novel go-by hindrance unsusceptibility tick Halteres study containment prorogation proceeds subjection whole new ballgame constrainment carrot total in formation Olio Re-presentation tab caret limited plaids line rough spot itemization air rage lacings outstandings sublimation brand account voucher control Research and Development nonsuccess Whaling get in the way of something watch inventory budget tie-up fetters perusal Re-mark investigation monitorings limits slap in face licking curb deformity remittance experiment wealth copper scrapbook finals coloration hold-up arrow substantiation sit-down arabesque score recce tabulate obstacle tablet stock cut-off treasurer's check speck sore re-assessment Pandect pay the bill roster card diagnosis album airline bankroll fare annals failings setback millstone examine rejection search chessman checkmate chit break disincentive look around delve dough file articulation disfigurement excess baggage leave surcease flaw cessation check into detail audit end points under-lining pay brush-off difficulty cellar yearbook apercu predomination scrutiny bourne chequebook cashier's check stroke abrasion Post-Operative no-no's turn up enumeration chess the max air mile dividend book in silver range wallet debt spending money count containments preventives CT-SCAN immuration waybill change certified check Apercus barrier census pop quiz jibe balance sheet amniocentesis gambit treasure purse balancings Carrots recording manifest showcase circumscription handicap check striking back annual greenback check out of a hotel kibosh baggage storage bank draft record meeds impurity fault quandary calendar prohibit avoid rein gather cardboards quilt coinage weal due diligence chronicle tag countings restrainer Remittances gibe stay Amber alert underscore monitor try-on star survey out-standing rethink limitation issue brushoff journal boundary cash book Bilboes hold in headstall hash mark Biopsies checker thesaurus follow up receipts net worth restraint money order liabilities check on learn reconsideration waxings R&D cunctation fly in the ointment agree book XS subjugation correspond Basanite inquiry currency random sampling sterling retardation prohibitions ultimates APB Desistance logjams dollar sign checkmark straitjackets notebook discontinuation Posters repulse Vanquishment proof of purchase register ways and means interrogatory arduousness refusal the most checkings patchwork postoperative trammel bus painfulness absolutes analysis spot check blow gaze cash grinding halt juice discoloration demurral gold showcases check mark hieroglyphics promissory note rebuff killing review stop ink accompanied baggage distortion asterisk sublimations reversal draft blue book examination deterrent trouncings wad oversight internments logjam investigate check card Renitency walkout cooling-off period stopping touchstone guideline stalemate grunt treasury pock scab ledger strenuousness scribble underline confinement turn back hold brick wall verification dig index record your arrival go over deposition Certified Cheque bullion fiberboard bank check road block ticket wire pulling digest drawback blow in menu clue chronology gross all-points bulletin money disappointment salad tryout limit blank check swag research halter in actions massacre pounds stallings going-over stigma nugget foot dragging blotch autopsy red ink tribulation booth self-consciousness poll column gravy checkpoint knot inks airfare knock something on the head lockout jam-up exemplar list stoppage scout discontinuance observation resistance fresh look cervical smear repertory stamp reassessments frustration pocket money COMPS lexicon below the line comparison arrangement AIRLINK underlinings pandects profit clampdown max bounce checkerboard baggage check arrest straitjacket fit halters inspection maxes holdup slap in the face lesion petty cash surplus daybook hitch hangup plaid cheque viewings condition servicings stub embargo walkouts Storybook stricture lockouts request for payment sign quiz dollar probings guardianship highlight constraint array COMP encumbrance wampum table subjugations second look documentation servicing assay baggage allowance ingot thrashing tally start reckoning farthest reach delay roll diary ministration Downthrow Insusceptibility invoice showstopper Disincentives loot pinions reverse moolah checkup baulk test impediment farthest point dead stop docket imperviousness sticker kick in teeth damper cutoff harness statement of indebtedness log sit-downs catalog check-out procedure arrive pull in gauge view workbook brown-bag stickers Retardment check stub cutoff point check over confines defeat raincheck sum reach hold-ups cross squash check out the procedure match internment repression in hock plot get in grain of salt settle up small difficulty find out Bank book shyness restriction standstill see ascertain agent provocateur logbook Perlustration dictionary argyle castle delimitations funds halt contain determine dead horse exploration imperfection end point gridlock schedule hard time summary march past biopsy orals inhibition tartan reversal of fortune sheet grand master checkbook enrol reassessment hold back income dot trial tartans

transitive noun

ascertain departure Chinese Chequers Encage make sure of confinement hiatus views charge loot pro forma lesion nonsuccess keep at bay give something a once-over clip the wings glitch deformity stem examine port-wine mark parry interdict sonority encumbrance payslip fissure drag sail strain stamp postpone inquire pull up underscore defect mesh arabesque barricade figure out juggle with slug upset bespeckle put back lockout misshapen credit note protectionism underpin minus acceleration preclude slowing gibe curb bit quantitate remora opening observation pen pore coincide box up foramen go over agree keep down excavation viewing winnow baffle dash riddle master abyss test find negotiable instrument handicap cicatrize lockup cd wane Blank Cheque let up unstopping qualification alter investigation authentication rule deterrent unearth variegated pattern keep track of spot-check evaluate go together zip estimate bishop cork up label screen hold stop short check off canyon Bad Cheque balance the books retrench tittle ending mole closure sweetener fight drawback suppression backgammon cachet go into dissimilation gauge terminate joint moderate labial witness forbid destination bell Certified Cheque coupon blocking Arrestment flick painstakingly match examination keep within bounds inaction weal resistance incision impair reverse interrupt Jibing retard withstand control lingual wring cut demand draft take stock leak delimit freeze fetter handcuff deface abysm BETCHA running head severe check trace detention Broaching aggregate score valuate sore see to it yield exclude marbled issue straiten fight back paisley castle sprain narrow down harlequin stick statement entrance 1 chime bit labiovelar bank check ease-up confusion rap over the knuckles demonstrate vista vocoid third-degree burn flagging obstruction engrave concussion corroboration pimple ease up frustrate balance epenthetic vowel record tear (someone) off a strip flaw sight bill verification layoff draft holding abort impress Monophthong walkout quest discourage size Giro Cheque repress watch freckle imprint grasp passage arrival go rout parallel polychromize bawl out object commercial paper choke cleuch Couloir attack go through maintain interrogation handle wield Graving moat undertaking proscribe try let bust judgment money abridge Retardment sign on quadrate qualify delay tab eta chap ensure review stop dead cramp dot condition sing in chorus readout confounding knock off going-over spotted jumble gage dampen make certain bleb manner of articulation iris ventilate keep in check bet vetting nip in the bud set back Triphthong pierce collation cleft mistake restrain conform with injure standard yardstick defence explosive cranny stripe embarrassment motif outwit figure square guide join trademark exploration DEP impound consonant nickname make quiet count discontinuance quiz moderating autopsy hitch brand skin validate list discontinuity retardation rupture enquire about once-over down inconvenience beat ease abate certified check cessation surd check in letter of credit semivowel bate Checking chessboard mutilation tattoo sort with lag rationing tame hurt hem in tick Personal Cheque guard chide investigate accredited geometry stall hide trouble insure sales slip unquestioning bearing rein pock phone apico-dental jump band parquet keep out fix signet pounce syllabic peak Tolled oblige scratch evaluation goalless holdup blow monopoly scuff stranglehold stigmatize localize dovetail tear into hurdle refuse verruca gauntlet noose Noticing note bulla deny lacerate go with lay rip abrade discomfiture negate tattoo mark obviate harness wither sea anchor chip itemized bill testing keep an eye on invasion Cashier's Cheque MORTAL WOUND quench redundancy check unsusceptibility drive back tie down harmonise jot disfigurement stoma time draft question gratuity overpower streak balking keloid enclosure reverse of fortune wart numb bilabial curtailment limitation hollow give (someone) a row still wealth harmonize questioning glottalization endgame queer impede time bill vision wad stabilizer nourish jibe exfoliate sprinkle visitation quelling defile fit waste voiced sound alleviate tessellate split certificate fend barometer nullify retrenchment crack letterhead motley dun nip sebaceous cyst mottle be consistent veil fence withhold usefulness collate narrow trade acceptance dike burst crater ensuring wait mark off influx ticket oversight prove suspension ordinate draw rein chink infringe concur find out comedown hobble treasury bill substantiate turn aside protection throwback flake middle ground hush mortify iou mute be of one Anything block blunt warp constraint checkbook difficulty arrest macula cross-check shackle bound coop in maul gag lentigo restraint of trade wreck inlet check of government mark martingale rift push back fee legal restraint prevention setback study odd-even check feeler give something the once-over snub assimilation mire bear Valuing intersect break off invoice hole measure number smother lay off quieten criterion drogue jade read restriction debilitate final whistle order of payment token fistula Scarification Detainment thwart rebuff thwarting emend connection inspection transition sound Medicare Check run over score stem the flow furrow cash card rainbow gambit underlie leap manifest look see peak juice striped view rent personal check lessen letdown breathalyse sight draft prick arrive kite adjudge scar foiling weigh swallow checkerboard distort hold at bay reckoning blockage barrier breach logo pustule put an end to backpedal degree Billhead stud small change seal up slowdown consign work over mark advent scan line notch lacuna give up uncorking chalk cooling down rive box canyon leave certificate of deposit pawn feel around checksum silence depart pit keep within limits a reckoning of Jukes bloody scrutiny hog-tie track of give something a going-over maculate court non-proliferation ordain fontanel chalk up hold up blackhead Juke incise point laceration baggage check sit-down strike penning belay bespangle chit drift sail encumber end trial fracture admonish exchequer bill liquid establish pattern limit entry weaken scale relax nevus Noes maim wen acceptance bill substantiation tartan slowup voiceless sound leave off tear check out count of damage limitation ultimate twist marking rend parasitic vowel scold bark query cashier's check rejection gold jap second-degree burn doorstop breathalyze paper government stamp hatch mew collector disconcertion marquetry gash reprimand forfeit impoundment strawberry mark retroflex mosaic keep account wale speckle q and a proof wear away crucify look-see tariff wall put down suppress stay dead stop inquire into termination claw take in sail occlusive vanquish hickey tally of name cease reading quiescence crazy-work fireproof plate postal order take stock of punctuate acceptance uphold lose speed make sure peruse interdiction stopping logotype stand together piece unemployment expense wherewithal aggress learn feel slash judge vex accept prothetic vowel diminish punch look at jam chock disfiguration inflow register comedo nullah restrict reprove rein in syllable audit joker inquisition restraint lateral desist cicatrix vocalic manacle trial run patch ease-off abnegate frazzle bridle double check hold-up interruption Judged stigma repression negative assent check into paycheck bookplate assuage fetters jam up coop fly in the ointment wrong-foot passbook trademark name interlock norm beat off yoke cheque adapt Intermeddle disadvantage spoke use birthmark journal chew out variegate undermine hold back cash muzzle X long ball immure queen bind gall surcease pencil overlap bring to interfere necessitate lock per annum entrap pull stifle cooling off stop cold Caging reversal quit identify dell distortion uphill keep lid on chess move HIT ration inhibition backwater patchwork make grow dam up rein scald watching nix cool off Physical Examination confine silhouette slackening snaffle avoid zap check mark dompt glide cage contour blemish keep the lid on prohibit discouragement Kloof quandary vesicle nasal wind down scarify furnish Apgar Score damper overhaul repulse analyse velar seal print work stoppage inactiveness Ascertainment continuant passageway splotch rate hold together assure docket scorch gulch reef amorphous look upper limit Hinderance allophone temper vet stub baulk dam Hampering not do quenching registered trademark wind up weather hindrance rime deter slacken craze make out spangle scotch stress test make late pass muster run pockmark vocable checkrein scrip utility stand knock interference model stoppage sonant Sigil Quizzing wear down mottled grip blame blank check closing up rebuke size up correspond syllabic nucleus fend off tally ledger arroyo parameter search chafe stymie constriction wrench think col jail tester thought control break valley discontinuation Vanquishment bar tell obstruct pore over vice finish keep in custody stain give (someone) a rocket spy grinding halt neutralize head off cover meddle read the riot act blockade governor colophon quantity baksheesh warrant quantify stab jack up stalemate put a spoke in someone's wheel trauma determination coop up follow blister enquire into overthrow account draught bill value stipple checker Coulee keep shoot answer utilize Suss Out gully countenance circumscribe reduce scrutinize enjoin neglect traumatize occlude sidespin develop opposition full stop thermostat slowing down type checkup deadlock assay upbraid recheck outflow detain laryngeal fit together change port-wine stain cleave offset track hold in check morphophoneme poll check-out procedure mo treasurer's check receipt pharyngeal Treasurer's Cheque watermark keep back disclosure wall gloom hang together look into leash assess gratify allay embrace fall in together slot explore slack-up vouch counteract lose momentum not let go Tesserae sign in interval kill Medicare Payment chasm cool aperture take the measure comparative scrutiny greenback subdue defacement keep secret throttle outlet croak crevasse slit cacuminal stunt guttural set an examination equal blitz hold in custody set piece work out parquetry strike keep close far sty mar verge vowel unnerve intervene checkmark assort with respond to checkout oppose caste mark cooling center circle disfigure tariff killing hamper standing order ease off try out bafflement slack up decrease conquer puncture blaze wall in put paid to answer to grill umpire enclose circumvent lay under restraint report counterfoil orifice colors in patches yawn claim form edit check up on gap wounds immedicable upset apple cart trench vicissitude monitor opening up sticker embarrass masthead discoloration shut in avert striate urge interfere with influence engraving bill of account hold down jot down slow up foot-dragging stop consist with outlaw deformation be uniform with inspector add slap on the wrist cloister curtail obligation paternity test discipline trammel accord upset the apple cart confirmation defend justify pass void foil ravine scissure hamstring assessment nuisance value information drag weave discolor jurisdiction pace cavity dental speech sound countercheck hinder splash pause Backset crosscheck bad check Styloid abrasion discontinue assurance jack welt canon keep off eye jibes verified self-control flume kindness quilt get the better of ward off cooperate voice certification deceleration essay Charges direct debit negativism quelled parity check segmental phoneme preventive stave off moratorium due bill problem pepper giro admittance marble phoneme letup establishment quell mark out bespot corroborate Labiodental fence in injury unplayable stymy tick off bill of draft throttle down promissory note lower price tag debenture graduated scale double-check cwm bed check argyle avoidable Jeff regulate bring up short canvass assist whammy gat analysis watch over compare inquiry see marbleize forbear disturb forestall research validation tabs of ticketless slack off notice put a stop to cinch card gorge flash burn snap gape police hold in restraint burn cogent evidence unsoundness account of look through write out stamp down keep under wraps milium make mincemeat of ward articulation chain crib descent traveller's cheque Holdback pass under review holding pattern cohere intercept Stab Wound make a mark bottle up slow down Countermark brake quash drift anchor kick the bucket stricture mew up earmark halt discover open check over verify conclude veto reassurement cutoff eyeball resign chequer judges spot check fear match man-to-man defense jam-up voucher palatal hold in dapple protective tariff square with observe cut short Clogging not countenance gun homecoming counter check money order crevice hesitation venture chimney book stamp conform fleck deform blotch stripy pin obstacle give an examination needle scar overarm polychrome oppress scrape checkmate curb authenticate fray proofread mutilate laying open bobble cake bill of lading fault wound check and doublecheck survey buy-in appease hindering muffle order hold in leash defeat let down blaze a trail bill of exchange polka dot questionnaire tessellation respect proscription hallmark lapse vise clampdown upset the applecart plosive running title keep under control squeeze move visit modification look over bottleneck treasury bond hack depress nothing doing modify speck damage kick in the teeth cut apart keep in counter signatory toll standstill nab scuttle pen up define Clough inactivity constrain probe damp fixation glottal disappointment mitigate injunction savage foul up oversee perusal train inhibit approach space hemangioma broad arrow confirm peer at yes lick turn back prevent liability back pass gulf take a dekko at billing cashpoint card atm card plaid overcome scab hold fast reassurance balk quelch lighten voicing carpet ban whitehead catch rail in okay scratching squelch experiment decelerate resist clog pelham Hell determine underline monitoring physical fenestra govern derail quagmire victory analyze grunt chutes and ladders trade name queenside cerebral groove embargo appraise clearing canvas traverse hold off lose ground frustration quibble tone down pass over keep from demarcate note of hand triple-check register with utmost manage shut up pharyngealization postmortem underlay wadi keep in detention frisk ARR ditch hat check occlusion uncover impediment diphthong obstructionism keep a tight rein on bank card draw prohibition appraisal payroll check title page apico-alveolar reach bank acceptance nick spot aspiration inspect contain demand bill throwing open lull be tag man-to-man marking battle inventory donga seam underlining repel overlook quenched Arrestation tell off standoff keep a lid on stem the tide plug crackle hush money kink Checkerwork alveolar pound pull in Labialization not hear of slow fret extinguish upper hand board game try-out


hurt splotch verify paralyze cramp substantiate counter determine Counterwork eyeball lop demonstrate snarl brake color slit confront overlook cripple tarnish prove kink blemish thwart disagree Journalize chill experiment restrict establish oppose discolor impede interfere eject vomit Disaffirm squelch intercept compare overturn disincline deny curtail deflect chip bridle reverse shear disfigure streak benchmark scan review vent dampen test contradict quiz suppress tangle checked halt defect take stock examine consider Suss Out disclaim repel keep back contemplate try analyze candle drag foul impair prevent cut repudiate count off deface hold down tell stop resist observe fracture block constipate play for time invert restrained clog jam challenge blacklist nullify plug junk cancel note balance account colorize counteract ascertain speck assure crop dishearten dissuade checker blackball mar admonish inhibit peruse document under control confirm scrutinize counterattack entrap summarize protest nip in the bud intimidate spoil hack scrap conflict inspect excise discard scuff forbid stay collect deep-six check out go over abrade checkmate counterbalance check snip repress check over delay antagonize rein in hinder entangle repulse certify detain moderate efface encumber dam spew fleck hamper shed scratch seep correct itemize survey disgorge obviate score disapprove look into make sure foil complicate arrest check into drain obstruct case spot rebuff curb bar striate tessellate distort mire excrete scar bit secrete tame pause ban flaw gash audit retard circumvent renounce trash bottleneck disallow cut short go through terminate look see neutralize study emit congest frustrate cull notch investigate clip evacuate eliminate catch stain check up on find out limit restrain count hamstring frisk daunt mark exclude snub enquire about deform research derail fetter meddle bung look over double check bottle up chop interrupt enumerate hold back damage deter oppugn dapple blot belch constrain jettison fight baffle nick oppress disavow negate withhold keep account discharge slow down divert depress slacken pace hold exhaust probe blister snag choke discourage stripe look at exude pockmark avert crimp defy hold in reject dot scout out assay scrape burden abandon monitor marble cross object preclude dispute erupt handicap taint jilt freckle reduce

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